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After reconnaissance in force yesterday, 2 of July, in the afternoon the junta has continued the advance of the troops at the some sectors of the front. In spite of the fact that the junta has not got the significant achievements at the border today (the militia captured 2 tanks and 1 APC during the battle near Krasnodon (http://lenta.ru/news/2014/07/02/seize/), the advance of the junta near Slavyansk was effective. After concentrated artillery preparation, the Ukrainian troops occupied Nikolaevka, so Slavyansk has surrounded completely. In case of keeping current situation without unblocked blow from the outside, the defeat of Strelkov group could be just the question of time – the ammunition would run out and the serious problems with medicines, food and water would be in the city.

10:47:51(Moscow time)

Slavyansk was being shelled during all night. There are many destructions and victims among the civilians. The same situation is in Kramatorsk. There are no losses among militia. From the morning our positions and city have been suffering from the artillery attacks. The brigades of rescuers and volunteers are demolishing the destroyed buildings in different districts. The corpses are being searched. The number of losses will be reported later. Until now it is known about the death of a family of three.

The information that the Su-24 was shot down over Semenovka is not confirmed. Yesterday I was reported, that there was attempt to shoot down, but it failed. The sound of aircrafts was heard today, but the militia did not shoot. Violent fighting is continuing at the border. The Ukrainians are doing all their best to block the last corridor in the Lugansk region. Slavyansk is being shelled the direct fire.

By the way, according to the refined data, yesterday the losses of the militia in Slovyansk-Kramatorsk-Semenovka-Nikolaevka are 2 wounded. We have not got precise information about losses among civilians (especially at night time). The terrorist shelling of the residential areas in Artema settlement has just ceased.


The violent battle is being fought near Nikolaevka.

Using the tanks and other technical forses in a great number, the enemy has forced our infantry to retreat back into the settlement. In this moment they are trying to defeat us completely. Simultaneously, the enemy is trying to cut off Nikolaevka from Semenovka. The Ukrainian artillery is working without stopping. Slavyansk is being shelled. The civil bus has been shelled near the bridge through the Kazennyi Torets. 2 people were killed, 3 wounded. Any moving vehicle, which is driving into the city or leaving it, is shelled.


At this moment Nikolaevka is already surrounded. The battle is being fought between Nikolaevka and Semenovka. The enemy is tightening the ring slowly but confidently. The artillery, the “Grad” and the “Uragan” are shelling our positions and residential areas. Even the bravest infantry can not stop the armada of the armoured personnel carriers in such situation when 3 our soldiers need to fight against 1 tank or APC of the enemy.



Artillery saturation fire system shelled Nikolaevka



2 of our soldiers were killed in the battle. 3 wounded.

The tank of enemy was hit (unfortunately, it was dragged away into the rear)

We have been anticipating this pocket for a long time.


As we see, there is no “Blitzkrieg”, there is only the forcing out the volunteers into the cities by the use of concentrated artillery and multiple rocket launchers, which are supported by the aircrafts and helicopters. The technical and numerical superiority of the enemy is believed to be the crucial factor. Speaking about the additional losses of the junta – the attack aircraft crashed in Dnepropetrovsk. http://itar-tass.com/mezhdunarodnaya-panorama/1294043

At the same time, Strelkov traditionally has criticized the fans of the “cunning plan”.

The Ukrainian artillery has destroyed aqueducts on the Severodonetsk channel which provided with water Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Thereby, the entire city is without water. Water from the water wells is not enough to provide a great many civilians who still stay at city.

“Uragan” has renewed the shelling of the center of Kramatorsk.

To everybody who insists that Russia should not meddle in this situation.

Imagine that your brother is assaulted by a robust criminal. Your brother is not so brave and strong to defend himself. Will you stay beside and repeat: “You are coward. Why should I help you? ”

The old people perish here. Pensioniers, who had been working for all their life for the sake of you. The women, who are not able to defend themselves, are killed here.



airstrike Lisichansk

night shell Kramatorsk

Destroyed orphanage “Topolyok” Slavyansk

Consequences of air strikes on residential areas Villages LuganskClassical war crimes.

Beware, the video is 18 +, impressionable people and children better to ignore.

Plus photos of destruction.


untrained people better not to goRSZO “URAGAN”


The junta plays the fool and cries out that it were the "separatists" who have artfully shelled their own city. although the hand of the junta is rather recognizable, both in the offensive itself and in the bumming excuses.

http://sergiokrm.livejournal.com/73628.html – using of the multiple rocket launcher “Uragan” near Artemovsky settlement.

In 2008 the troops were brought immediately after the “Grad” shellings (that were proclaimed to be shocking crime). It should be underlined that “Grad” is less violent than rocket launchers like “Smerch” and “Uragan” which the junta uses. The fact that the junta uses all types of heavy armaments, including prohibited ammunition, against the civilian population, illustratively demonstrates that the junta is sure that the Russian Army would not meddle. Thereby, they are allowed to kill as many people as needed. Drawing attention to the fact that the number of victims is steadily increasing every day, the “cunning plan” would be difficult to discuss further.

In general, toward the evening, 2 of July, the situation has remained difficult at the fronts of Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic. Speaking about Slavyansk, today the situation has become worse.



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