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Christine Lagarde urged Petro Poroshenko in a telephone conversation to avoid backpedalling on his commitments to adopt reforms.

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The Constitutional Court of Ukraine earlier ruled that the draft constitutional amendments relating to decentralization on the whole didn’t run counter to the country’s Constitution

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OSCE found a hight combat readiness of both the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Donbass independence supporters.

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Deputy Mission Chief Alexander Hug described such incidents where observers’ lives were put in jeopardy as unacceptable

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Speaking at the 2015 convention for the Young Americans for Liberty, former presidential candidate Ron Paul leveled an attack against the US military-industrial complex. America always needs an enemy, and right now, it’s trying to force Russia into that role.

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The rush was caused by the fact that there was a task to vote for the constitutional reform in the summer, to find 300 votes[in the parliament for that, an expert says

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French lawmaker Nicolas Dhuicq claims that Russia’s veto of a UN proposal that would have created a tribunal to prosecute those behind the MH17 downing was a defensive act as Moscow senses the growing belligerence of Western nations at the UN table.

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The UN Security Council on Wednesday failed to adopt a resolution on creating a tribunal for criminal prosecution of those responsible for the loss of Malaysia’s passenger jet

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The White House has described relations between US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin as "business-like" in response to a comment that both leaders "hate" each other recently made by the opinionated Republican presidential contender Donald Trump.

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According to FMS statistics, a total of 2.642 million Ukrainians are currently in Russian territory, including half of them (1.038 million) from Ukraine’s southeastern regions

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has discussed with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte alternative proposals on establishing an international judicial inquiry to investigate the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 disaster.