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Channel 5 owned by oligarch Poroshenko reports:

“The terrorists encircled near Nikolayevka flee" – the ATO Speaker
The terrorists encircled in Slavyansk area (near Nikolayevka) ask the Ukrainian militaries to let them out from the encirclement in the mass. This has been reported to the Channel 5 by the spokesman of the anti-terrorist operation Alexei Dmitrashkovsky by telephone.
“At this point, the aggression of terrorists with regard to the attacks on our checkpoints has dropped considerably – there have been no attack. Terrorists are completely confused and do not know what to do”, assured the press officer.
He specified: “The activity is observed in Nikolayevka settlement. Terrorists approach to the checkpoint in masses and ask for the opportunity to come out of the circle.” However, according to him, each case is treated separately to prevent the release from the circle of potential saboteurs.
“This must be treated carefully. It is uncertain who will come out – whether they will be terrorists, saboteurs to be engaged in subversive activities. That is why we take it very carefully”, assured Mr. Dmitrashkovsky.
This information is confirmed from other sources. In particular, “Ukrainskaya Pravda”(“Ukrainian Truth”) with reference to “RIA Novosti” reported that commanders of three bandit groupings “Berkut”, “Filin” and “Miner” have fled from Girkin-Strelkov along with dozens of militants. They “deserted” from the position near Slavyansk and fled in the direction of Yenakievo.”

It is worth seeing, of course, what “Ukrainskaya Pravda” has written.

“Commanders fled from Girkin with dozens of militants and weapons"
Militant leaders of the circle of Igor Girkin (Strelkov) who got into the encirclement near Slavyansk start to flee.
This was reported by Girkin’s assistant, “RIA Novosti” reports.
In particular, the commanders of three groupings “Berkut”, “Filin” and “Miner” have fled from Girkin.
He said, they “deserted” from the position near Slavyansk to the town of Yenakievo.
“Heavy fighting in the area of Nikolayevka and Semenovka settlements is going on, the units of the commanders “Motorola” and “Machette” have retained Nikolayevka and go on fighting. Meanwhile the commanders “Berkut”, “Filin” and “Miner” have “deserted” from the position to the town of Yenakievo”, said Girkin’s assistant.
He promised to publish the true names of the militants fled.”

It actually looks alike. Except for that “Ukrainskaya Pravda” writes nothing about the mass surrendering. And what if we go to the site of “RIA Novosti”, referenced by “UP”?
Dozens of escaped militants – is nothing more than a fancy of the editors of “Ukrainskaya Pravda”.

“The Slavyansk Militia commnder accused three of his subordinates of desertion

Strelkov’s assistant promised to publish the true names of the deserters and ordered their units “to stop obeying them and to arrive to Kramatorsk with all their weapons, to arrest the traitors and to bring them there too”. To the question of “RIA Novosti”, how many men are under the orders of “Berkut”, “Filin” and “Miner”, he answered that there are “several dozens”.”

And terrorists, they surrender in masses since May and still can not surrender completely.

“The terrorists in Donbas surrender in masses"
May 29, 2014
As the chief of the Center for military-political research Dmitry Tymchuk reported on today’s briefing, the terrorists in Donbas bear serious losses, most of them take on collaboration with the ATO.
According to Tymchuk, despite the terrorists can puff their cheeks grandly and throw high-sounding phrases their losses proportion with respect to the Ukrainian security forces are 1 to 10 or 1 to 20. They really have serious losses in manpower. He also emphasized that most of the terrorists either take on collaboration with the ATO forces or surrender. They merely surrender and give away the information about their teammates to save their hides. And the more actively the ATO goes, the more this process, thinks Tymchuk.”




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