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Who to believeWho is lying? and who does not lie? Who is rightand who is to blame? Who is the killerWho civilian?Who is a terrorist? let us look at these issues.  Ukrainian media reports that terrorists in Donetsk, Slavic, etc. shootcivilians. Write that in the referendum voted all under the threat of execution and so on.

Ukraine media: Lawlessness “DNR” in the East of Ukraine militants rob people and kill military (photos, video)


1. Mass execution under military Volnovaha

details of execution is not specified, and wrote as if on his knees and put the head shot.

this blogger apparently Slavic have direct contact on Strelkov Igor IvanovichHe has the most current news on the situation in Slovyansk
Actually militia fighters destroyed military convoy really tried to destroy them. But did not. It was further elementarycarelessnessEmployees requested supportbut after the militia retreated not notified superiorsAs a consequence,arriving helicopters have finished their same column. Or military did not know what to shoot at their technique ordecided to finish - just in case that did not get the militiasBut the militia at the time was not there Strelkov confirmed it.

2. Capturing Volunteer Battalion “Donbass”

remarkDonbas Battalion is one of the newly formed battalions right sector is almost entirely composed of the Nazis,fascists, mercenaries and prisoners released from prison in exchange for service punitive troops. –http://rada.gov.ua/ru/news/Novosty/Soobshchenyya/91063.html official link law №4526 on amnesty

Ukrainian media write: This morning, the soldiers of the battalion dovrovolcheskogo “Donbass” terrorists ambushedin the village Karlivka Donetsk region, which is only 10 kilometers from Donetsk. Gunmen opened fire on defencists”of APCs and guns. Most of the men managed to escape from the environment, but another part remained.

Actually hit the punishers elementary ambush without bothering intelligence. Elementary negligence fascists moreaccustomed to kill civilians than to run at the front under fireThen confirmed that the commander punitive reachingFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/dostali.hvatit . GIVE ME BITCH BTR15 km towards Kranoarmeysk worthUkrainian army checkpoint 4 APCsGive bitches BTRWe can not come to his comradesworking sniper. All of myphone calls to the command of the army forces, asking for reinforcements were not heeded.

why do you think Ukrainian army did not send them BTR? – I will not explainlet me give you skin then what happened next is after the squad was ambushed by the Nazis.


Arsen Avakov what happened there on Friday ? Tears he tosses
Semen Sementchenko : nothing fucking ambushed
Arsen Avakov : and ?
Semen Sementchenko : yes fucked in the lead car sent directly from an RPG in the MTO (engine department ) 5 turned into a kebab , they shot people in Armor snipers but it’s not shit
Arsen Avakov : guessed already that ‘s not the …
Semen Sementchenko : soldiers saw one with a broken spine trying to crawl away from BTR … you know what happened next ?
Arsen Avakov : run it?
Semen Sementchenko yes. ten people . I had no choice. you know? was not simple.
Arsen Avakov cadavers all found ?
Semen Sementchenko : yes buried nearby

According to official Ukraine media killed 25 soldiers and emphasize that the Nazis surrendered prisoner shot.  aboveyou read the truth. For the same reason the military did not like the Nazis did not burn with the desire to help them.but it is yet. Now army strongly diluted by the Nazis and the situation will change soon.

3. Block output of newspapers and threaten journalists

ukraine media – Proponents of the so-called People’s Republic Donetsk are trying to interfere with itsrasprostarneniyu information about militant activities

quite right in Donetsk republic try to completely block the fascist mediaThey can only work if they report the newsobjectively and not twisting the events inside out.

4. Dismantled railway

BullshitWhy blow up railway then to fix it?

5. Attack on border posts

almost all the posts and so belong to Lugansk and Donetsk republic can freely cross the border back into Russia.

6. Kidnap cars and spend nationalization”

ukraine media – Cases of “nationalization” has confirmed to us and resident Konsantinovki pensioner VladimirYes you do people say gangsters with guns come to their businesses and want to nationalize themsell“, – says Vladimir.

He also said that many pensioners who served in commercial banks have not sweet“They bombed ATMs - I retire I can not pick uppeople travel to other cities to withdraw money,” – says the man.

forgot to add that this armored minibuses owned Kolomoiskiy sponsors the right sectorand he also belongs to the Private Bank and money Kolomoiskiy Lugansk and Donetsk stopped paying a month ago

more extreme news about what people against the army south east are complete bredom.bylo would be foolish tritsatthat all residents of the southeast want to live apart from Ukraine. it would be a lie. the results of such a referendumten percent. as evidence would stand locals to donate blood for the militia and create barricades and roadblocks in the city from the Ukrainian army?

create barricades


I can already see how write Ukrainian media terrorists forced the inhabitants of Donetsk build barricades at gunpointweapons

turn to donate blood for the victims


type google – terrorist shooting civilian in donetsk (or russian )террористы убивают мирных жителей

vuala first five link -  http://censor.net.ua/news/287197/sily_ato_v_donbasse_ubili_svyshe_100_terroristov_istochnik









deployed powerful promotions company on such a scale that shows only one single and the desired view. Incidentallygoogle in this campaign also participatesaccount of News anna-the day before yesterday was blocked as well asRussia Today screen but then on againI personally was witness repeatedly removing rollers together with accounts in which the Nazis commit crimes.

regarding mercenaries and volunteers. officially documented mercenaries from black water and Italian mercenaries.Igor Ivanovich commander Slav defense claims that the mountain is present Karachun Polish Special Forcesinterview – http://www.kp.ru/daily/26235.5/3117890/

- Speaking of mercenariesIt is true that foreign mercenaries involved in the punitive operations against you? Say,under the Slavic Poles 

- We have information that really protects Karachun Polish private military companyThey will not agree welldo not go on the attack, but the perimeter protection Karachun are using the latest toolsimagerslong-range sniper rifles.But I have claims against them, though, because they sit there and do not go on the attack, and all who are not coming forward, we do not interfere too much.

<p>”>- Well, I know that there is one in Gorlovka local Chechen , who had long lived here and volunteer battalions , other Chechens here I have not seen , at least in Slavyansk No Chechen fighter.

- Ninety percent of the personnel of our troops – is the locals . Was a small group of Bashkirs , they did not take up arms , they just came to help , brought humanitarian aid , participated in the construction of fortifications . <p>”>- You are accused , any money that you pay for …

- Now I have a very big problem – I can not militias are already a month or more in arms fighting for independence , I can not help their families. People are fighting here. Yes , they are here to feed, clothe , they have guns and ammunition , but their families do not get anything. This is a very serious problem , and I need money to give people a minimum benefit to their children do not go hungry. I there is no money . All these stories about what we are here recruit mercenaries outbids soldiers – is from the category again information war against us, which is underway.

officials say itinformally by myself I can say that there are RussianI think (I’m not saying that it is) there areemployees of the Russian special forcesIn ninety percent of the border population of Ukraine relatives in nearby areasas a result of Russian and relatives help each other.

 outcomes - this article meant to tell you - do not believe anyone on the floor, do not believe the official media, think with your head, you can not believe me - there‘s an old Russian saying - trust but verifygood luck





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