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Russia has never sought a no-obligation kind of relationship with Europe, and has always called for a serious partnership, President Vladimir Putin said in an interview that touched on EU sanctions, energy disputes and severed business ties with Ukraine.

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Washington allies with the world’s most despotic regimes. Ukraine is one of the worst.

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Hostilities flared up along the line of disengagement in Ukraine’s Donetsk Region earlier this week. The conflicting parties blame each other for the renewed fire exchanges.

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"It is noteworthy that Ukraine’s export to the EU countries has plummeted by more than a third - 34.4%," Viktor Medvedchyuk said

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Ukraine’s statements that it is determined to seek compensation in courts for former Ukrainian property in Crimea under the threat of Russia’s property seizure abroad are blackmail designed to get economic concessions, Russian experts said on Wednesday.

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Kiev’s decision to appoint former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili as governor of the Odessa Region was surely a US-approved move and may have a variety of far-reaching implications, both internal and external ones. For one, it may cause the smoldering conflict in Transdniestria to flare up with renewed force, Russian experts believe.

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Discussing Mikheil Saakashvili's appointment as governor of Odessa, journalist Aleksandr Chalenko states that the promotion is not as absurd as might first appear. In his view, a key factor in Poroshenko's decision lies in how Saakashvili will deal with Transnistria, a breakaway Moldovan region whose stability is guaranteed by Russian peacekeepers.

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The EU and the US have become disillusioned with Ukraine’s leadership over its inability to fulfill its commitments with regard to the conflict in the country's southeast, head of the foreign affairs committee of the lower house of Russia's parliament Alexei Pushkov said in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper.

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Poroshenko wants his nation to forget its role in Nazi atrocities

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Appointing Georgia's ex-president, who is wanted at home for a number of alleged crimes, the governor of Ukraine's Odessa region, is an act of desperation on Poroshenko's part, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity told RT.