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Author: Viking от 1.06.2014, 12:50
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I am asked to clarify the situation with the evacuation of children from Slavyansk.

The situation there is consists of two main elements:

1. In consequence of full-scale hostilities with the army using artillery at residential area and civilians systematically dying (which means the systematic and deliberate nature of the military crime being committed), the evacuation of children from Slavyansk suggested itself long before. We must understand that through bombing and killing civilians the junta intends to cause panic, demoralization and to weaken the determination of the Slavyansk defenders to defend their town. This tactic is very primitive and violates a number of international standards, but fascists never paid much attention to it. Therefore, instead of picturing the departure of children from Slavyansk as a manifestation of their own “humanity”, even during the evacuation of children they continued to put obstructions, starting with blocking the departure for “verification”, indicating that their attitude towards the local population quite fits with their systematic artillery shelling of civilians. And Slavyansk children are not just children to them, but the “enemy’s” children. Hence the drama of the situation, when children become pawns of the war that fascist junta has unleashed against its own people.

2. As I said at the “Club Day” http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1608537.html, there is no actual problem with the evacuation of children to Crimea. This is purely a question of political will, which actually allowed the Slavyansk children to get to Crimea. Since the local authorities’ attitude towards the idea of providing various assistance to DPR and LPR is quite complimentary.
But here it is worth noting the story of the boarding house http://vott.ru/entry/292223, from where the children were turned out by a call from Kiev, as its owners are not from Crimea (presumably, it was Kolomoysky) and thus they decided to show their loyalty to the fascist junta even at the expense of children.
Here we face the old problem that new authorities, having announced the nationalization on the territory of Crimea, carry it out very slowly and selectively, hence some objects of real estate and business are still owned by some members of the junta and its supporters and have not undergone to nationalization.
The population en masse is in favor of complete nationalization of the property of former Ukrainian state, as well as the property of Ukrainian oligarchs and businessmen, especially those who supported directly or indirectly the fascist coup and the outbreak of civil war. The authorities in this regard obviously have not kept pace with people’s demands, so along with nationalization of several objects belonging to Ukraine, a dull racket around the property of persons like Senchenko, Kolomoyskiy and Poroshenko continues, looking through variants in cycle: simply to take away, to redeem for the state for a minimum cost or to pay the full price. While this decision is not made yet, we will inevitably face the situation when the objects belonging to “Kiev’s fans” will become means for demonstrations of such political fronde, even at the expense of the Slavyansk children. This situation is obviously abnormal, and Crimean government bears full responsibility for that – having said A you must say B. “Sniveling” in this matter will inevitably cause growing dissatisfaction in the Crimea.

This story reveals both the barbaric policy of Kiev junta, ready even for these minor (and generally senseless) mean acts to children, and the continuing sluggishness of the Crimean government in matters of nationalization of the property of the supporters of the fascist regime in Crimea.

I think this story ends well for the children themselves (according to a number of messages, they are going to be located in “Artek” and the holiday camp “Radost’”) and they will be given decent (as good as possible) conditions in order to ride out the civil war in the Crimea without risk to their lives For Crimean authorities, this scandal will be one more reason to move on in order to accelerate the solution of the nationalization questions according to their plans, for the situation in Ukraine is developing in such a way that being sentimental with persons of the fascist regime almost equals to conniving it.



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