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“>Heavy film about the forgotten truth about what terror staged during the First World War, the authorities of Austria-Hungary (together with Ukrainian nationalists ) on Galich .

Arrested, beaten , tortured , beaten to death , hanged , shot only for the fact that you have found a postcard in Russian for Russian book that you have found a home for what you called Russian or Ruthenian , for what you said in Russian .

Here are some examples:
- In the village Prusy Lviv county Austrians cut the peasant Tarashchuk lips cut off fingers and toes , then put on a chest board and stood on it until he suffocated.
- In another village Hungarians hanged 11 peasants only for what they called themselves Russian , and their bodies thrown into the swamp , forbidding burial.
- In the village peasant Dzebolki Alexey Kozak was burnt alive in his own hut, there was stabbed 9 -year-old boy .
- In the village Nagortsy shot rector of the local church and the daughter of the cantor . Her father was killed by the 7th bayonet charges .
- In the village Matsyna Austrians turned the church into the stable , and the altar had a latrine .

Austrian propaganda warned : any Ruthenians , lighting a candle in the house may be a spy , sends a signal to the enemy.
Therefore especially the atrocities were where yes Russian troops were approaching .

- In one place the Austrians shot 55 people suspected of sympathizing with Russia .
- In the village Rozluch Austrians hanged four peasants allegedly reporting Cossacks road.
- In Zaputove hanged 16 people who met Russian patrol .
- In the village Kuzmino hanged 30 people.
- In Kamenka Old peasant Lauschekevich Anastasia , mother of 4 children , hung on a verdict for the court martial that welcomed Russian soldiers.
- In another village hanged peasant Poronovich and her neighbor for what they told the villagers about the approaching Russian army.
- Mouth of the village burned to the ground along with the church and school.

Even chimes seen as hostile action . Only for it could easily be arrested or shot!

Keep pace with the progressive trends of European and Ukrainian nationalists . So , after the commandant of Lviv after reading of the newspaper “Red Russia” wrote in a report to the Viennese authorities :
” Everyone should russophiles mercilessly destroy “
August 1, 1914 by order of the Austrian governor of Lviv were closed all Russian public organizations .
And began to arrest and put all only what was said in Russian , sometimes right on the streets .
Prisoners was carried through the city , giving the crowd of Ukrainian Nationalists beat and insult them . One priest was beaten to death . The soldiers were forced to take the corpses of other prisoners and refer to prison.

Another case : September 15, 1914 Austrian gendarmes brought in Przemysl russophiles 46 arrested in the surrounding villages . They drove through the city , where they were ” Ukrainophiles ” sacrificed them to death , were shot in the head, notch into pieces.

Another Ukrainian nationalist , born in Galicia, ” worked ” in a concentration camp Talerhof where ALL RUSSIAN exiled from Galicia . His favorite was a two-hour torture hanging by one leg upside down . And people hung there as long as from the ears and fingers they bled .

Only Austrian death camp were deported 40,000 Russian eye , where most died . So , in a concentration camp Talerhof in the first months of typhus were dying every day 40-50 .
And one day the death of 11 people bitten lice .

Certainly committed atrocities not only Ukrainian nationalists , but with Austrians and Hungarians . Jaroslav Hasek wrote: ” Farther Hungarian gendarme toyed with the Orthodox priest. He tied to his left leg rope , the other end of which is held in his hand , and threatening butt, forced to dance csárdás accident . Occasionally policeman pulled the rope , and the priest fell. So as his hands were tied behind his back , he could not get up and made ​​desperate attempts to turn over on his back , so as to rise . gendarme laughed heartily, to tears. When the priest managed to get up, the policeman pulled the rope again , and again the poor man would collapse on ground. “

It should be noted that some prisoners Talerhof offered parole. To do this was only recorded in the document … NOT RUSSIAN , and Ukrainians . However, most of these proposals have refused , for which he was committed genocide Russian population of Western Ukraine .

Total population during the Russian repression halved .

It is worth recalling the words of the greatest political leader of the Ukrainian people – Bogdan Khmelnitsky :
” How not to divide the Holy Trinity, do not divide the three Slavic nations – Russia , Ukraine and Belarus. This three siblings , three sisters family , inseparable as the Holy Trinity itself . This unity is our strength and our great victories over the invisible enemy – the devil . “

All the horrors of genocide Austrian Russian and all the chaos and horror of today’s Ukraine is a consequence of forgetting the words of the great hetman and as a consequence – Satanism victory in Ukraine





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