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    Slavyansk – Kramatorsk. Taking advantage of some junta forces’ removal from their sector (presumably of the Nazguard units as they do not appear in reports), the Militias moved to the “active defence” tactics. The main objective is unblocking the railways. According to Strelkov, the Slavyansk garrison has committed three “sallies” (in the direction of Krasny Liman) resulting in one “Grad” destroyed (the second one is in question), 1 APC destroyed (+ 1 damaged), 2 Kamaz trucks destroyed. The Junta’s loss in men is “significant”. Also there has been committed an “unblocking” sally to the checkpoint between Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. The operation was conducted by Kramatorsk Militia. As a result, the checkpoint was destroyed. The Junta’s troops’ loss (according to Militia) is about 20 killed and 40 wounded. The Militias lost 1 killed, 2 wounded, one engineering clearing machine damaged). (The mysterious “howitzer” did not “surface” in any verified report yet)


    Lugansk. The Southeast Army has commenced operations to destroy the last group of soldiers on the junta-controlled territory in the area of ​​Lugansk airport. To do this, there was declared a “no-fly zone” (any aircraft over the territory will be shot down without warning). Given the characteristics of the heat traps “working” on the aircraft it makes it impossible to supply the garrison (up to 1000 men). Given the fact that the ground garrison is encircled by Southeast Army forces, they have two ways out left. Either an unblocking attack from outside or a break-through from inside (plus a combined attack from both sides). It may well be that the “mysterious battle” that occurred yesterday at Lugansk in which the junta troops have lost a lot of equipment, was really such an attack (although I very much doubt that this fight generally occurred http://yurasumy.livejournal.com/76089. html). Nevertheless, this turn of events is quite possible (especially because in the airport there are “voluntary” units of Nazguard that the Junta does not want to throw away). Perhaps it is there where the Nazguard units were moved from the area of Slavyansk (mentioned by Strelkov a couple of days ago). In any case the unblocking operation should begin in the next few days. Otherwise the Junta grouping near Lugansk may be destroyed. Especially because of its heterogeneous composition. Conscript soldiers and reservists obviously do not want to “die” for the junta. According to Bolotov, this explains yesterday’s explosions in the vicinity of the airport (he speaks of the intestine clash in the camp of punishers). The defeat of this group (or capture) would be a major success for the Southeast Army.

    Conclusions. On June 9 the initiative for fighting came solely from the militia. Remarkably, some clashes occurred in the daytime, not having provoked back air strikes on positions of the attackers. Obviously, Junta “aces” feared of the Slavyansk garrison air defence. To a great extent this is what caused the Militia’s success. The forces of Junta’s “active troops” (those who don’t need any fire from behind to drive them to attack) are obviously limited. These troops have to be shifted from place to place, with Militias “active defence” tactics applied in several directions simultaneously (Lugansk, Slavyansk) it deprives the Junta of “initiative.” Just a few days of fighting (near Slavyansk) and all the “successes” of the assault on June 3 will be lost for the Junta. A defeat of Lugansk group (which found itself essentially blocked) threatens Junta very big problems.

PS I remind that corn and sunflower fields in the site of the battle are already waist-high. Two weeks later, even steppe areas are going to be unsafe for “punishers”. If the blockade of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk will be broken until that time it threatens big trouble to all the punishers’ “Northern Front”.

PP.S. As a “sketch”. Yesterday in Junta’s “voluntary” unit in Chernigov an embarrassment occurred. Every fifth “volunteer” rejected the “trip” to Donbass, hence they were “disgracefully” dismissed from the punishers ranks (21 out of 107). http://news.mail.ru/inworld/ukraina/politics/18490252/). At the same time Ivano-Frankivsk “territorial volunteers” (about 500) also did not go to Donbass (the local authorities refused to send soldiers until they are not equipped accordingly. This is a riot, I tell you. http://rusvesna.su/news / 1402342643). And it’s only two reports. Judging by the newsreel, the similar situation is in other “territorial volunteer formations”. From this we can make some conclusions unpleasant for punishers. Losses in their midst in recent days are so high that they send to the front everything they can. Even the units of “volunteer territorial defense” who had no time to train and to equip. Their morale is so low that having not left their locations one fifth of the soldiers actually deserts (I can not say it other way).

That is “all is lost” that happened on June 9 outcome. The question is just for whom?




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