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At today’s press conference, a representative of the ” Information resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk said in the Donbass terrorists carry serious loss of manpower .

It is reported , ” Commander in Chief .”

“The forces of terrorists are being rapidly depleted , and they can not do without makeup of the Russian Federation” , – said Tymchuk .

Tymchuk argues that the ratio of losses to the Ukrainian law enforcers fighters is 10 to 1 or even 20 to 1.

However, he stressed that the morale of the terrorists is not at a high level , because “they are actually fighting for the money , the idea is not there .”

Tymchuk also expressed the opinion that ” in the Donbass will be a couple of idiots who are running around with guns ,” if the Russian Federation may not support the terrorist forces in Ukraine.

Earlier media broadcast information that Slavic and Kramatorsk Donetsk region antiterrorist operation forces went on the offensive with artillery and aviation.

However , the head of the press center Vladislav Seleznev ATO denies this information. According to him , today’s clashes in these cities are the result of the redistribution of spheres of influence ” between militants staged a showdown .”

lie or not?

Information from the militia DPR

Seems found ” missing ” soldiers of the Ukrainian army and natsgvardeytsy
According to information received from the Slavic , with three residents . Andreevka found in the area of ​​chalk quarries mass graves of the victims. Burials are in the north- west of the mountains Karachun / photo / chalk workings in the area .

Fitting hidden around piles workings and career. Shallow burial , the bodies are literally bombarded by 5-10 cm Smell worth matching. Unbearable .

All buried naked. Identify the affiliation was not possible . A greater degree of decomposition.
Found four burial . Number of buried count was not possible , and this task was not intended .

Chalkpit near Mount Karachun able to answer the question , where are the ” defectors ” and ” missing ” soldiers of the Ukrainian army.

nor those of any other, document to confirm or deny can not but there are facts indicating that the Ukrainian mass media lie. piece of information about Ukrainian soldiers killedmercenaries fascists confirms Strelkov IgorIvanovich militia commander Slovyansk

about the use of aircraft and Artillerythe south-east it is not no secret.

Regarding Artillery and Aviation – over Slavonic does not fly planes and helicopters because they can destroy the militia Sloviansk . Planes and helicopters trying to fly in Donetsk , but there is one helicopter was destroyed.
Artillery fires every day. Each morning at 4-30 am from Mount Karachun Ukrainian soldiers begin shelling the city of DC- 30 howitzers .

BTW: Italian journalist and his Russian translator were killed by mortar fire from the mountains Karachun . Mountain Karachun military control . Survivor French journalist confirmed that shots were fired from the mountain Karachun .However, Ukrainian officials for news media Tale offscreen ” translating” the survivor of a French journalist dimming the original speech and comment on the video , ” the journalist claims that the shooting was carried out by militants “

oficial french journalist – http://www.ruscur.ru/themes/0/00/53/5359.shtml?news/0/02/93/29319

oficial french journalist translated UKRAINE SMI -

yellow – chekpoint uraine army nazi, black – place detection of journalists killed since shots were fired at night militiaSloviansk think that mortars have imposed on cell phone

About the shelling of urban neighborhoodsShoot the mountain KarachunMountain Karachun controlled Ukrainianmilitary. Militia makes no sense to destroy your city90 percent in the militia consists of locals it makes no sense to destroy your citySecondly, in the city there is no Ukrainian fascist. A reasonable question - why shoot at school if the entire Ukrainian army dispersed around the city?

To confirm his words bring a few photos with the translation and description.

ukraine soldairs and naciz convey coffins airport http://mikle1.livejournal.com/4255717.html


Arsen Avakov what happened there on Friday ? Tears he tosses
Semen Sementchenko : nothing fucking ambushed
Arsen Avakov : and ?
Semen Sementchenko : yes fucked in the lead car sent directly from an RPG in the MTO (engine department ) 5 turned into a kebab , they shot people in Armor snipers but it’s not shit
Arsen Avakov : guessed already that ‘s not the …
Semen Sementchenko : soldiers saw one with a broken spine trying to crawl away from BTR … you know what happened next ?
Arsen Avakov : run it?
Semen Sementchenko yes. ten people . I had no choice. you know? was not simple.
Arsen Avakov cadavers all found ?
Semen Sementchenko : yes buried nearby

and about gang warfare and about gang warfareAny unlawful encroachments punishable by execution. linkhttp://truthinukraine.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/martial-law-shooting-for-marauding/


Because terrorists Donbass residents were left without pensions totaling 102 million hryvnia


Pensions and wages stopped paying one month ago after the events in Odessa (http://truthinukraine.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/how-was-killed-inhabitants-of-odessa-in-the-trade-unions-building-a-scenario-detail-18/) when the Nazis massacred and burned alive more than two hundred people in theDonetsk and Lugansk regions began to burn and break offices and ATMs privat bank.http://union.ua/news/society/v_donbasse_vremenno_ne_rabotaet_privatbank_/ 06.05.2014


in other words, the Ukrainian media no proof-above it. furthermore there is evidence directly indicating that theUkrainian media and officials are lying.

Little about the Russian mediaThere, too, lie. Not so shamelessly as Ukrainiannot so often, but still lie. But there is one important differenceDo not remove the inside.

Please read a lot and in different sourcesThink and analyze the situation. Do not believe a word. Nowadays, you canforge anything.

goof luck





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