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LIVE 10/06/2014

Author: Viking от 14.06.2014, 16:34
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16:14, message from militia:

“It is quiet in Slavyansk during the whole day. The city counts casualties and damage after Ukrainian military attacks. There are many people in the streets.

It starts to rain heavily. Still remain very serious communication and Internet failures.”

14:45, message from militia:

“Three icarus buses with refugees left Sloviansk for Rostov.”

“Just confirmed: the militia now posesses 4 Electronic Warfare (EW) installationsfrom Donetsk plant ‘Topaz’”.

13:20, message from militia:

“The night was tense. Again drones flew in the fighting areas.

At about 00:00 (local time), Ukrainian army fired large-caliber artillery on Kramatorsk town. Lisichansk town was attacked by artillery from the side of Starokrasnyanka town: a series of shots and several single shots were done. We have no information about Slavyansk City. 10:00 (UTC + 04:00), the morning is quiet, at least there is no shelling yet.

But there is good news.

A group of qualified military retirees (about two companies) has arrived in Novorussia. Some of them are already in Slavyansk, some of them are in Donetsk. Citizens met them with gladness and tried to feed guys with all sorts of goodies, although there is no lack of food. The guys are stern. They thanked people and asked not to disturb them without necessity.”

12:25, Dmitry Steshin (special correspondent):

“I went around houses that were damaged during the artillery attacks. We took photos of four houses from different directions: shells flew directly through windows into rooms, bedrooms, kitchens. People ask – where to go now? Roofs are destroyed, floors are broken, heat insulation is burning. During the attack we hid in the basement. An old woman covered with blood sits in the armchair. She asks, “Where is Manya? “. Her son answers, “Here’s your Manya”. Manya lies on the floor under a sheet. SLOVIANSK HOSPITAL LACKS DOCTORS. PLEASE, COME IF YOU CAN. It is real to sneak into the city. I have seen no Western journalists in Slavyansk. What can they film here? Shells flown past windows into old women`s kitchens and bedrooms?”

10.06.2014, 11:14 (UTC + 04:00), Igor Ivanovich Strelkov:

“Yesterday`s evening shelling of the city by Ukrainian military results in one woman was killed and another one suffered serious wounds.

As the result of our second ambush on the Kharkiv-Rostov highway (the first ambush I described yesterday – one armoured vehicle was burned), one armoured vehicle was hit by a shot from an RPG (unfortunately it didn`t burn, they towed it), one KAMAZ was burned, another one was severely damaged. The enemy had many people killed and wounded. On our side, there were no losses. This ambush results in the remains of columns that had gone to Slavyansk, turned back.

The enemy several times fired mortars at Cherevkovka suburbs in the night. In the morning, there was a lull in the fighting.

Yesterday the enemy unsuccessfully fired 120 mm mortars into our positions in the direction of Krasnolimansk. Our reconnaissance groups disturbed the enemy location that is approximately 1 km southeast of Krasny Liman town. The results are not known yet. We have no casualties.

The funeral of 10 militia fighters killed in the battles for the city are held today.”

10/06/2014 9:50 (GMT), Alexander Kots (special correspondent):

“In the night Ukrainian security officials fired multiple launch rocket systems “GRAD” at the city. Its shells hit a house in the residential area on Lenin street. Shurbo Tatiana (was born in 1954) was killed. Houses in the residential area in the center of Slavyansk are severely damaged. Shells flew into apartments. I think that the night fire was aimed tî destroy the building of Security Service of Ukraine. But the shells exploded away from it, in the residential area.”

Slavyansk. 09/06/2014 report from the staff of the Donbass Militia Commander:

“The data on the results of an attack made by the company of Kramatorsk on the enemy`s checkpoint near the “Slavyansk” stella on the Slavyansk – Kramatorsk road has come. The Kramatorsk company division supported by two mine clearing vehicles succeeded in destroying two machine-gun emplacements and enemy`s grenade thrower (AGS) position. Two airborne combat vehicles (BMD) were damaged, about 20 soldiers and officers were annihilated and deactivated. During the fight, one militia man died a heroic death, two militia men were injured and one militia man was missing in action. One combat mobility vehicle was damaged. Now guys are repearing it.

During the night from 8 to 9 of June a kind of lull was established in most parts of the front. Minor shooting took place near Andreevka settlement.

At 1:30 (local time) Ukrainian security officials fired mortars at militia positions near Semenivka settlement. At 4:30 in the morning these positions were bombed by enemy`s low-flying attack aircrafts. The village was damaged. The militia had no losses in establishment.

At 9:00 the enemy made ??a short but intense shelling in the city center near Uritskogo Street. As a result, two civilians were killed and one was wounded. The city was damaged. The direct fire from howitzers of 152 mm calibre was made from Karachun.

At about 13:00 militia intelligence spotted the movement of the enemy`s armoured vehicles and “Grad” battery which previously conducted the bombardment of the city. As a result of the combined attack with the use of mortar fire one “Grad” installation was deactivated. There happened a detonation of ammunition. A shot from a grenade thrower burned one armoured transporter (BTR).

After 15:00 a lull was established.

These actions demonstrate the Armed Forces of Ukraine complete disregard for Mr Avakov`s (Mr Avakov is the Minister of the Interior of Ukraine) statements on suspension of arms in order to create a so-called “humanitarian corridor” for evacuation of Slavyansk citizens that wish to leave the city”.

Additional informarion from the participant of these events( the colleague of Igor Ivanovich Strelkov):

“01:24 (Kiev) I finally returned to a base. The enemy is shelling Kramatorsk residential areas for more than an hour trying to evacuate soldiers injured during yesterday`s fire at the ‘Stella’ checkpoint. More detailed information on yesterday’s raid. Three groups of Donetsk republic special forces supported by two combat mobility vehicles attacked Ukrainian checkpoint that blocked the movement between Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. We have been preparing this operation for a week and it turned to be an exciting spectacle. Snipers annihilated grenade throwers crew and two Ukrainian snipers pairs. At the same time, two combat mobility vehicles moved to the junta position. From speakers mounted on one of these vehicles sounded the song of Vladimir Vysotsky.

Another militia man, who participated in the battle, completed the picture : ” … our group didn`t attack the checkpoint but the fortified forces located in the green area and in the field near the checkpoint. We attacked them under cover of two combat mobility vehicles. After we annihilated the enemy we were exposed to mortars fire and artillery fire from Karachun.

We turned away, but the Ukrainian special forces have been firing guns and mortars at the green area where we previously were for an hour and a half. They also shelled the square, where their forces came”.



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