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Strelkov’s first interview after his breakthrough from Slavyansk

“This night the breakthrough out of actually closed circle has been carried out. There was a diversionary attack at the enemy positions at Slavyansk still carried out by our armoured group. Unfortunately, and I will not conceal it, the most of the armoured group has been destroyed in this attack. This is associated with a mistake of the group commander who made a wrong decision on the task set.
Nevertheless, 80% to 90% of the staff and 90% of the weapons are taken out of the city, the number of killed and wounded in the breakthrough is not very high. We also managed to evacuate a considerable part of soldiers’ families and of our supporters, for whom staying in the city was a mortal danger.
This breakthrough was an absolute surprise for the enemy. We have conducted necessary camouflage actions. In particular, now we are awaiting those heroes now breaking towards us, who led the disturbing fire from the trenches demonstrating our presence on position.
We shall go on with combat operations, and we shall try to avoid the mistakes we committed in the past, which were, in fact, rather the consequences of our clamant lack of weapons and ammunition. We hope to prepare for the next enemy offense more thoroughly, and not to leave at the enemy’s disposal the key points which they used to seize so easily when we had two or three automatic guns per a checkpoint.”

- Some said that you have abnegated all your powers, retired from everything and even left for Krasnoperekopsk, Crimea. Have you abnegated your powers or not?

“If this is Crimea and Chervonoperekopsk then it might be. I am in Donetsk, and I intend to take up a number of additional duties. In particular, I intend, as the Defence Minister, to establish tomorrow by my order the Central Military Council, which will include all of the most important field commanders irrespective of the departments they belong, where we shall coordinate the matters of the further defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic and, possibly, of a part of the Lugansk People’s Republic being in our combat zone. Also, until the assignment of the military commandant of the city I’m going to perform his duties and the duties of the garrison commander. We are going to prepare Donetsk for the active defence in order to prevent the enemy from taking it for at least as long as Slavyansk, and I hope, much longer. In fact, with sufficient forces Donetsk is much more convenient to defend than the small Slavyansk.”

- The last question. As a journalist, I can not avoid asking it, no matter how deeply I feel for what is going on. What can you say to those people who are staying in Slavyansk?

“First, I want to beg their forgiveness for we could not defend the city. Our decision to leave the city and not to die in there was caused not only by the wish to save the garnison itself, natural for any commander, but also by the understanding that we were unable to hold the city and it was going to suffer even more destructions and causalities. But now the information is coming to me that, unfortunately, as expected, despite we have evacuated the most of our voluntary helpers, the enemy waged carnage there, as well as in Kramatorsk and Nikolayevka. Because today by my order the garrison in Kramatorsk was relinquished too and the battalion located there has been transferred here, to Donetsk, to reinforce our positions. Defending it after the enemy has taken Artyomovsk was absolutely useless. It would just lead to another encirclement. Nevertheless, I have the information that they waged slaughter there, especially, in Artyoma settlement. Though I await further confirmations, several sources have already confirmed that the Nazguard wreak on the civilians their anger for his numerous losses. Our attempt to avoid causalities among civilians still has not saved the civilians from those. This confirms once again for those who believe that if the militia leaves without a fight it will save them from repressions, that no, it will not. We are under the attack of the real fascists in the sense put in this word by our ancestors: fiends, murderers, bandits, marauders, the real polizeis, Banderists as they were 70 years ago, the real scums who are covering with the idea of the unite Ukraine to carry out the ethnic clearing. And they are carrying it out, and that we shall resist in Donetsk, as we did in Slavyansk, and I hope, more successfully.”



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