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Author: Viking от 8.07.2014, 10:36
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The junta approved Mr Geletey as a new defense minister amid deteriorating of the situation in Slavyansk. This new minister promised a “victory parade in Sevastopol.”

As mentioned in the comments to the U.S. law №2277 the conflict in Ukraine is not exhausted with the situation in DonbassIf the front in the Donbass collapses, the junta simply will reach the border with the Russian Federation, seal it and set a hard occupation regime at the occupied territoryAfter this a significant part of the mobilized forces will be ordered to Perekop village where with an information support from the USA various provocations will be launched not excluding attempts of movement across the border to the Ukrainian territory”. The USA will intimidate the Kremlin with sanctions and threats of isolationHowever, even if we admit the idea that “a cunning plan” exists and its purpose is to prevent the dragging of the Russian Federation into the war, then this plan can be simply defeated. It`s just enough to send National Guard troops beyond Perekop village and the desired result will follow. But before this can be done the junta should certainly drown Donbass in blood and we can observe it now. Meanwhile militant statements on Crimea rather represent intentions and prospects than a direct threat. But we should understand that in Donbass it will not stop. If the DPR loses the war, the next hot spot will be Crimea.

The junta has no military prospects of returning Crimea, that is why the pressure on the Russian Federation will be composed of military provocations and political and economic pressure from the United States. For Americans the situation is safe. They will get certain benefits regardless of the reactionIn this situation the junta is like a token coin. It will pay in blood for someone else’s game.




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