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In light of the ongoing fighting in the region of Lugansk and the assault Shakhtersk launch another online broadcast ofevents of the civil war in Ukraine.

People’s Republic of Lugansk authorities reported yet another air strikeshelled checkpointthere are victimsFighting in the area of the frontier on the Peace quarter continuedis firing with heavy weapons

Killed a civilian in Luhansk Regional State Administration.


Photographed immediately after the airstrike.


Removed dead.


Zyuganov need to recognize the DPR and LPR.



description – Ukraine News Media

1 Muzychko shot from a pistol in the back
2 Kernes tried to shoot from the IRS in the back too
3 on Independence Berkut bullets fired at protesters who were flying them and got in the back
4 in Slavic folk militia shelled their homes apartments and schools
5 in Lugansk militia fired surface to air missiles on the plane but got air conditioning in the regional administration. then dug holes in the ground, and put the pieces of missiles


Video highlight bombing promptly removed, but there are copiesFor example here is the moment of impact.

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description – minimal grand nac guard 4200 griven ~ 200-220 USD

You know, when this war, which will go a longUkrainian journalists will die (and they strength of character will diefighting), that never upset.

Picture for distribution.

description – Lugansk ODEfalse Ukrainian media claim that the rocket started up militias on the aircraft hit the hotair conditioning. the problem is that under this window is no air conditioning.

from redactor – rocket suggestive terms of heat even theoretically can not lock on air conditioning…. explain in the next post as be free (soon evening LIVE)

Notably both the background yelling ” Hooray, we moisten the separatists ,” those who are smarter, try to disown war crimes. “>17-54
Eyewitness air strike on Lugansk ! ! At this point I was just where within minutes people die – to Lugansk administration. Here at the entrance to the administration is always crowded . Come as opponents of the junta and its supporters in order to compete in the poster hung here . Crowd and journalists here . Just 150 meters to buduyuschey funnel stopped me yesterday my friend Vyacheslav. ” How are you? “, Then yes se . We talked so 8 minutes . And these moments, which I ‘m sure saved my life. Once I went on, as I went over the head of a fascist, firing the thermal rockets.Next there was a deafening explosion , causing a sharp pain in the ear membrane. Then Black clouds of dust at the entrance to the administration . I stood up , my head in a fog. The dust has settled , the first thing I saw fallen trees near the fountain in front of the administration. The day before yesterday I was here right at this fountain in a daytime train photographed children. On the site before the administration – three young women killed , four, sorry, broken , but alive . To her fleeing war and mothers my camera in my trembling hands. Alongside two other men killed civilians . Military, in the street , all intact. “>I wonder now one – what ‘s God’s punishment will overtake these scum – the masterminds and perpetrators of this crime ?

“>http://www.kp.ru/daily/26238.5/3120452/ – zinc


“>Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov called DNR recognize and LC , as well as to introduce no-fly zone over the Donbas .

Ukrainian military prisoners in Lugansk.

Text online broadcast today in Lugansk.

It is not difficult to noticeno air conditioner is not in sight.

Video of fire.


description – Warranty - separate media suffer ohineyu about what RSA blasted bottom-up shooting

and from which blew the adjacent park and trees laidthis one shell which flew into ord blew everything back thenflew through the park all the fragments left hand tore people

at least come up with Russian aircraft

Today, about 15-00 in the center of Lugansk was dealt airstrike Ukrainian Air Force , which are subject to Kiev junta.Fighting vehicle produced using a blow aimed bobm cluster , regional administration building partially destroyed , major damage on the first and third floor. There are dead and wounded on the spot medical and rescue work , the number of victims to be confirmed . “>Currently RSA perimeter and adjacent areas cordoned off , there is information that the aircraft overflew the town continues .
Luhansk Regional State Administration after the airstrikes . Corpses were clearly more than one.


“>From the miner continues to receive conflicting information.
Militias took control of the police department in Donetsk, there are victims . One person killed , another wounded in an assault by militias proclaimed the People’s Republic of Donetsk Miners police department . On it informs edition “Island” , citing a source in law enforcement. According to him , the building is riddled rayotdela . The entire staff of the Mining District Department Gorlovka taken to where the captured building Gorlovka gorupravleniya police headquarters is one of the militias. Confirm the information from other sources have been reported yet .

“>http://vk.com/wall-69552144_134323 – zinc

“>Strelkova comment :
” You probably think that shoot down the plane or helicopter can be from any distance and make it extremely easy … Let the rocket – and is already falling . Unfortunately, it is not. Each downed aircraft – it’s a long and careful work , training

“>https://vk.com/feed?w=wall113104369_26265 – zinc

Next missile strike .

“>According to the militia of the border military unit came to him about 20 people.
In the south, near Lugansk Peaceful cottage village after a temporary truce renewed fight between Ukrainian army and militias . Fires of different-sized weapons , snipers operate as one , and with the other hand . About 14 hours the second stage of the battle, which was preceded by a 40-minute truce. After the first fire reservists who have served the military service , but not so long ago were called under the banner of the Ukrainian army did not want to fight against their fellow citizens. - When the shelling started, we decided to leave the weapon and surrender. “>Now inside the military parts remain soldiers who refused to lay down their arms , and said militia of any truce speech does not go .
- We want to live , it is terrible , of course. Decided to wait hostilities with relatives. As reported from the scene correspondent LifeNews, during the morning battle , killing two militiamen and one local resident . “>17-12

“>https://vk.com/feed?w=wall247852109_463 – zinc

“>Continuing discrepancies in the number of killed and wounded in air strike in Lugansk Regional State Administration.
One person was killed and ten injured in bombing attacks , which Ukrainian Air Force fighter aircraft struck the building Lugansk regional administration . “>17-08
Video of the battle for control of Lugansk frontier .

In Lugansk.
In the land of about RSA many pits of rockets hitsFired drying Nursi, many went deep into the ground and apparentlydid not explode.

Plane over the junta in the Peace Region 3 o’clock in the afternoonContinue to actively shoot flares.


“>UPD: 15:45 ( GMT) Fight between LC and militia refused to release to the border / h going on, he had already been going on for several hours.
“>UPD 2 : 16:10 ( GMT) intensity increases skirmish , artillery works , also heard explosions and CPB .
UPD 3: 16:20 ( GMT) in the direction of Raisin through Drobysheva – Krasny Liman Cow – yar took link stormtroopers .UPD 3: 16:30 ( GMT) on the red – Liman turn connected KPVT slingshot and APCs , the intensity of the battle subsides.“>UPD 4 : 16:40 ( GMT) In Lugansk , link attack aircraft destroyed the city council building and bridge at Donetsk , presumably a victim .
Characteristic traces of rocket hit .

http://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1235-fashistskaya-partiya-svoboda-v-vru-trebuet-vvesti-voennoe-polozhenie-na-donbasse.html ввести на Донбассе военное положение.
Что-то долго упыри с ним тянут.

16:50. Стриммер сообщает, что самолёт заходит опять на центр города. В ОГА на 4 этаже в результате авиаудара Хунты просто сорвало стену, внутри всё в дыму и изрядно покрошено. (Повторяется Донецк, видимо).
http://vk.com/feed?w=wall-57424472_838 – цинк

Луганск. Бой в Заречном. (ориентировочно утро-полдень)”>16-55
Тягнибок требует http://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1235-fashistskaya-partiya-svoboda-v-vru-trebuet-vvesti-voennoe-polozhenie-na-donbasse.html ввести на Донбассе военное положение.
Что-то долго упыри с ним тянут.

16:50. Стриммер сообщает, что самолёт заходит опять на центр города. В ОГА на 4 этаже в результате авиаудара Хунты просто сорвало стену, внутри всё в дыму и изрядно покрошено. (Повторяется Донецк, видимо).
http://vk.com/feed?w=wall-57424472_838 – цинк

Луганск. Бой в Заречном. (ориентировочно утро-полдень)

Consequences airstrike in Lugansk Regional State Administration.

“>Authorities ordered LC equipped bomb shelter at the enterprises of the region
” Businesses of all forms of ownership within two days to prepare and equip their premises to be used as shelters ,” – said the head of the order in Luhansk proclaimed the People’s Republic Valery Bolotov . “>16-45
Consequences of hitting the center of Lugansk.

List bomboubežiŝ in Lugansk with adresami.
By Features raskidajte by groups DNR and OSOBENNO Lugansk resources, Tak Kak go to Ukraine Folder fikciejManyelementární not znaut what to do and where to run in case aviaudarov at their center.

Reportage Life-News ob aviaudare the center of Lugansk.

Say about 1 killed and 5 wounded.

Resumed shooting Semenivka twist on Cr. Liman, mortars work quite intensively … With the TV tower (Karachun) fulfills artilleryMostly heard guns work.
http://vk.com/feed?w=wall-69552144_134227 - zinc

After the air strike on the Luhansk Regional State Administration.

With continued heavy shelling Karachun Semyonovka.

Battles continue in Lugansk.

In Luhansk Regional Administration building killed at least five people.
http://russian.rt.com/article/34715 - zinc

Burning building Luhansk Regional State Administration.

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lugastrim - stream from the center of Lugansk

15.00 . Lugansk over two aircraft . One SU 27 , and the second looks like Su 25. When SU 27 flying over the city on it bummed of MANPADS. Shot forward, missed . Rocket exploded over the city . The same to me warriors who meet shoots of MANPADS , we must catch up . And fragments of missiles falling on the city . After a shot of MANPADS airplanes began turning away from the city . And they began to fly at high altitude. Say this fighter fired a missile in the city.

“>http://mikul-a.livejournal.com/75504.html – zinc

District State Administration. On the far part of the area is spreading smoke after hitting gunship junta.


Chapter LC confirmed the death of two militia armed clash in Lugansk
Head of the People’s Republic of Lugansk Valery Bolotov said the deaths of two militia five woundedAccording to him,as a result of clashes killed one civilian Lugansk.

In the battle goes on Slovyansk Krasnolimansky turn.

In Luhansk Regional Administration building fire started in the building may still may be injured.


Ukrainian Air Force aircraft fired administration building Luganska.V building many dead and wounded, the facadeof the building is seriously damaged, according to RIA NovostiEarlier witness reported that the Air Force firedUkraine Lugansk regional administration building
http://russian.rt.com/article/34711 # ixzz33U3JK0ay - zinc


“>In the center of Lugansk distributed machinegun
Machine-gun fire can be heard in the center of Lugansk , RIA Novosti reported . Just flew over the Lugansk several combat aircraft, then began shooting bursts of heavy machine guns .

“>Probably shoot machine guns at the planes flying over .


“>Goes unchecked information about air strikes in the center of Lugansk.


“>According to unconfirmed messages natsigvardiya took Gorotdel Shakhtersk and went to the Kirov .

Comes storming executive committee. There are killed . “>16-00

“>Stormed Gorotdel , 3 killed, 4 injured at this moment .

http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1612438.htmlBattles in the Mirniy  – russian

http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1613335.html – Prisoners guards in Lugansk - russian

http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1589684.html – fundraising for the militia of South-East - russian

http://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/1199-voyna-na-yugo-vostoke-onlayn-2062014-post-zavershen.html –Broadcast events for 02.06.2014 at “Voice of Sevastopol” – russian

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