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Do Kolomoyskogo announced a new award. The money will be paid at the headquarters of the national protection of Dnipropetrovsk region at Dnepropetrovsk, Kirov , 1. Who knows – it’s Regional State Administration . It would seem , ” Benya ” provided in the region of the cemetery order. And when it seemed a little terrorized Dnepropetrovsk – burned people in Odessa.

In the Staff explained – such inscriptions destroy the essence of the Ukrainian national idea and accuse Ukrainian patriots in fascism , Bandera , extremism or radicalism . It turns out that it is a crime at war ! Group ” right sector ” has already received his wages , catching three skinny boys – Metallurgical Academy students who tried to paint the tricolor on the outskirts of the city. Accidents boys rescued police arrived quickly . It seems to pay for information about the authors have anti-Ukrainian graffiti across the Dnieper . In the regional center unknowns write on yellow and blue of station parapets ” Ukraine does not have .” Directly by the regional administration of black aerosol zamalevali multimeter stand ” Heavenly hundred .” To the dismay of the authorities , a huge stele ” Dniprodzerzhyns’k ” at the entrance to the city dressed in the colors of St. George ribbons . Recently called ” homeland general secretaries ” was painted blue and yellow . Unbelievable messages come from Pavlograd . This is an industrial city in eastern Dnipropetrovsk – factories, mines . Indeed, the miners have explosives . But as they were going to poison roadblocks – not secret service reports. Military operation in eastern Ukraine ” finally truly begun ,” said the winner in the presidential election Poroshenko German edition of “Bild” . Signed coincidence – simultaneously with the start of the massacre of Kiev Donetsk Dnepropetrovsk went head “right sector” Dmitry Jaros . - Going to the east of Ukraine to help public authorities to form the territorial defense battalions , – says the leader of the “dogs .” - Our challenge now – to create a system for monitoring the president and parliament , and the entire vertical of state power. And then the result will be. Battalions “Dnepr” , “Donbass” , “Azov” ? - Mercenary army formed Kolomoiskiy with the active participation Yarosh . Now they collect two more battalions of punishers . According to the Chief ” pravoseka ” it “Donbass- 2″ and ” Donbass- 3 .” - “Black ” Army flood Donetsk blood , we will kill thousands of separatists. <p>”>In social networks , the Nazis clearly and say how are going to establish order in the Southeast : “Colorado” and who helps them , so all of these on Lenin Square in Donetsk, a big bonfire will burn . “

After Odessa nobody doubts the ability of the executioners. Executions were wounded and unarmed go one by one.However, in real clashes they prefer to throw guys conscripts and mobilized men. While the army , in the words “Maidan” Dmytro Tymchuk warriors , ” Donbass turns into full grinder ” punitive battalions are in the rear.

Drowned in the blood of Victory Day in Mariupol . Break into small, unarmed Donetsk towns on the border with the Dnepropetrovsk region. Rip flags DNR . beat the locals put on knees police. It was so organized ” presidential elections ” in district Velikonovoselovskoe . However, even behind enemy lines into trouble . Ambush in the village militia Karlivka paid off a raid group battalion “Donbass” . <p>”>After the defeat in Karlovka wounded were taken to Dnepropetrovsk on personal helicopter Igor Kolomoisky .

Now battalion took on vacation in one of the bases east of Dnipropetrovsk . Replenish personnel criminals. Instructors teach shooting, possession of knives and explosives , combat skills in urban environments. “Donbass” wants to officially start the state border protection “to perform reconnaissance missions and destroy mobile group of Russian terrorists.” The same applies to other territorial battalions. Kherson terrorized group of 40 masked men , “Balaklava” , armed with Dragunov sniper rifle with telescopic sight . <p>”>By City pasted leaflets calling to join a ” Khortitskiy regiment” and trained to “fight for Ukraine” under the leadership ” of special forces instructors .”

It’s not just the actual competitors of the Ukrainian armed forces. ” Right sector” Maidan during the coup did not favor chocolate magnate. <p>”>- Let Poroshenko know that our people have not forgotten that it was four months ago , and just hid the red and black flags of Bandera .

The master himself Dnipropetrovsk noted that the new Ukrainian leader face a challenging exam , “He will Lugansk and Donetsk, and its further presidency will depend on how it holds up .” In an interview … the court factory newspaper “Left Bank” Igor Kolomoisky right has declared his personal willingness to engage in a large Ukrainian politics. Governorate received three months ago , it is clearly not satisfied . Characteristic fact – the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration actively took up the study Ukrainian Language Society , although it still does not run faster . ” Agreed tonight with ukrainomovnoyu part of his entourage that the ones who can speak fluent Ukrainian, said administration Óêðà movoyu . Especially it. He himself undertook its own vocabulary and now often asks the correct pronunciation and meaning of words in Ukrainian , “- writes on Facebook deputy. <p>”>”Ukrainian House” on Khreschatyk – here today housed most frostbitten Evromaydana militants .

- I am pleased with results of the elections – said the commandant , ” Ukrainian House ” Alex Yakushevsky . - Now What? Let’s wait for the first presidential decree – the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada. Lads gave money , grub , guns – and now boys fulfill the final task. It is easy to predict that the presence of the Verkhovna Rada will be another stepping stone ” Beni ” on the road to political control over the whole of Ukraine . - To elect a new parliament is scheduled only on a pro rata basis. First, it would allow the legislature to list a bunch of new political garbage as “activists” and “heroes Maidan .” Secondly, Parliament will be fully staffed as party elections held in any turnout of the electorate. You understand that the majority districts in Novorossiya remain unfilled . I do not know how many of the five years will be able to serve the new president . But what he did not complete term Unwind – political science objective regularity. And finally : the electorate voting in such quantities in the first Ukrainian presidential candidate with gay Ljashko uniquely located on the stage of primates. This is also an important fact influencing future developments.

Outspoken about the “Power samostiynogo primates” one of the commanders of the battalion “Donbass”:- I think thatnow the Ukraine State, in fact, not. Have our network structure, they decide, and the state itself only interfere.


In this scenario, the private army of the “name” destroyer battalions - the best way to get the final and unlimited powerAnother president from Dnepropetrovsk not surprised no one.

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