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In consequence of full-scale hostilities with the army using artillery at residential area and civilians systematically dying (which means the systematic and deliberate nature of the military crime being committed), the evacuation of children from Slavyansk suggested itself long before. We must...

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Evromaydan completed – tycoon tycoon changed . a gang of thieves has replaced another gang of thieves. Can diverge because funding ceased . Tymoshenko, who hinted about the ” third round ” , lucidly and thoroughly explained everything . Therefore , through the genius of aphoristic expressions...

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I do not understand why the European Union (for which we stood on the Maidanhas not yet decidedUkrainian gas problemWe want to cheatIf we are deceived, the gas are reserved europe we will take by force.straight out of the tube to fill our store. it will be honest. how to come...

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Do Kolomoyskogo announced a new award. The money will be paid at the headquarters of the national protection of Dnipropetrovsk region at Dnepropetrovsk, Kirov , 1. Who knows – it’s Regional State Administration . It would seem , ” Benya ” provided in the region of the cemetery order. And when it seemed a little terrorized Dnepropetrovsk – burned people in Odessa.

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More than 50 masked men with assault rifles seized a police station in the city of Dnepropetrovsk Ternivka . Mining town reacted swiftly to the appearance of uninvited guests . “People put an ultimatum to dogs swept out from the city , nor call the men who had not yet descended...

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If militias fix it to the appropriate vehicles, you get the modern “tachanka.” Similar installations used by the Soviet troops in Afghanistan, and the Russian army in the North Caucasus, as well as in many other armed conflicts around the world.

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On the situation in the central region of Ukraine – Cherkasy region. There really hungry rebellion is brewing . Work is not present, no money , no trade … My girlfriend is a market trader . 50 hryvnia per day , from 7 am to 8 pm. Previously was vytorg – could acquire yourself a hundred...

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Heavy film about the forgotten truth about what terror staged during the First World War, the authorities of Austria-Hungary (together with Ukrainian nationalists ) on Galich .

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Let’s look at the current Ukrainian affairs very figuratively, from a great distance. Imagine such a situation: two companies sitting in a tavern, having a drink, a snack. Both here and there are normal, intelligent, reasonable people. A member of the first company approaches to one of the second group and asks:

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The largest military unit of the land forces of Ukraine 51th Mechanized Brigade has actually refused to continue its participation in the punitive operation after the killing the dozens of its fighters under Volnovaha. The Brigade has been withdrawn from the war zone.This information has been confirmed by...

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Donetsk mayor appealed to citizens and asked them to stay indoors. City hospitals are running out of blood bank.WoundedpeoplekeepcomingtothecityhospitalsThere was a gunfire, targeting of civilians on Magistralniy pr. 3 people wounded.