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Question: Could you explain us, at last, do you know Nikolay Levchenko? In case of positive answer, what do you have in common?

Answer: We have known each other since 2004. In my opinion, he is a bastard, an intrigant and a rogue. He sold an idea and has become just an underling of the oligarchs. Many believe that he is clever, but I have not got any evidence of his keen mind. He might be is good at plundering of the budget? Or, perhaps, he is talented in the falsification of the election? Or he may be is excellent at the fabrication of the criminal cases? Unfortunately, there are no more activities where an ordinary member of the “Party of the Regions” can show his worth. In addition to this, he threatened us with the death in case we assaulted the Donetsk State Administration. It was 28 of February. But we were not afraid, we did not flinch. Speaking about Levchenko, I can not understand how he is going to live further having such morals.


Question: Pavel, are you going to negotiate with the criminals and killers, because there are no other words for the Ukrainian Government? Watching the Russian TV channels, it seems that Russia is not going to support you.

Answer: It is only the beginning. It is impossible to negotiate with the fascists. We are going to fight regardless of the position of the Russian channels and liberal Russian elite which is against Putin’s policy. Putin said that Novorossiya will be. It means that Novorossiya will be. Do not panic.

Question: Do you know Mr. Strelkov? How close do you know each other? What do you think about this man?

Answer: I met him in Slavyansk in the day of my release. We had only one opportunity to communicate seriously. Since that time we have been communicating only briefly. Collecting all my personal impressions and opinions of other people who have contacted with him more closely, I have to say that Mr. Strelkov is an idealist, genuine patriot, he fond of Russia and Russian culture. He is a professional military with great of experience from the hot spots where the West battled with the Russian World. He is open-minded person with the great outlook and way of thinking. Thus, he is said to be our Garibaldi of Novorossiya. What is more, he is modest. I respect Igor Ivanovich very much.

Question: Pavel, I have a question. Imagine that Kiev withdrew the troops from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, disarmed all the militants of the Right Sector and others, made Ukraine as a federation and gave the Russian language the second state status.

Is it real that Novorossiya and Ukraine reunite in this case?

Answer: Obviously, the author of this question is the fantasy writer.

Question: Good afternoon Pavel. Are you going to open the branch offices of the party «Novorossiya» in the Russian Federation? I am interested in it because I would like to join your party.

Answer: Our party is going to be in Russia. Our Russian comrades who are making their best today to help «Russian Spring» will head our party in Russia.

Question: Pavel, I have a question. Are many the miners in the people’s volunteer corps? Watching the TV, it seems that the miners either go on strike knocking by the helmets or go down under ground to work?

Answer: I have not got the full information about volunteers’ professions yet. I can only say about people who I have met personally. There are the miners, the metallurgists, the mechanics, the taxi driver, the railway employees, the builders, the engineers, the lawyers, the advertising employees, businessmen… I have met the hairdresser, the director of the Night Club, the artist of the tattoo salon. All these people represent the nation that has revolted against the fascist junta.

Question: Good afternoon Pavel. Appearing on «Russia 24» channel, Prokhanov told that the international brigades are being organized now in Donbass to fight with fascism like it was in Spain in 1936… He said that even Basques fight against the junta there. Is it truth or the artistic image only?

Answer: Yes, it is truth. Speaking about the artistic image, it is also truth. Personally I like Prokhanov’s beautiful language style.

Question: I am a communist. Do you consider me as the communist as your enemy?

Answer: I am a patriot, the Slavophile, and a moderate socialist. The liberals with the Western views are my enemies. In this case, the communists are my allies. Rot Front.

Question: Many processes of the making state system in the new Republic are retarded because of the war. At the same time, it is impossible to postpone all these things. Armed people, such as the volunteers and the militia are, should not be without any control. Actually, who governs by all these armed groups of people today? Are you sure that these leaders are really true to the Donetsk People’s’ Republic?

Answer: I am not a member of the government of the Donetsk People’s’ Republic. But it should be noted that the building of the new state system is proclaimed to be very complicated problem especially during the war. Thus, I appeal to the people to be tolerant to these processes.

Question: Pavel we can not understand why, speaking about Kate, Boroday and Pushilin jeered today? Why they are pushing you into the background? Personally, I do not trust Pushilin and Tsarev as well. It is my opinion. Do you know Mr. Purgin? Who is Mr. Boroday ? Could you explain what is happening?

Answer: It is not a jeer. Taking part in the conference in Moscow, Boris Borisov, the officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made an impulsive utterance that was outside his competence. However, I would like to underline that from the first days Boris Borisov has lent a great assistance for the Donetsk People’s Republic. His mind and energy are very important and useful for the Republic. The incident has been settled. I hope that work is going on. It is not time for the intrigues.

The politicians can be pushed into the background just only by loosing votes during the election. In any case it is just people’s choice.

This government is transitional and it has the complicated tasks. The government should be given help instead of being criticized and carry on the intrigues. It is my strong opinion.

About Oleg Tsarev…I did not have enough time to form my opinion about him. I hope that I will have an opportunity to know him better. Afterwards I will tell about him more detailed.

I can not say anything about Denis Pushilin. I did not know him earlier. Unfortunately, we have limited communication now. This situation does not allow us to know each other better.

He was said to be a member of the Mavrodi financial pyramid. This fact is believed to be a bit strange, but in my opinion, it could not be considered as a crucial factor to estimate his personality. Hope, we will get on well. He has made a lot for the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Speaking about Andrey Purgin… I have known him for 10 years. He is honest, modest and high-principled. We are the allies and the comrades.

About Alexander Boroday. He is a very decent person who has come here to help us. He is working 24/7 for the benefit of the Republic. Some his comrades, who have come with him, also are giving us considerable assistance. We are very much obliged to them for their active participation.

Question: Pavel, have you deceived us? According to Mr. Tsarev, it is going to be the federation in Ukraine. All of us came to the referendum with the thought about joining to the Russia Federation that we had been promised before. Mr. Tsarev is going to remain in power. We are shocked.

Answer: Nobody has deceived you. It would be better if Mr. Tsarev answered this question instead of me.

Question: Pavel, when will come the assistance from Russia? Is it true that Mr. Putin has betrayed Donbass?

Answer: Remember key thing: Russians never leave Russians under the hatches. As for Mr. Putin, he is a genuine Russian patriot.

Question: Why do 270,000 of the miners go striking instead of joining the volunteer corps? Why do not you arm people for defence their native land?

Answer: The volunteers are much more then weapon at the moment. We are arming them to the best of our ability.

Question: As far as I can judge, the police and the military get wages from Kiev. Kiev has employed them and pays salary. Is it possible to finance these employees from the budgets of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic? What about forming own Armed Forces? When will the border guards of Kiev be banished from the country? When will the border with Russia be opened?

Answer: First and foremost, the independent bank system should be made, after this the tax system and the budget system could be organized. As far as I know, it is the primary task, which the government under Mr. Boroday is going to solve as fast as possible.

Question: Good afternoon Pavel. Could you tell honestly whether you trust the government of the Donetsk People’s Republic, personally Mr.Pushilin, Mr.Hodakovskay and Mr.Boroday? Thanks for your answer.

Answer: As for Mr.Pushilin, and Mr.Boroday, I have already explained above. Mr.Khodakovskaya fights, he goes ahead into battle with his soldiers. Nothing bad to say about him. On the contrary, he is deserved to be said a lot of good words. I wish we had more such officers in our Army.

Question: Pavel, you are telling about the party «Novorossiya»… But the party should have the Regulations, the Programme. Have you got such fundamental documents? Is it possible to look through them?

Answer: Yes, of course. Here novorossia.co and here http://novorossia.su/node/1753

Question: What are the plans of Novorossiya?

Are you going to join the Russian Federation or to be the independent state?

Answer: Initially, the statehood of Novorossiya should be established. We have to extend the space under our control. We have to do it now by force of arms and at the cost of many lives. When we gain our independent Novorossiya, the people through the referendum will decide what to do further.




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