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There is an interesting report of the eyewitness who has visited the location of 51th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Army. This Brigade suffered heavy losses near Volnovaha and was returned back to the rear due to the catastrophic falling morale and flat refusal to participate in hostilities. This story vividly reminds numerous evidences about sad condition of Russian Army during the First Chechen War. Ukrainian Army is believed to be remained at the same level up till now.


«Cannon fodder» of the independent Ukraine

I have had an opportunity to visit the “Eastern Front” lately, to be more precise the location of the 51th Mechanized Brigade. It is the same Brigade where 17 soldiers perished and 30 were wounded from the attack of unknown people (probably separatists) recently.

I have brought mainly depressing experience from this trip. So, in a nutshell.

Rusty infantry fighting vehicle demonstrates that the Great Ukrainian Army waits not only order but a bit of paint as well

The Brigade personnel have more than 4000 people. It is predominantly the representatives of the Western parts of Ukraine mainly from Volyn. Such situation has a very simple logic. There are some mental distinctions between people from the different parts of country, thus, it seems to be easy that the Western residents would shoot at aliens like the Eastern people are for them. Such situation is believed to be simple only at first glance. But reality is more complex.

The soldiers are very careful on the roadblocks. Recent tragedy has illustrated better than any lectures that articles of war are written by blood and fighters’ lives are in their own hands.

As far as I noticed, vigilance on the roadblocks is very important thing. However, during the informal conversation soldiers admitted that the importance of the roadblocks are exaggerated because the separatists could drive everywhere using the earth roads. As soldiers said: «We guard themselves only».

The jeeps with the deputies from Volyn drove our car. They brought the bullet-proof vests for the servicemen and some useful gadgets like for example thermal imagers and night vision binoculars. Our motorcade was escorted by the truck with the officer and detachment of soldiers.

As it turned out, nobody from the servicemen had seen an enemy yet. Only commander was experienced military. However, it should be noted that he came under fire from their own troops. According to him, it was like this. A group of military men was sent to meet a car with a certain colonel who had got lost. The group really discovered a war jeep in the expected place.

Suddenly armed people wearing black masks and camouflages appeared from the roadside bushes. Searching group mistaking them as the separatists stepped on the accelerator rapidly. Those people, in turn, shelled the car. As a result, driver was killed, one soldier was wounded. As for the men in the masks, they were the members of the local defence battalion.

Public prosecutor arrived to the site of occurrence being drunk. Police did not come at all. According to the narrator, there was no punishment for anybody. It is a result of the war in the same uniform and with the same weapon.

By the way, about uniform. The Ukrainian Army does not even have an opportunity to provide their staff with the uniform. The soldiers on the roadblocks look like as the Mexican rebels or as the Caucasian militants. In one word, the modern Ukrainian Army is said to be like paramilitary organization consisting of the uniforms of all world armies and civilian attires. In addition to this, uniforms of many soldiers are shabby and dirty.

They were taken to beat the Moskals just from the algebra test

Thus, we gradually come to the next topic. I am not going to escalate situation, but I have to upload to the Internet a statement of soldiers: «We are kept here against our will, in the horrible conditions, we are deceived by everybody».

Having some conversations with the fighters I stopped thinking clearly.

First of all, there are no volunteers among military. Everybody was mobilized under compulsion. Moreover, it seems that one and all were mobilized without any inspections.

I asked one guy with AKS (all fighters are armed without any exceptions) from Volyn about his mobilization story. He told that he had been called to the enlistment office, photographed; next day got the military ticket and then sent to the troops by train. He had got automat and cartridges but he did not shoot even once at life.

Right off I grew dumb with astonishment. I asked him: «What does it mean “did not shoot even once at life”? Have you ever had military service? » He answered: «No, I have never been to the Army at all».

The man was mobilized and got the AK in spite of the fact that he could judge about military service only using movie experience. It is very popular now to blame Stalin, Zhukov and others for cruel policy during the Great Patriotic war. It is easy to criticize the past. At the same time, there is a cannon fodder of the independent Ukraine in the 21th century which is used on the “Eastern Front”.

It is said to be surrealism. It is a new 1941. There are the students who have not graduated from university yet, the farmers who are worried about their abandoned fields.

By the way, «Mechanized» is a quite conventional title of the Brigade. In soldiers’ opinion, the vast majority the armoured vehicles that had been delivered to the Donetsk region are in disrepair and unable to move independently. The picture of the old and rusty the armoured vehicles easily convinced me of the truth of soldiers’ words.

To sleep here a couple of nights can be romantic. Person who lives in such conditions for two months gradually turns into homeless. Moreover, he begins to smell likewise

These poor people have been living for 2 months in the horrible conditions that fall under the article about cruel treatment with the captives of the Geneva Convention. The main problem is the water shortage.

The soldiers work hard everyday, but they have no opportunity even to have a shower or to wash their clothes. It is impossible to organize even minimum facilities in the field conditions. They have no even portable water. Watching video you can see something that is suggested drinking. To their luck they have some food. But there are no field kitchens which are very popular on the picnics nowadays. There is no anything like this. The soldiers just make a fire to cook. Some of them use old-fashioned cast-iron stoves like our ancestors used in the first part of the last century.

The old tents are leaky. The dirty mattress on the land is said to be traditional place for the rest for the soldiers. There are no bedclothes or the sleeping bags. The homeless people usually spend the night in such way. There are absolutely unsanitary conditions.

The Great Ukrainian Army. Secret of success: we eat everything that our relatives have sent us or we have bought using relatives’ money

In spite of the government’s promises the soldiers serving under the contract do not get the salary. They were paid only 1300 grivnas in April, but they have already spent this money in the villages around their location buying water and food in the shops. Their relatives have already spent a lot of money supporting soldiers. Taking into consideration the fact that many mobilized people were only breadwinners in their families, you can imagine the moral and the fighting spirit of the Ukrainian Army.

No wonder that hard drinking is flourishing among soldiers. We came to the location in the evening and spent a couple of hours there. During this time I had an opportunity to observe steadily increasing amount of drunken people in the uniforms. Draw attention to the fact that all of them had automat and cartridges.

The officers clearly understand everything but do nothing to discipline military. Fortunately, drunken soldiers are not aggressive. Actually, they drink because of depression and despair, not the Dutch courage is the reason.

The Deputy cannot explain to soldiers where the Great Ukrainian Army which is ready to battle with the Chechen Army is. Also they asked about rotation but the Deputy is not able to solve this problem.

Being under painful impression we were returning back home when we were stopped on the roadblock under the Ukrainian flag in the Dnepropetrovsk region. The men in the civvies armed by Kalashnikov automats did their best to ruin my mood completely. Demonstrating their power they demanded that we show our documents. Then we were asked several stupid questions in a rude manner. We were lucky not to be arrested. Using bad language the armed men allowed us to go futher. To oneself I wished them to be killed by the separatists.

The first-aid pack 1959 issue. Other words, it remembers Mr. Khrushchev. It seems that medical supplies like wine – the older, the better.

We stopped in the neighboring village to eat. We asked the locals about people on the roadblock because the armed men had even refused to present themselves. The locals did not know exactly who these people really were. They were supposed to be a kind of local self-defense detachment. Threatening the weapon these people demand 150 grivnas for permission to use road. If the locals refuse to pay they must sing the Ukrainian hymn.

The situation on the roadblock at the entrance to Zaporozhye from the Donetsk highway was different completely. The armed men in the uniform with the chevrons, in my judgment, of the «Hortitsky Regiment», were vigilant and polite. Making sure that we were not the terrorists they friendly wished us happy journey.

Civilized European Ukrainian man is ready to give the Moskals a good dressing down

Actually, due to the poor condition of the Ukrainian Army, the junta have to recruit the punitive battalions which are directed hastily to the «Eastern Front» to stimulate the Ukrainian Army troops to participate in the antiterrorist operation more actively.





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