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The evolution of the situation in the last day shows that the Junta can not already, and the Militia can not yet . Sporadic shootings, shellings, attempts to seize hostages and movings of irregular forces – it all does not affect the situation strategically, although it continues for many days already, gradually becoming routine and background. Just a few days...

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Late night of May 17 Igor Strelkov, the Minister of Defence and the Commander of Militia of Donetsk Peoples Republic, have published his appeal to the population of the Republic.

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So I went back the next launch online in connection with the assault began KramatorskEnemy applies considerable force of infantry and artillery. Mayor of Sloviansk Ponomarev spoke about Nazguard shooting conscripts of the Ukrainian army.

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Igor Ivanovich Strelkov, the Minister of Defence of the Donetsk Peoples Republic, comments the situation around the town of Slavyansk:

“There’s a relative lull so far. They have prepared and stand. They shoot through the environs with their machine guns, throw lighting and ordinary shells. They even ‘suspend’ in the sky the howitzer lighting shells (these burn much longer).

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Representatives in “Freedom” in the Verkhovna Rada propose an effective method of fighting terroristsentrenchedSlovyanskAccording to them, everyone civilians should leave this town for 48 hours, after which to begin preliminary bombardmentcaused an airstrikeand awaiting a final sweep of the city from the bandits terrorizing the Donbass

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Army Soldiers Donetsk republic shelled checkpoint natsgvardii in fodder plant after learned operational channels that come to the checkpoint large reinforcements from several Ukrainian platoons.

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Our readers are found among people who are accused of involvement in the killings of Odessa residents affected by the attack of radicals on that fateful day …

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We bring you the video footages of the Ministry of Defence and natsgvardii taken immediately after the fight in Kramatorsk.

Working group on the video cover and snipers made ​​the evacuation of wounded, fly helicopters and armored vehiclesburning.

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In connection with the start of major hostilities in the area Slovianskstart another online broadcast events aroundthe besieged city, which is already more than a month can not take Kiev junta!

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310 extremists “right sector ” basically have joined the Nazi guard ( according to some, by order of the Junta about 200 of them secretly buried in specially dug pits in the vicinity of excavators Sloviansk to conceal losses from the population of Western and Central Ukraine )...

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It is noteworthy , but it then why not have any desire to wash at the Embassy of Ukraine on May 2 , after the massacre of peaceful citizens of Odessa or May 9 after the massacre of peaceful and Mariupol Mariupol same police.