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Boris Rozhin http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1618139.html

First, Strelkov’s summary.

“In the night it was quiet in Slavyansk, in the morning there have been only a few shots. There is still no water supply in the north and the north-east. Kramatorsk has been bombed a little.
9:15 Community services have restored the electric lines damaged in the fighting. However, there’s no chance to restore the water supply yet.
10:00 Artillery shelling on Semyonovka has started again.
11:16 In Krasny Liman there came a lot of vehicles yesterday. National Guards combed with APCs and soldiers almost every street. On a tip from local ukres they seized some particularly active persons and policemen. They were taken in an unknown direction. At night National Guards have left the town again. Near the executive committee there are the flags of DPR and Liman. Now the town is quiet.
11:30 Slavyansk carries out the additional mobilization of volunteers in connection with the possible enemy preparation to a new attack.
12:40 Near Krasny Liman executive committee there are three armored personnel carriers, three buses of soldiers and trucks. Ukrainian flag is over the building.”
“They have a lot of what to prepare. Today they are hammering howitzers at Mykolayiv heat electricity station. If they succeed they’ll leave without electricity the entire north part of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. This is despite the fact that none of our militiamen is in the station territory.”
- “I went to Semenovka to observe the position. They fired howitzers (spotted the car). Two soldiers were lightly wounded. Went back out of harms way – not to provoke the further fire on the guys.”
- “One of the helicopters “landed” on June 3 today was burnt down with fire from LFV-2. Ukres were offended, drove a tank and were shooting some time at our checkpoint until they exhausted all the ammunition. But as they shot from a great distance, no damage they caused.
- “They really shot “Grad” at Semenovka on June 3.” But they launched rockets by one, not in salvo.”
- “How long will they hide their losses – I do not know. Apparently, they hope to give it out after the “victory kettledrums.” However, these are being postponed again and again…”
- “We have volunteers. But we also have problems with their delivery. And most important, a whole bunch of rear generals, who have not done anything to protect the country yet, seek to intercept them for themselves.”

Plus the order of mobilization.

in the town of SLAVYANSK

04.06.2014 Slavyansk Number 2
Of partial mobilization
of volunteers in the ranks of the Militia
of Donetsk People’s Republic
Due to the prevailing military situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic, DPR hereafter,


1. To perform a partial mobilization of volunteers in the ranks of the DPR Militia.
2. To executives of private companies and organizations, of government and other institutions in which the citizens recruiting for the Militia service work, to reserve for those their jobsites and wages until further notice.
3. To owners of private enterprises and other employers to prepare independently the necessary documents to ground the compensation of the recruits maintenance costs on completion of the martial law which are to be presented for payment by DPR authorities.
I warn the heads of state and private enterprises and organizations that the failure of this Order may be considered as an act of sabotage and assistance to the enemy and punished according to the martial law.
This Order shall comes into effect upon signature.

Chairman of the Security Council of DPR
Defense Minister of DPR
Commander of the Militia of DPR
Colonel I.I.Strelkov

NB! In fact, for two days since the beginning of the active phase of the offensive which led to the taking of Krasny Liman, the Junta is generally acting rather sluggishly, replacing the attempts of moving into militia-controlled towns and villages with artillery and mortar shelling and airstrikes. More recently, tanks have joined the firing, toohttp://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1363-po-tu-storonu-frontakarateli-nachali-aktivno-primenyat-tanki.html. In fact Junta have put in everything they could, except the massive use of MLRS. Nevertheless, given the significant advantage in manpower near Slavyansk and overwhelming advantage in firepower, the Junta’s main group’s success is very limited. Breaking the Militia’s defence at one checkpoint, allowing the armor vehicles to break into Krasny Liman, they began to give out for an epic victory, although given the ratio of forces and their losseshttp://zkan.com.ua/main/yugo/1767-v-morgah-harkovskoy-oblasti-sotni-trupov-posle-boya-pod-krasnym-limanom.html, the Junta at that pace may go on taking Slavyansk for several more weeks if not months. The practice of Slavyansk fights shows that in more or less continuous fighting the Junta’s infantry quickly fizzles out. So it was after the storms on April 24, on May 2 and 5 and after the fighting on June 3. Since the brunt of the fighting falls upon the Nazguard, its low battle qualities are wholly manifested. In addition to high losses, they are affected by the lack of military training and the soldiers being unprepared to fighting of many days. Therefore, commonly even after a day, at maximum after 1.5 or 2 days, the Junta’s offensive breaks down, and there begins entrenching, reinforcing, rearranging and retreat to rest. In this regard, even the dismantled Russian army of 1994-1995, regularly beaten in the back yet, carried out regular offensives longer and more effective at a comparable level of losses. Anyway, al trained soldier is a priori more effective in battle than yesterday’s “Maidan hero” or former internal trooper.

Judging by the bulletins, the Junta’s army fights rather strange, since by the bulletins, they are almost impossible to meet on the main attack directions. Soldiers and officers die occasionally, and these are the causalities that Junta gives out for the “terrorists’s” victims. At this, even officially the army has lost about 50 killed. The loss in Nazguard, Right Secs, territorial battalions and other rabble are carefully concealed, but given the nature of the fighting, it is significant.

In this regard, as long as feeding in men and weapons continues, Strelkov can restrain the Junta for a very long time. Say, with due diligence the Junta might push Semenovka or Seleznevka. In a week or two, trampling it down to the ground with artillery and aviation, but then the same dense urban areas, where a fairly large garrison sits, with MANPADS, grenade launchers and some armored vehicles. It is difficult to imagine that in its present condition the Junta’s infantry stands even a few days of full scale street fighting, transforming Slavyansk into the likeness of Sirte or Homs.

In general, the standing at Slavyansk continues. Against this backdrop, rather gloomily of Junta sounded the confessions about the fact, that the punitive operation is impossible to complete quicklyhttp://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1370-v-administracii-prezidenta-ukrainy-ne-vidyat-vozmozhnostey-dlya-bystrogo-zaversheniya-ato.html. Talking about the fact that in a few months there will begin the production of armored vehicles for chasteners in Kharkov says that the war is here to stay, as well. http://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1358-hunta-sobiraetsya-popolnit-boevuyu-bazu-ukroarmii-i-nacgvardii-bronemashinami-dozor-b.html

Against the backdrop of Junta’s problems at Slavyansk, the chaotic collapse of border lines with Russia continued. After the fall of the Office of Lugansk frontier guard, already a number of units actually abandoned their positions and started to flee – some in Russia http://lifenews.ru/news/134486, some in Kharkov http://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/ 1368-ukrainskie-pogranichniki-pokidayut-svoi-chasti.html, and some to their homes. Demoralization among the frontier guards is terrible. They don’t want to fight for Junta, at the same time they are afraid of being shot down, like policemen in Mariupol. Willing to fight for the Militia are not numerous, too, few are ready to souse themselves completely into the civil war. Therefore, the desire to escape from this horror as far as possible dominates. Of course, the border at this stays open slightly less than completely (if even before columns easily passed it, it is not hard to imagine what will pass there in the next few days), and some of their weapons and equipment either gets destroyed or falls into the hands of Militia. How Turchinov is going to seal the border between Russia and LPR, it remains a mysteryhttp://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1352-hunta-perekryvaet-rossiysko-ukrainskuyu-granicu.html, while even at Slavyansk there’s a lack of men.

In this regard, while the Junta is marking time near Slavyansk and pottering on the northern borders of DPR and LPR, in the central regions of the republics there continues a slow but systematic sweep of the remaining islands of the previous authorities (especially in LPR). https://vk.com/feed?w=wall-30819557_56553 At the same time the Militia increases its numbers (despite the loss) and gets its hands on more and more weapons – seized in military units as well as passing across the border, where to the conventional small arms and old models of the Ukrainian army there add modern MANPADS and grenade launchers.

Therefore, when viewed from a purely military point of view, even taking Slavyansk, quite problematic still, does not solve the Junta problems, because as long as they are pottering with Strelkov, Donbas forms even more numerous groups acting with the base on cities and towns which is the promise of a long war of depletion with great casualties and destructions.










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