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ATTENTION –  woman Fedorova Svetlana human rights of Evpatoria “justness” – to us just now got a call from Kramnoy Estuary and said – National Guard of Ukraine and the right sector expel residents from their homes and apartments were collected in the courtyards. issued an ultimatum after 2 hours if the militia did not surrender they destroy the population

maximum repost call to oon obse save donbass people please!!!


Continued online broadcast of civil war in Ukraine for June 3.
The first part of today here http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1614628.html

2 - http://truthinukraine.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/the-war-in-ukraine-03-06-2-live/

1- http://truthinukraine.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/the-war-in-ukraine-03-06-live/

I apologize for the bad translation but I do not know much English and translators volunteers can not quickly follow the information so the article is translated using Google translatorSome videos can already be removed from the YouTubeservice. save and share informationmaximum repost

you can stop the war in Ukraine



19-42, WARNING! INFORMATION FOR militia (from 2 different sources)
Sappers junta made ​​the mining of those portions of the border that were available: from the villages Uspenka, Uslyanovskaya, Klinkino, Novoaleksandrovka. Mining occurs jumping mine system “Tamagavg” American-made (such as it is applied in Kosovo!). These mines are prohibited OSCE!


19-29, ukraine-Nazi «Luftwaffe» June 2, 2014

19-26, the OSCE confirmed shelling administration Lugansk air
Lugansk regional administration building rockets were fired from combat aircraft. This is stated in the report of the observation mission in Ukraine, published today.


Went home. After an hour or so continue.

Irina Kukurudza. Murdered by the Nazis in Lugansk on June 2.


talk Mozgovoy


Posted by Andrew Krasnoshchekova.
“Calm Slovyansk ended. Again the roar of guns. Again on the crossroads at Semyonovka (East Slavic) released a rocket fighter. Then left in an unknown direction.”
Other sources of militia write:
“Dying” became a couple walking. Again hit on Semenovka. Three runs was. “


Consequences Cherevkovki shelling.


Road to Brusino. Krasny Liman.


UPD 38: 18:40 (GMT) Krasny Liman, stands and fights.
http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/205863.html – zinc


To blame the communists .


We managed to unlock the way ( we still get blocked in March) twitter “Voices of Sevastopol” , so now we are there.
Who cares – subscribe https://twitter.com/voicesevas

UPD 36 : 18:25 ( GMT) Link dryers split , one of them went to Raisins . From the side of the green series of explosions .
UPD 37 : 18:30 ( GMT) Shelling subsides.
http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/205863.html – zinc

Shooters from the forum :
People who died today in the ranks of the militia (all as one – Donetsk local natives ) did not want to be heroes . Dead . And maybe they would not have if we were in abundance and supply weapons , trainers and experts and even elementary rear.
I was silent about the ” Aid to Russia .” Because all understand – and nuances of “big politics” , in comparison with which Slovyansk – just a tiny speck on the tablecloth Stories and enormous risks that should go to Russia to help us by force of arms , and a host of other recorded and unrecorded factors . I DO NOT UNDERSTAND ONE : WHY WAS POSSIBLE , risking everything , saves tens of thousands of respected my Ossetian KUDARTSEV IMMEDIATELY Rushing to the rescue , no matter what , but MONTHS ” PULL Bagpipe ” WITH RUSSIAN urgently needed assistance ? ? ? MILLIONS ARE HERE ! Is Moscow really think that somehow a few hundred armed Russian volunteers – is all that is required and that is enough ? I would like to see now in the trenches in Semenovka least one official , ” responsible ” for the south- east ( they are) …
Now Red Liman shot people in the streets . In Green wedge at best take away in an unknown direction , and at worst – shoot anyone who does not have local registration ! And this despite the fact that our militia retreated out everything already ! That’s not enough for military intervention ? ? ? How many corpses still need to make a decision ? Or I should do instead of tough defense to rescue people ? Mass evacuation ? I can not with its modest forces even do that .
All over the attack began , according to the shooting.
Can be replicated . We have nothing to lose .

NB! I respect your opinion of the new portions ” cunning plans ” speak for the evening or in the morning , as will eventually .

A brief comment to the picture .


Fascist scum never ever understand persuasion , persuasion and requests. They can only get to stop what they are doing – either physically destroyed or placed in the dock . Those who think that the Internet calls they make to stop Nazi terror , just not know the history and do not understand the essence of fascism as an ideology . For the Nazis , please ” stop ” is evidence of their strengths and your weaknesses , convincing them that they are doing right .

UPD 34 : 18:05 ( GMT) resumed shelling the area north of the Red HBC and Lyman also heard explosions in the southern area in the sky over the Red Lyman link with Mykolaivka dryers come in a circle.
http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/205863.html – zinc

NB! Judging by the ongoing shelling , Krasny Liman still fighting .

Fragments collected at the square in front of the Lugansk regional administration


On the air-raid warning system in Lugansk.


DPR militia.


In Lugansk, as it turned out, did not yet pogranchast took from yesterday’s 200, where there are about 100 people (besides surrendering prisoners, the wounded and the dead), which is just under 18 have given thought, after which apparently now will fight. Location Kotz took that empty building mystery.

About the fact that the alleged natsgvardiya controls Krasny Liman.
Natsgvardiya controls only checkpoint in the southern part of the city, which is located on Kirov Street (Train Station). And more than anything!
https://vk.com/feed?w=wall-62241455_916817 – zinc

Hospital in Red Estuary.


UPD 33 : 17:40 ( GMT) on the part of Yampol Krasny Liman went turntables .
http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/205863.html – zinc

Summary of the shooting ( taken directly from the forum )
The situation in the northern part of the front heavy. Enemy after a short battle , providing overwhelming superiority in everything captured Krasny Liman . Local militia suffered heavy losses . Now there natsgvardiya mocks population. Fall estuary – a heavy blow and Slavic . Help his tiny garrison we could not , as we have also started the assault.
From 5 am the enemy for several hours fiercely bombed and shelled Semenovka from dozens of different weapons , attack aircraft and helicopters . Actually, shelling and now continues. As a result, there is a loss . As they have already announced , I can name : 7 killed and 10 wounded.
After that, the enemy attacked by Semenovka Seleznevka tanks and armored personnel carriers and infantry natsgvardii . After a long hard battle the enemy was forced to retreat , losing padded 2 APCs and armored ” Humvee ” , and 1 T-64 tank (unfortunately , not equipment remained in our territory and already evacuated ) . Small arms fire was damaged and made ​​a forced landing Mi-24 helicopter . (Again, it rapidly repairing – downed considered impossible – just temporarily incapacitated ) . Enemy losses in manpower unknown. Given the huge advantage that the enemy has all kinds of weapons , I believe the success of this fight quite a feat of our militia . It is unfortunate that these feats they have to make by ATR WWII and saving each cartridge . However, if it goes on like this , and they will soon run out . With us. But we will still defend Slovyansk to the end! Even nothing and we do not help .
Our intelligence unit in the krasniy Lyman also suffering serious losses from the fire from the air, managed to ambush and kill two motor unit ZU-23 -2 of the enemy.
Krasnolimanskaya company reported a 1 fearfulness ” drying ” . Neither confirm nor deny I can not yet .
Kramatorskaya company destroyed 1 BTR-80 .
On the western edge as a result of attacks Sloviansk DRG 1 BMP destroyed enemy.
In any case , the enemy uses against us constantly planes 2-3 gunship time ( changing the links between them – they work with several airfields ) and 6-7 combat helicopters .
Columns of artillery, infantry and armored vehicles to continue to creep Slavic literally from all sides . The correlation of forces of 10 to 1 – it is now ” happy past .” On the way to our division , “Hurricanes ” , and in today already worked Semenovka “Grad” . Number of self-propelled howitzers and conventional 122 mm and above are already well over fifty , and mortars , I do not think so. The opponent’s goal – to close the ring around Sloviansk once and for all .

Press conference Bolotov .


UPD 32 : 17:25 ( GMT) on the Krasniy Liman carried off the track, in the Kirov district checkpoint three calculation (possibly D-30 ) .
http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/205863.html – zinc

Krasny Liman F \ d hospital sighting fired from a mortar or howitzer , two funnels in the yard , the third hit in the roof of the children’s department . In the intensive care patient had three – grandmother , a few people in other wards. All the patients were evacuated to the basement. Surgeon Shistko Vasily wounded by shrapnel in the head.

Departure from Yavoriv garrison international highway Lviv- Krakovets through forest road completely blocked huge trees . These pine and linden cut some relatives mobilized : goal – to prevent exit from road vehicles liable for military service from the territory of the 24th mechanized brigade in the direction of the Iron landfill .

This felling particularly outraged Iron Division veterans who failed to get the morning of the 53rd Military Camp Yavorov to international route not only cars , but also on foot.
Former soldiers in the military district Yavorov event ambiguous comment : ” Such wonderful ancient trees cut pines , linden … “; ” The bus stop is not to get a job in Lviv late … “; ” So they like to state that men want to bind to the skirt … “; “Yes, women are afraid for their husbands. They have so many died in the East … “.
According to one of the officers , a wife and mother about a hundred mobilized to block the second day of visits military unit does not want to let their sons and husbands to the landfill and to the east of Ukraine among the motivations – the lack of body armor , stay poor conditions at the site , for fear relatives.

In Lugansk : Szczerba on calmly , quietly taxi fleet , Komarova quiet Stanichno- Lugansk quiet Gayevoi quiet. 3 km heard gunshots .

After the live broadcast on Layfnyus ( Krasniy Liman resident came on air ) has resumed shelling northern areas Krasny Liman , so watch your language. Heard explosions in the area of ​​HBC . In the area of ​​the store “Jaguar” are two APCs NatsGadov .
https://vk.com/feed?w=wall-62241455_916677 – zinc

For soothing panicked by Ponomarev
People mayor Vyacheslav Ponomarev Sloviansk denied reports of a number of media that Ukrainian troops occupied located about 15 km from town Krasny Liman .
” They came to the Green Wedge (train station in the Red Lyman – approx. ITAR-TASS) . Krasny Liman they are not occupied . Thrashes our outpost there, but it does not figure,” – he told Trend . ITAR-TASS.
Ukrainian Air Force fighters continue to put the missile attacks by Slavic and surrounding villages Semenivka . “The Fighter came from the Raisin , made ​​Semyonovka fire and flew in the opposite direction “

ATTENTION –  woman human rights of Evpatoria – to us just now got a call from Krasniy  Liman and said – National Guard of Ukraine and the right sector expel residents from their homes and apartments were collected in the courtyards. issued an ultimatum after 2 hours if the militia did not surrender they destroy the population


In Lugansk load siren!

Location junta troops bound map.



Hospital Red estuary. Fight at the moment continues.


On the situation in the Red Liman.

In estuaries NAC RED GUARDS herded locals frequent the square and threatening to kill them requires that the remaining militia surrendered


UPD 29: 16:35 ( GMT) From the open Karachun artogon on Semenovka with ostavki on Krasny Liman went fighter .
UPD 30 : 16:45 ( GMT) from the south to the north ( Krasny Liman ) , the residential quarters opened mortar fire .
http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/205863.html – zinc

Bolotov said http://ria.ru/world/20140603/1010511355.html # ixzz33ZyNq9kX, that in the hands of militias LC now has radar and UAV captured Ukrainian parts . Now motives bombing radar aircraft junta clearer – apparently tried to destroy that last captured militia .

Ukrainian law enforcers require volunteers in the Red Liman surrender. Otherwise , the military will shoot civilians. Requirements to perform at army soldiers Southeast have two hours .

NB! Fascists are fairly predictable .

Building Lugansk frontier seems really cleansed (though it is unclear exactly when ) .
” Brest Fortress ” , which was hinted fascist propaganda , did not work .

Photo comment from Andrew Krasnoshchekova .
“It’s a photo of svyatogorsk . Capsules with this at 5 am bombarded edge of the city , where the summer camp , cottages , holiday villages. Recall that Svjatogorsk is 30 km from the Slavic . There are many evacuees . Loot , roadblocks positions DNR there has never it was . “
P.S. Do Banderivtsy even German Nazi methods , its nothing can not come up . Germans also are scattered leaflets , badges. Remember how it ended in May 1945 ?


Russian Spring argues that part of the border in Lugansk taken , and yesterday http://rusvesna.su/news/1401794298

Yesterday Gopnik who burned “Berkut ” on Hrushevskoho being put to give orders to the generals and colonels


Krasny Liman Railway Hospital, witnesses : no windows , no roof , 3 funnels, reviving the basement carried
The street in the private sector near the bus station run natsgvardii fighters and warned that those who will shoot on the street

Short report on the situation of the “hot” spots .
“Slavonic . Just plane again struck the missile attacks on positions militia. Responding defense fighters opened fire from memory . “
“Drying ” just slammed on Semenovka and went into the clouds . It was evident from the center. The weather worsens . Apparently, it will rain. And the more – the better : in heavy rain ATU – soldiers do not shoot . “
“From Red Lyman pass – Ukrainian punishers active fire from mortars near the railway station .”
https://vk.com/feed?w=wall251272309_515 – zinc

updated online http://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1288-voyna-na-yugo-vostoke-onlayn-03062014-hronika-sobytiy-chast-vtoraya-post-obnovlyaetsya.html Online ” Voice of Sevastopol”


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