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A source from Kiev reports that in the Ukrainian Army General Headquarters panic reigns – any day the disastrous defeat of ATO forces in the southern direction is expected.

It is reported that the plan of operations developed by the General Headquarters and being realized since the beginning of June has been repeatedly and grossly violated under the pressure of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) and of so-called “advisers.” In particular, the plan provided the cutting strikes along the lines Debalcevo-Dmitrov and Amvrosievka-Debalcevo in order to isolate Donetsk and to secure the left flank of the ATO forces advancing from the south along the border to Izvarino and Krasnodon.

While the ATO forces offensive to Debaltsevo from Dimitrov has ended up in the outskirts of Gorlovka but did not entail any tragic consequences, the unsuccessful strike from Amvrosievka has put the entire ATO in a critical situation. Besides failing to seize Amvrosievka and Snezhnoye with a swoop, the Saur-Mohila height remained in the hands of the militia too. Paying attention to the fact that in the battle for Snezhnoye the militia has used their armour vehicles (including tanks) in considerable number for the first time (the Ukrainian side reported about 15 tanks), as well as to the fact that the DPR troops have used air defenses actively, the Ukrainian General Headquarters insisted on the correction of the operations plan, but the direction of the SSU and the “advisers” insisted on the continuation of a dashing attack along the border with unsecured flanks.

As a result of such correction of operational plans by the secret services and foreign specialists, the main group of southern forces of the ATO, with a lot of tanks, other armored vehicles and artillery moved forward by more than 60 kilometers along the border, leaving in their rear the narrow “isthmus” between the mount Saur-Mohila and the Russian border – no more than 7 or 8 kilometers wide. That means that all supply convoy forces of the ATO appeared it full view before the militiamen – in clear weather from the Saur-Mohila even the Azov Sea is visible, which is 90 kilometers away.

The punishment for bungling followed immediately – from mid-June till the end of the “truce”, according to the Ukrainian General Headquarters, more than 20 supplying convoys have been attacked and destroyed in the south by DPR scouting and sabotage groups. Currently, the grouping of the ATO forces occupying the checkpoint “Dolzhanskiy" and approaching Sverdlovsk from the south is only conditionally battle-worthy because of the lack of fuel and food. The main body of the ATO forces in this “partial pocket” is 72-th separate Krasnogradskaya Kiev Mechanized Guardian Brigade of Order of the Red Banner, where the soldiers basically do not feel much enthusiasm in combat operations against Donbas militia.

But if before July 4 the promotion of the ATO forces with unsecured flank was just an adventure undertaken in the hope that the militia had no reserves to attack, then the next day, July 5, when Kiev have heard the news that the garnison of Slavyansk headed by Strelkov has broken out of the besieged city and arrived in Donetsk and Snezhnoye, the outright panic in the General Headquarters of Ukraine began.

The panic was exacerbated by the fact that on July 3 as a result of “friendly fire” (a common practice in the ATO) the Head of the General Headquarters of Ukraine Mikhail Kutsin was seriously contused. As a result of this, as well as of immediately started undercover games and intrigues about the matter of who will take the Kutsin’s place, the clumsy interaction between the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Military Forces, the SSU, the National Guard and “volunteer battalions” was completely disrupted.

Nevertheless, the General Headquarters have infected all the other participants of the activity with their anxiety – and some hurried steps have been taken: the ATO forces (as many as could be scraped together and delivered to the place in a day) went for a decisive assault on the mountain Saur-Mohila. Right from the front, on the open steppe, against heavy machine guns, and, as it turned out, withering artillery fire – with an appropriate result. The only moment of consolation is that the greatest losses (up to half of manpower) bore the volunteer battalion “Azov” (a mob of hardly controllable criminals and Nazis), not the army soldiers.

The new fact that on the Saur-Mohila and in its surroundings the militia has created a powerful artillery fist, led the General Headquarters to complete despair – reasonably, in this situation the urgent need would be to begin withdrawing troops from Dolzhansky and Sverdlovsk, but the leadership of ATO in general is conducted by the people as sane as Adolf Hitler in the situation with the Stalingrad “pocket”.

Currently, many of the officers of the General Headquarters of Ukraine are demoralized and depressed. Demoralized by the fact that the military actions are directed by amateurs from the secret services, which lead to the collapse of the situation and defeat; suppressed by the fact that out of the logical and even beautiful ATO plan, SSU, “advisers” and “Nationguard” have made a slaughter and have committed many war crimes, and the responsibility for this they are trying to put away.

We must also say that the entire officer corps of the ATO is in a constant state of stress in anticipation of the operation of “peace enforcement” from the Military Forces of Russian Federation. Also for competent Kiev officers it is clear that no prospects are seen for the ATO – the goals declared are not achieved, the resources run out, the resistance of the rebellious republics increases…

Roman Nesterenko

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