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"Only correspondence with their prosecutor’s office. They write to us and we write to them," Aksyonov said, recalling a recent letter to his address on the part of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office

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Moscow says the US-Ukrainian naval exercises in the Black Sea are not contributing to a peaceful settlement in the region

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Kiev plans to grant Crimea the special status of territorial autonomy within Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko’s official website said.

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While Washington is expanding its sanctions against Moscow and Kiev is threatening to penalize all foreign ships calling at Crimea, American and British tourists are enjoying their vacations on the peninsula.

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The lower house of Russia's parliament will also consider the possibility of organizing the visit of Andreas Gross and colleagues to Crimea

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The stories of Crimea and Kosovo fuel concerns that only friends of Western countries, and not their opponents, are allowed to exercise the right to decide their own destiny, the NRC Handelsblad newspaper says.

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Ukraine’s Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the first instance and appeals courts "failed to establish details necessary for a right decision"

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On July 23-24, a delegation of French MPs visited Crimea

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Parliamentarian Manlio de Stefano confirmed that an Italian delegation will visit Crimea.

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Manlio di Stefano, a member of the foreign policy committee at the Italian parliament's Chamber of Deputies told Kommersant Daily earlier the deputies had decided to make a visit to Crimea

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Italy’s Lega Nord Party salutes visit of a group of Italian lawmakers to Crimea.

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