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The summary of fights on July, 2

Author: Viking от 8.07.2014, 11:00
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On the second day of the offensive the junta has achieved more success, but it has not got the significant results yet.
At the border between the Lugansk People’s Republic and the Russian Federation, battles of various intensities continued. The junta actively used the armored carriers and the motorized infantry, but could not breach the positions. 2 tanks and 1 APC were lost near Krasnodon, 3 APCs were lost near Izvarino. The infantry suffered heavy losses.
The militia had significant losses, too, but in general, they got the upper hand in these battles, even in spite of mechanized groups’ strikes, of shelling and of the general enemy’s advantage. We may declare that after 2 days of battles the junta has not solved their operational tasks, thus, the situation favours the militia so far. Chervonopartizansk and the check points “Izvarino” and “Gukovo” are under control of the militia yet.
In the Lugansk region, the northern suburbs of Lugansk and Saur-Mohila have been violently shelled again. In this way the junta compensates the lack of force for attack on the main positions of the Lugansk People’s Republic. Mostly, such artillery preparation is the demonstrative terrorist operation. The rocket launchers and the artillery have shelled the areas, there was nothing like point strikes.
To the north of Lugansk the junta tried to increase the number of their group for the attack on the northern suburbs of Lugansk.
To the north of Donetsk the militia managed to hold all their positions yesterday, however, the junta’s pressure in these areas has been limited. The militia has not got any serious losses there. There is no information about the losses of the junta. It is supposed that the junta has lost an attack aircraft yesterday, but this information is unconfirmed.
The junta was a tactical success near Slavyansk-Kramatorsk, which could be of operational value. The junta forced the militia to withdraw from Nikolaevka, thereby the Strelkov’s group has been cut off from the main troops of the Donetsk People’s Republic. In fact, Strelkov fell into operational encirclement and his group would suffer lack of ammunition and of other necessary war stuff very soon.
The junta’s success can be explained not only by the massive use of armoured vehicles, but first of all, it is due to the powerful artillery group, which clears the route for the advancing troops. This tactic is not sophisticated but effective. Initially the inhabited locality or the positions of militia are violently shelled, and then several tanks and APCs mount an attack. In case of failure, the vehicles drive back, the shelling is repeated, and in the same or the next day the new attack follows.

The artillery shelling near Slavyansk
Certainly, there will be no “Blitzkrieg”, for the junta’s infantry has a low fortitude, in case of losses the moral drops sharply and the attack has to be stopped. The junta’s tactic itself does not promise any quick results, but it provides slow but reliable progress, primarily, due to the massive use of artillery and of armoured vehicles.
At the same time, in spite of the force inequality, the militia displays good fortitude in defense. But the people naturally have limits. Thus, steadily increasing pessimism of Strelkov’s assessments clearly illustrates the worsening situation around Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.
In addition to this, enjoying the international impunity, the junta openly kills the civil population. The terrible photo and video evidences of this flooded the Internet yesterday. The junta’s purposes are rather simple: eliminating the population which is not loyal, inducing the panic, destroying the social infrastructure, and forcing the refugees into the Russian Federation to rid Ukraine of the dissidents.
Scouting and sabotage groups continue acting at the rear of the enemy. They carry out the disturbing operations, forcing the junta to withdraw a part of their forces for guarding their rear and communications. The hasty recruiting of the new punitive battalions reflects the junta’s persistent wish to saturate their rear with the second-grade troops and to release the most efficient forces for carrying out the offensive.
In total, 2 days after beginning the offensive the enemy has gained just limited results at the cost of heavy losses. It illustrates that it is not so simple to defeat the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic.

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