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For the first, the operative information.

1. They have begun a strict filtration in Slavyansk, they detain men of military age, take them out of the city in the pre-deployed filtration stations. Mass executions  not been yet. Today the scouting/diversionary groups left by Strelkov in the area of Slavyansk and in the city itself began attacking the junta units having entered the city, so by the lunch time the junta has opened artillery fire on Slavyansk again.
2. Mass executions took place on July 3-4 in Nikolaevka – up to 20 people killed on suspicion of “ties with the militia”. Also a significant number of civilians were killed in the fighting from artillery fire. At the moment, there is no data for Nikolayevka.
3. In Kramatorsk the filtration is still under preparation, given the large number of civilians left in the besieged cities, the junta simply does not have enough forces to check the population fallen under occupation.
4. On the border of the Russian Federation and the LPR there are still crowds of people wanting to escape from the conflict territory into Russia. Today, the fightings on the border subsided somewhat, but the sniper groups are working actively – the photo of broken-down cars which they tried to pose as a picture from the road Slavyansk-Kramatorsk today, is really from Izvarino where snipers for several days already fire intensely at the road to the border crossing point. The situation on the border, by the words of the fighting participants, is grave, there is no full confidence of being able to hold it – the enemy still has a serious advantage in equipment.
5. Near Lugansk and the Saur-Mohila the heavy fighting continues where the junta bears serious losses in men and equipment. The artillery is being actively used, also firing at Lugansk. Currently the militiamen are holding the position and the junta is unable to break it.
6. For today Artyomovsk and Druzhkovka are left where the militiamen were pulled from to Gorlovka yesterday.
7. Donetsk held a rally of about 5 thousand people, people chanted “Heroes” to the Strelkov’s brigade. Gubarev spoke well.

Now to the point.

1. Some are whining, how could they – the population is left adrift, the fascists are discharging their ferocity. Idiots do not realize that after destroying the Strelkov’s group Nazis would start to discharge their ferocity anyway – it’s a question of time, since the question of Nazis methods is solved long ago – these are well known, obvious, and much stereotyped. During the World War II, the Red Army left hundreds and thousands of settlements and most of them were being defended much less than Slavyansk. But while there was an army, it could go back and regain the territory captured by the enemy. So actually happened.
The claims to Strelkov in the style “it was him who killed them” are similar to the claims to Stalin “it was not Hitler who choked residents of Leningrad with the blockade, but Stalin”, “it’s not Hitler who killed Jews at Babi Yar, but Stalin” and finally the ultimatum – “26.6 million killed in World War II were killed by Stalin, not Hitler”. This argument is a sure sign of brain liberasty and of acute attacks of democratic shizophreny.

2. The decision of leaving Slavyansk was obvious from the military (the city was cut off from the main communications) as well as from the political point of view (confusion and vacillation continued in Donetsk), and the Russia’s help for Slavyansk was absolutely inadequate in the regard of hope for the deployment of troops, for what Slavyansk as the important node of communications was being held. Apparently, Donetsk should expect big changes in the coming days, the remaining Ukrainian authorities, having learnt about Strelkov’s arrival, began to leave from Donetsk promptly (and those who did not run away, are being cleared today – the building of the state penitentiary service has been seized in a fight), since it is obvious that now noone will be sentimental to them. In the coming days, Donetsk airport is likely to be taken at last. Political leaders of DPR, like Pushilin and Tsaryov, already welcomed Strelkov’s maneuver and promised him their support in the fight coming.

3. As for the whining of the kind “what now, Donetsk will be bombed too?” Yes, it will. If Strelkov’s group would have been destroyed in Slavyansk, the junta would advance to Donetsk anyway, but then the forces there would be less, and the organization of militia in Donetsk is much worse than in Slavyansk. But in fact, the war would still go on and there would be destruction and casualties. Because it is a war.
The whining about the consequences of war, like our liberals’ favorite whining about the World War II, “the price of victory”, is intended to prepare the public opinion for the fall of the DPR, they say, we should leave, here will be the war and causalities, is not it better to flee abroad. It is the party of defeatists actually acting as accomplice of Ukrainian fascism, which has as one of its general objectives forcing the militiamen abroad. Defeatists actually broadcast the junta’s propaganda directed against and the DPR and try to undermine the morale of the militia, who at this stage are expressing confidence that they can hold onto Donetsk borders.

4. As for the whining “they said the encirclement was complete, but it was not”. The main supply routes for cargo to Slavyansk junta confidently cut since the beginning of June. By the time of losing Nikolayevka Strelkov has lost the last major channel on which his group was hanging. The last country roads left could not provide the proper import and were also associated with a significant risk. Our man has been to Slavyansk on July 1, and at retreating along a country road their column was fired at by MLRS, the cars were flogged with shrapnel. Checkpoints were ideally suited for the blocking of transport, but were poorly adapted to holding a serious blow of militiamen who just passed through the checkpoint on the road to Kramatorsk and drove on. If someone worked on unblocking Slavyansk from the outside and clearing the roads leading to it, then Strelkov would be able to sit there for very long. But Donetsk could not even create a unified military command for the last 3 months, not to mention the shock group. Therefore, until the circle has not become fatal, Strelkov stroke and left.

5. Beginning of active hostilities in the region of Donetsk-Gorlovka will lead to the announcement of the partial or complete martial law in Donetsk – either on behalf of Strelkov or on behalf of the council of the field commanders. Of course, the work for capture of the looters and thugs will be activated, followed by the show shootings (I think there is a chance to see a couple of such acts). Remains of Ukrainian authorities in Donetsk will be stripped. Strelkov will recruit militiamen from the locals as he did in Slavyansk, that is easier to do in Donetsk.

6. Moving to a new position in the front line will take of the junta 6 to 8 days, so a full-fledged attack on Strelkov’s positions near Donetsk and Gorlovka should be expected around the middle of the month.
There he will have a chance for the first time to try the wide use of armour vehicles available in DPR, which will be pulled to Donetsk, that will give him new opportunities at the tactical level.
Sure thing, at the moment the question of supply is more or less solved and the junta is unlikely to block it so far. Therefore, whining that all is lost is just a usual manifestation of panic in the war. The war is far from being over.

In general, after the abandonment of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk the parties proceeded to prepare for the battle for Donetsk. With available forces of militia, it promises to be even more stubborn than the battle for Slavyansk.




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