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description – I do not understand why the European Union (for which we stood on the Maidanhas not yet decidedUkrainian gas problemWe want to cheatIf we are deceived, the gas are reserved europe we will take by force.straight out of the tube to fill our store. it will be honest. how to come to us on the maidan and promise the moon so all European envoys shout about it. but as a real help countries to make their democratic choice - so run up in the bushes.not. Europe will help our countryshe wants it or not.

Main myth ” evromaydan ” it – holy belief that Europe wants to help everyone who wants to live in Europe and in Europe . And it all multiplied by the psychology slacker who is not interested to build a life in their own country so that the public had a decent level of well-being and was built on the principles of justice and real democracy . The real problems begin when these freeloaders begin to form socially significant cluster within society , which makes such a fantasy object ‘s security policy , which is used by various populist demagogues and interested imperialist and corporate groups outside the country where the carriers of such ” clever ideas ”

“>Carriers ” clever ideas about European aid ” extremely difficult to accept that instead of the subject of the historical process of them fashioned a handy tool implementing others’ goals and even when trying to realize this fact of reality comes in affected acute cognitive dissonance between the perception of reality and reality itself.

Many noticed it’s fine on the example of personal contacts when in a matter of weeks , if not days , they quarreled with their friends, acquaintances , and even family, for which they have suddenly become enemies. On the one hand , there is the logic of civil war and say the psychological problems of data gaps , perfectly described by Sholokhov ” Quiet Flows the Don .” But civil war, it’s a derivative of an ideological construct ” foreigners will help us ,” the faith which was part of the myth of “stand for Europe until the end .” While the head of the ” believer ” Ukrainians will exist such a belief supported by Goebbels propaganda and alarmist rhetoric , he will perceive opponents as enemies who must be destroyed , or at least escape. In terms of historical analogies , the behavior of Ukrainians in the light of destination Poroshenko were apparently primitive deceived resembles the behavior of the inhabitants of the Third Reich of 1944-1945 , who perceived their surrounding reality through the prism of clumsy propaganda when all the internal problems and failures , served as the consequences of the intrigues In this regard , the holy faith in help from Europe , very much like the faith of ordinary Germans in the ” weapon of retaliation ” promised by Hitler and Goebbels , and that could change the course of the war . All these attempts to grasp at straws drowning hopes sinking into the swamp disintegration of society and the state.



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