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Yesterdays losses and victims in Donetsk information is still sketchy and incomplete. Neverthelesswhile it is possibleto rely on the two figuresThe mayor of Donetsk Lukyanchenko reported 40 dead in the morgue is located about 30 bodiesCalled numbers and 100and even 200 dead - but so far no evidence noNeverthelessPrime Boroday voicedtotal figure of victims is 100 persons, 50 of them - the militiaThis disparity probably indicates that the collection is still going.

Data from the punitive understandably not. The figure has risen to 150 people plus two downed helicopter. But whileall of this information is also very conditional. Especially that the junta is not highly interested in publishing this kindof news. We are waiting for accurate data.

V Slavyanske considering early completion of the school year in connection with the entry into the active phase of the operation of the Ukrainian military in the south- east of the country . This is the head of the education department of the city council Slavic Alexander Zubarev .
“During yesterday’s shelling damaged kindergarten number 54 , number 17 school , hostel and the main body of Pedagogical University. In promptly organized a bomb shelter for the citizens. Will also decide on the early termination of the school year and the evacuation of children , “- he said at a meeting in the administration .

PS. Dutch newspaper about the results of the bombing and fighting for 26.05.2014

Killed civilian Donetsk, Krasnoarmeysk, Slavyansk – Kiev argues that conducts anti-terrorist operation in eastern UkraineProtects its citizenы…. it kills them….

civilian death toll:

The list of victims ( updated )

1. Natalya Belousova – 1962 p . Penetrating wound to the chest .
2 . Borovik Fedor – 1943 p . , Wounded in the groin area , near the airport .
3 . Bruchanov Ruslan Petrovich – 1972 p . , A stab wound to the chest , unknown assailants attacked a military unit near the street . Stratonavtov .
4 . Budarin Yuri, 1970 p . Gunshot wound at the airport .
5 . Grechko Sergey – 1955 p . , Closed head injury , concussion , beaten by unknown persons at the airport.
6. Dadaev Lamalievich Murat – 1983 p . , Was injured when unidentified circumstances.
7. Kiychik Vladimir E. – 1951 p . , Gunshot wounds , shot by unknown near the landing Putilovke .
8. Maxim O. Kuznetsov , born in 1985 . Gunshot wound of the right leg .
9. Small Alex – approx. Born in 1975, shot in the thigh area , airport employee .

( that is the witness that the person killed by a sniper shot at the car the airport, but the body in the morgue Donetsk could not be found – if you have any information about the whereabouts of the body, let your site or militia headquarters DNR )

10 . Obukh Konstantin , 1987 p . , Traumatic shock , gunshot wound in both legs , obtained under unknown circumstances .
11. Pogrebnyak Rodion V. , 1993 p . , Shrapnel wounds suffered in an explosion at railway / train station .
12. Pogrebnyak Roman Aleksandrovich – 1993 p . , Shrapnel wounds .
13. Dmitry Stepin – 1992 p , gunshot wound , was attacked by gunmen at a military unit on the street. Stratonavtov .
14. Stryumov Adlan Abdou Karim – 1971 p . Gunshot wound at the airport .
15. Titorenko Maxim – 1978 p . , Gunshot wound of the left hand and leg .
16. Yazybchan Igor Andronikovich , 1987 p . , Gunshot wound , an open fracture of the right upper extremity .
17. Betanedov Dzhambulat Lan Aliyevich 1986 p . , A shrapnel wound to the chest , died from his injuries .
18. Sergey Ivanov – born in 1976 , a gunshot wound to the chest , died from his injuries .
19. Ruslan V. Nosov – 1987 p . , Gunshot wound , foreign body in the chest , died from his injuries .
20. The corpse of an unknown woman without a head. found in the district w / station.
21. The corpse of an unknown man , injured in an explosion near a children’s clinic .
22. The corpse of an unknown man with a gunshot wound to his head .

In the October settlement , which is located behind / Railway station near the airport was bombed and set fire to two multi-storey residential buildings

SU-25 missile struck a blow to the army of the Republic of Donetsk airport (video) .

killed parking man in Donetsk 26.05.2014

Formerly “Orbit” reported that last night in the village at the checkpoint Dachenskoe Ukrainian military trucks were firedkilling two people were killed and two were injured.

According to updated information, shelled column consisted of three machines: two KAMAZ and one ZIL.


As a result of the shelling militants natsgvardii residential block in a residential area Sloviansk killed three civilians

Morning Ukrainian militants resumed shelling Sloviansk . The representative of the people’s militia said that night Slovyansk also shelled on the outskirts of the city was heard machine gun and machine-gun fire . He also said today the death of at least three civilians in the shelling militants natsgvardii .

One mine , which was released by armed militias Kiev , exploded near the temple , causing the woman died .

“In the neighborhood vremyaobstrela Artem Slovyansk militants natsgvardii a mine explosion killed a woman who was at that time near the temple Reigning Mother of God , the temple suffered – fragments from five mines was broken windows and damaged one side of the facade , the church destroyed fence , – the message – Mina fell just 10 meters from the temple . Fortunately, in the church at that time people did not have . ” – Described the situation as a resident of a telephone conversation with journalists.

Another hit a mine was damaged multi-storey residential building a few hundred meters from the temple, there is information about the two victims , a man and woman – in other casualty data unavailable. According to the rector of the church , the priest Tikhon Fomenko, shelling of the city continues today

The shells fell in the three hundred metersfour hundredwe lackedView, man was already deadright next to a residential building fell nine-pound, windows were broken  The man had a broken head, legs broken in handsDroveon to teacher’s collegefound the woman dead, there also dropped mine “- is an eyewitness told Roman, who took thedead woman in the morgue, described the situation as a resident of a telephone conversation with journalists.

Reported that only the side neighborhood Artem was released five mines that damaged houses and a hostel where the students were . In homes and building Pedagogical Institute shattered windows . Trolleybus wires dangling everywhere craters from explosions.

Artem District – is the most populous Slovyansk , then home to about 40,000 people. Temple Reigning Mother of God is the spiritual center of the neighborhood . Youngest Sloviansk temple , built just a few residents back on their own.During worship here come dozens of citizens , many of them young mothers with children. And worship is children with parents often walk near the church.

This district was shot at first , but now five mine strikes led to the death of civilians and massive razrusheniyam. number of dead and injured is not yet known .

Previously reported armed clashes and Ukrainian militia DNR junta in Donetsk , as well as shooting in Mariupol .



remark. Ukrainian media reports that the victims are either terrorists or that locals killed by terrorists



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