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you can stop the war in Ukraine


Continue to the online broadcast of the civil war in Ukraine, which is becoming more ambitious and bloody.



On the formation of the Women’s Battalion http://rushor.su/articles/18127 DPR.

In a number of Kiev and Kharkov universities began http://topwar.ru/50254-kramatorska-i-slavyanska-na-karte-ukrainy-net-govoryat-v-kieve-i-harkove.html deduct students from Slavic and Kramatorsk.

Airstrike in Red Estuary.


We can not be so!
Excellent article from http://4531.livejournal.com/33794.html comrade. – russian

Raisins on the part of Krasny Liman went dry.
UPD 20: 14:40 (GMT) By Semenovka five (ten) minutes ago bunks worked drying.
http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/205863.html - zinc

Ponomarev about the situation in Semenovka:
According to our sourcesthe checkpoint in the area of ​​security forces Semyonovka not busyIn the city, no one came,they trampled on the outskirts.

Query Details Obukhov and Rashkin Kolomoyskogo to confiscation of property.


Outstanding Deputies noted that the actions of Igor Kolomoisky contain signs of a crime under Article 205.1 of the Criminal Code ( “Promotion terrorist activity” ), namely the financing of terrorism . According to the MPs , the profits from enterprises oligarch located on Russian territory, is including the financing of the “right sector.” Based on publicly available information , the deputies argue that the beaches belong Kolomoiskiy elite residential complex Nautilus Gurzuf and hotel complexes in Foros , as well as the company’s ” Atan -Crimea ” and ” Ukrnafta” in Feodosia.“The fact that it sponsors terrorism, and he does not hide . ” Privat ” it works here in the Crimea his property. “>14-39
“>Many were victims of the armed conflict in Lugansk were hospitalized in Luhansk City Hospital № 2 .
“>bandages 7×14
“>hypoallergenic adhesive plaster
“>Novocaine 0.5 % – 200 , 0 fl .
“>medical gauze
“>Medical surgical gloves № 7,5
“>Gypsum – 2 bags of 40 pcs .
Ukrainian Defense Ministry has officially confirmed the information on the eve of the country’s air force has released one hundred and fifty shells near Luhansk. One of the shells exploded in the central square . According to Ukrainian media reports citing the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine , on the eve of combat aircraft in the area of Ukraine issued a punitive operation in Lugansk more than 150 shells. Actions covered stormtroopers Ukrainian Air Force fighters . In the afternoon , according to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Lugansk region “worked Mi-24 helicopters under the cover of the MiG- 29 .” According to authorities, when making sorties were used more than 150 shells ; “>” Mission accomplished successfully,” – Report of the Ministry of Defense.
Fools – conditioners separate greetings .

“>UPD 18 : 14:30 ( GMT) in the district Lesovichka two APCs blocked the road to leave , the officer NatsGadov went into the private sector, in the house heard the screams , shooting .
UPD 19 : 14:35 ( GMT) In civil near Lesovichka opened fire on , heard the screams .
<p>”>http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/205863.html – zinc

For questions on ” Alia ” . I do not think that’s the whole gang , rather a group of volunteers in a few dozen people at most – company . “>14-30
Reportage of Life-News


14-mm, in the district Slavyansk.-CPB counted to 100 APCs and white vans, they sit in black camouflagelike allseriously clogged highway equipment

14-mmdetails of those killed in the Luhansk Regional State Administration June 2, 2014

Official information:

Due to air strikes caused the Air Force of Ukraine Luhansk Regional Administration building June 2, 2014:

8 people died (3 males and 5 females). All the dead civilians;

injured 28 people (of varying severity).

All the wounded are in Luhansk Regional Hospital, most of them in intensive care.

Kramatorskaya doctors expressed their desire to help the victimsIn the near future in the Luhansk regional hospital will be delivered medicines.

“>UPD 17: 14:20 ( GMT) following Trains towards red Lyman go only to Seversky , at 14:00 (local ) station is closed.
My windows are located on a military hospital. Already 17 ambulances arrived . They travel in groups of 3-4 cars . Two helicopters strongly steaming crawling toward Kharkov Mi-24 and Mi-8 can not fly , in any way, apparently damaged it severely . <p>”>https://vk.com/feed?w=wall12204774_14237 – zinc

Center of Slavic during fights.



“>UPD: 11:30 ( GMT) the plane passed over the Red estuary .
“>On the part of Kirovsk violent explosions in the sky perhaps twin-screw adjuster .
“>UPD 2 : 12:00 ( GMT) By unspecified information downed one scout.
Time is given approximately , throughout the period are heavy fighting in the area Yampol , overpasses , on the outskirts of the Red Lyman , Slavic , Semyonovka . Developments are transient. Raygorodok – tanks . Semenivka broken , Tsaritsyno . UPD 3: 12:15 ( GMT) From Shchurova heard explosions at the central cemetery in the village after some time spinner took off and went to the side of Kirovsk went with Karachun conducted by artogon Semenovka . UPD 4 : 12:35 ( GMT) In the area of Kirovsk fierce battle explosions. “>UPD 5 : 12:45 ( GMT) at the Kirov in the side of the old airfield went low four turntables .
“>Krasny Liman is not taken , it is worth and effort .
UPD 8 : Attack Dill choked on all fronts ; Semenivka repulsed the attack . UPD 9 : 13:05 ( GMT) in the district of St. Andrew’s checkpoint shootout . “>UPD 10: 13:10 ( GMT) near fur farms are two tanks near Kirov checkpoint in planting one tank , three armored personnel carriers and manpower of the enemy.
UPD 11: 13:25 ( GMT) in the South ( Krasny Liman ) battle – machine gun fire and explosions over the triangle two helicopters – there is a fight , a fight in the area of ​​CRH. UPD 12: 13:35 ( GMT) 5 BMP , one Ural tilt with the infantry in the area of ​​the landfill near the forest on the South . UPD 13: 13:40 ( GMT) in the district Lesovichka accumulated 5 enemy APCs . “>UPD 14: 13:45 ( GMT) flying over Red Lyman fighter went by Chuguevo leaves aside Yampol .
“>UPD 16 : 14:05 ( GMT) at the Kirov checkpoint concentrated NatsGadov units , aside from perezda Lesovichka moved APCs.
http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/205863.html – another text online broadcast

Story militia Sloviansk staff representative on the morning fighting.



There are reports that around Makeevki near the railway crossing near the garden partnership “Berry ” was shot machine with 4 people. Later the car was set on fire with the dead . http://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1246-voyna-na-yugo-vostoke-onlayn-3062014-post-obnovlyaetsya.html “>14-01
Torez – shooting, explosions . Buses unfold . do not miss in snowy . They say communication is lost. Shoot already in the country . NB! Possible repetition of yesterday’s action militias in mining . “>13-59
<p>”>According to militia troops transferred from Kharkov Hurricanes

Key areas fights under Slavonic .



Building management Lugansk frontier after yesterday’s battle.


As mentioned yesterday, rumors of her taking a little bit exaggerated.


descrip – ukraine army tried to take twice. both times were discarded. ukr army used 120 mm mortar, 152 mm SAU air force 30mm (mean NAR)

Just Poddubnyi on losses junta in armor - 1 tank, 4 armored personnel carriers and 1 hammer.

The International Criminal Court adopted http://lysakovskiy.ru/mus-prinyal-obrashhenie-dnr/ treatment DNI into the committed crimes and acts of genocide.

Today at 13:24:22 »
Just two Su-25 stopped by the city and every rocket fired towards SemyonovkaHeight - 500 meters ..
Them from somewhere Cherevkovki antiaircraft fulfilled.
https://vk.com/feed?w=wall244266429_14443 - zinc

PereiznaBlown up bridge.


“>”We received information that in the village. Eastern people appeared on the streets ( not local ) in civilian move to 3 – 5chel . Clearly not a football together.
“>Aviation and continues to work on , Su -shka hews to our positions in Semenovka . “
Gubarev confirmed that the militia fighters have joined the Jewish Brigade “Alia” . “>13-35
“>Ukrainian aviation released about 20 80mm unguided rockets ( NURS ) during the bombing on the eve of Lugansk regional administration , local police said .
“It is an examination of . Rockets used caliber 80 millimeters S8KO “- said the representative of the police Lugansk.<p>”>C8 (where the letter ” C” , presumably – the projectile , and “8″ – 80 mm caliber ) – Soviet / Russian 80 -mm unguided rocket designed for the destruction of equipment and manpower , RIA Novosti reminds .

“>June 3 at the information center “South- Eastern Front” took skype inclusion Slavic Natalia Bogomaz .
She stated that the aviation junta shot peaceful village near Semenivka Sloviansk . ” Just planes and helicopters Kiev junta began bombing near the settlement Semenivka Sloviansk , – said Natalia Bogomaz . - In the village of absolutely no military outpost stands , but there is literally a couple of people . Shot civilians. There are not women and children were taken because we have blocked all exits from the city. 13-16

Shellcrater in Cherevkovke



Ukrainian media in his repertoire.

left – ukraine air force bombing terrorist center lugansk

right – ukraine air force dont bombing lugansk but terminated two checkpoint terrorist

(from redactor from me – facking fascist idiois ((( burn to hell)


“>Information from the mayor Sloviansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev.
” We managed to shoot down the Su -25 and helicopter junta. We also took out several armored vehicles siloviki . Similarly I can not say , but I think it’s two tanks and two armored personnel carriers . Loss by militias , according to my information , consists of two killed and one wounded “>13-11
Summary of losses militia. Currently estimated 5 killed , about 10 wounded. Figure will grow . https://vk.com/feed?w=wall214555240_28993 – zinc

(FAKE)First Channel - destroyed one tank and several armored vehiclesand not vice versa.


3.6.14 . - Tonight our gallant scouts ambushed a convoy of armored vehicles Bandera , who moved from Raisin in Slavic . Our militia managed to inflict serious damage on the enemy . “>(well, it Tymchuk )
- Under Slavic militias shot down the helicopter Mi -24 Ukrainian armed forces. Ukrainian punishers lead tank shelling suburb Sloviansk Cherevkovki . At least five residential houses have been destroyed and burning. Ukrainian military aircraft used continuously . Life News also confirms this information. 3.6.14 . 12:15 . - For Semenivka burn several APCs. There’s also shot down the helicopter , about the second turntable do not know yet . Shelter bombing the mountain Artem city center . “>Information from local resident :
- Today, something very terrible . We are still alive . Came at a time from the basement. Tired . Planes still hear . The bombing was … creepy. On account of a few of our guys lined APC and helicopter. Currently one helicopter ” comes ” already – can not fly on the field. Another two helicopters flew ” wounded ” steaming towards Kharkov. Belenky damaged ( with the symbols of the UN ) can not fly ! “>13-00
<p>”>IMHO, it’s a matter of days when the last constraints constraints are removed .

Deputies from the Communist Party Valery Rashkin and Sergei Obukhov appealed to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika asking to close all of Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky on the territory of Russia . “>12-50
Shot down the Mi-24 and Su- 25. Knocked out several APCs. All the losses in the area Semyonovka.


photo fake – Burning Appliances fascist junta(corrected comrades - the photo is not from Ukraine).


According to Ponomarev also destroyed one tank.

People mayor Sloviansk Ponomarevmilitiamen shot down Su-25 and the Air Force helicopter Ukraine
Representatives of the People’s Militia Sloviansk (Donetsk region) downed fighter Su-25 and the Air Force helicopterUkraine also shot down four armored vehiclesIn an interview with TrendItar-Tass said the People mayor VyacheslavPonomarev SlovianskAccording to him, as a result of armed clashes in the area killed two members of the People’s Militia.

12-46Slovyansk Attack helicopters shelled the outskirts of town


12-24, there is a fight in the private sector (Cherevkovka). Slovyansk 06/03/2014



<p>”>Clarify http://napoleon-6.livejournal.com/283029.html, that under Raisin guerrillas defeated Nazi propaganda team column , which went under Slovyansk persuade militias surrender.

Several tanks came close to beating out Semenovka and direct aim at roadblocks and residential neighborhoods . “>11-53
For aviation. <p>”>Currently credible evidence (as opposed to the burned equipment) about it is not .

“Around 5:00-5:30 am Natsgvardiya produced shelling Voevodovka checkpoints in the village ,” – said the representative of self-defense. According to him, shells hit the gardens of residential houses in the private sector.information on casualties yet.

In the windows of apartment buildings shattered windowsripped off roofs, riddled with shrapnel StrenFortunatelyshelling occurred in a time when not crowded on the streets.

Position under Severodonetsk can in seconds become catastrophic if kareteli fall into the local chemical companies“nitrogen”City literally die out.


Fired artillery \ mortars 4:09 6 times . 4:11 4 raza.04 : March 12 raza.04 13 1 times . 4:14 2 times. 4:15 2 times. “>11-48
Fights Kramatorsk subsided . “>11-47
<p>”>https://vk.com/fort_meade?w=wall37669033_16145% 2Fall

“>In the Kharkiv region, local guerrillas attacked a convoy fascist junta .
In Lugansk in the morning to continue the fight for control of Lugansk frontier .


3.6.14 . 10:15 am. - Natsgvardiya started to recede from under Red estuary , which the junta shells from 5am . Several armored vehicles away from the place of battle . Density of fire at militia higher than natsgvardii . Militias are furious battle to the enemy and do not give the slightest respite. 3.6.14 . 10:20 . - Column military vehicles trying to break into the city center to take control . Morning, around 5 am local time , the Ukrainian army had Sloviansk shelling . After that, the battle began at several checkpoints . Particularly intense battle going on in villages and Bids Drobyshevo near the town Krasny Liman near Sloviansk . Data on victims have been reported yet .<p>”>http://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1258-poslednie-sobytiya-iz-slavyanska-i-krasnogo-limana.html – zinc

Nazi planes destroyed the people’s militia checkpoint between the Tsarina and Slavic settlement Krasny Liman . By Red Liman from the village Drobyshevo strapped to 40 units of Nazi armor . “>11-42

Consumed aviation junta mobile radar , which yesterday gave militias LC . When air strike killed 10 Ukrainian officers.


“>Under Slavic (Donetsk region) national militia fighters out several BTR Ukrainian law enforcers .
On Tuesday announced the appointment of Acting Supreme Rada head of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine Arsen Avakov . Avakov also said that ” in the area destroyed Semyonovka checkpoints and engineering works ” people’s militia . ” The movement continues . Requested to civilians Sloviansk , Kramatorskaya Red estuary to reduce the risk of life to stay at home ,” – said Acting The representative of the People’s Militia Sloviansk reported June 3 morning Itar-Tass that the sky over the city appeared aviation . Strikes , he said , applied primarily to the village located near Semenivka , where on Monday as a result of massive shelling residents remained without electricity – was broken power cable . Semenivka under Slavic settlement remained without electricity after firing Ukrainian security forces ” in different parts of the city heard machine-gun and machine gun fire , the battle is active in the north- east of the city ,” – said the representative opolcheniya.Minuvshey night located 10 km from the Slavic Kramatorsk were intense battles all night in the city was heard the roar of cannon fire . In TMA heard strong explosions and shooting was carried out heavy guns. “>11-39
http://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1259-slavyansk-stoit-na-poroge-gumanitarnoy-katastrofy.html Slavic city is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster .

Parsing http://bmpd.livejournal.com/875965.html airstrike yesterday in the center of Lugansk.


Slovyansk morning began to stormUkrainian artillery shelling of the city is enhanced (in some periods of the sound ofguns shots and explosions in the incessant hum mergesaircraft in the air, a column of armored vehicles came to the city from Semyonovka.



Gunfire heard throughout the SlavicEspecially - resort district EastCherevkovkaSemenivkaCircling aircraft.
On the part of the Red Lyman went towards Sloviansk two fighters.


In the Red Estuary from 5am is a fierce battle with the use of helicopter gunships.


Starting from 5-30 with Karachun produce shelling Sloviansk . Give shots at intervals of 5-10 minutes. Semenivka under severe fire. Above the village had heard the plane. http://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1255-shturm-slavyanskahunta-nachala-shirokomasshtabnoe-nastuplenie.html “>Introduction .
At night the enemy made ​​a considerable effort to enter the controlled militias and DNR Kramators’k Semenovka using aircraft , helicopters , heavy artillery , mortars, large forces of infantry and armored vehicles. Nevertheless attack on Kramators’k once again choked . The enemy suffered losses in men and armor ( according to most of the junta , several armored vehicles were burned from grenade ) . http://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1246-voyna-na-yugo-vostoke-onlayn-3062014-post-obnovlyaetsya.html http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1589684.html – a fundraiser to help the militia DPR and LPR



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