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Author: Viking от 3.07.2014, 14:30
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About the capture of the air-defense military command in Donetsk http://rusvesna.su/news/1404041521, which in some way has secured the militia of DNR with special equipment needed to build air-defense units.


Better late than never. During the battle for the Donetsk airport on May 28 the militia suffered the heaviest single losses (mainly due to the domination of the enemy in the air). It looks very strange that the militia tried to capture the airport without providing an air cover, although a military command was not so far away from the mainstream movement of the militia towards the airport. But for some reason, at that time the militia didn`t think about capturing the military command.


But now it is captured and the militia possesses air-defense systems which are highly relevant to the current conflict . Complemented by operators of man-portable air-defense systems, they can serve not just as the main tactical defense against air strikes (as it was before), but as the basis of air-defense units (cobbled together in haste but it is better than nothing). It will obstruct the actions of the junta`s aircrafts and helicopters, increasing already high enough losses. Given all junta`s radars and radar systems previously destroyed on the territory of the DNR and LNR, it seems like the junta is gradually losing the control of the airspace to the end of June, unable either to provide any systematic control in the air, or to suppress the militia`s tactical air-defense. That is why, the air strikes are effective only where militiamen can not provide air-defense.


Nevertheless, there is a serious problem with personnel for the captured installations. A simple volunteer can not operate a complex air-defense system or a radar station because it requires trained professionals. Such professionals will be sought at the territory of former Ukraine and among Russian volunteers (actually air-defense system specialists are being sought from the beginning of May). I think that effective complexes will be staffed in the foreseeable future, although it will not happen immediately.


Plus to this, the problem of repair and component parts remains. A significant part of the military equipment in these military commands is inoperative and much of what was captured will never move and never shoot. Nevertheless, even a few air-defense systems will be quite worthy for frankly weak air-defense of DNR.

The junta is already yelling that everything is seized, everything is broken and the militia can not use it.

I think it is nothing but an attempt to disguise a bad game.

If the militia will bring these machines into action like it happened earlier with tanks, this may slightly shift the balance of forces at the tactical and perhaps even at the operational level, hampering the junta`s implementation of one of its assets related to air supremacy. But if there remained junk only, the militia will have to use remaining radar stations and man-portable air-defense systems.




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