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desc picture: rang familiar with Kiev berkut, foul languagesays an ultimatumfight or drive to the east, or a letter of resignation on the table, elders refused the young go to war. Opinions were divided fifty-fifty


I just remind the material from February 10.

In the case of ” Berkut ” is important to remember that being a plaything in the hands of oligarchic groups , he performs at the moment at least one important function of the fascist counter abscess in the center of Kiev. And even if the government would surrender all , this is not the fault of “Berkut” , as its immediate task in this respect it performs well. Especially that stupid curse tool if flinch hand that it compresses .

Here is best suited for situations similar to the Prussian police in Weimar Germany , which at the ruling Social Democrats , quite severely persecuted and the Nazis and the Communists. But when the Nazis came to power , from the depths of the Prussian police Gestapo was born , and its formation has been used to establish the Nazi dictatorship .Therefore, if the opposition wins or worse Ukrainian fascists, there is a serious risk that the “Berkut” may be at the service of the forces that can use it it in about the same styles as under Yushchenko , and for the establishment of a fascist dictatorship, when after dismissal or direct killing of disloyal officers , unit “Berkut” will be put at the service of Ukrainian fascism. And then many of those guys who now are touched , will be on the other side and their clubs will beat very different people.

http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1402293.html – zinc

PS. Actually it was a little predictable and part of Ukrainian security officials, including even individual employee ” Berkut” in varying degrees, have moved on with Ukrainian fascism.
heroes? … about berkut

Without hysteria and oil pro squad “Berkut ” , which has received wide popularity outside Ukraine after the events .


In the midst of confrontation in the center of Kiev , about the ” Berkut” , there are two common , but in my opinion is very far from reality perspective. Among the supporters of ” evromaydana ” There exists a strong belief that “Berkut” is almost the gathering of ” bloody butchers ” , which only give ” strangle Ukrainian revolution ” and mock supporters of freedom. Among the opponents of ” Evromaydana ” there is an idealization of “Berkut” , they say little brother to protect peace and stability against maydaunov and fascists .

I propose to look at the situation differently . First of all we must understand that “Berkut” is primarily a power tool in the hands of those who are now running the country . Making of ” Berkut” on the basis of the first homonym of evolving in the USSR to counter organized crime is gaining momentum . In Russia , these units still are called SWAT , and in Ukraine in 1992 appeared “Berkut” . Its business as usual is not too different from those of special Interior Ministry units in other countries of the former USSR . Actually, in addition to participating in political showdowns , “Berkut” performs purely routine tasks to combat crime. So as everywhere there are light and dark sides . On the one hand officers fighting crime , on the other – are available and their ” werewolves in epaulets “

For example , two stories – one with a plus sign and the other with a minus sign .

Since 2010 the staff of Special Forces ” Berkut” completed over 500 departures. On account of police commandos arrested criminals 3000 . Such are the statistics of the first half . “Berkut” is working closely with the Criminal Investigation Service of the fight against drug trafficking and departments UGSBEP . Each operation is carefully planned and professionally conducted .
http://infodon.at.ua/news/2010-07-30-1249 – zinc

In one May evening their current year on the street outside the hotel “Bristol” between women-residents unfamiliar Yalta A. and B. there was a conflict in which c -ke V. were caused minor injuries . Y by Ms. B. was a very close friend , a worker unit “Berkut “, which she talked about her trouble and asked to be taken to the offender and her husband ‘fair share’ . He reacted to the assigned work with the understanding and brought to fulfillment of his two colleagues.
The very next day, three workers of “Berkut” found her husband’s whereabouts ” offender ” – he was visiting friends in the city outskirts . Deception of the man lured into the street and , without explaining anything , they handcuffed him and forcibly thrown into a company car . Having traveled around the city for about an hour , they decided to bring a man in the 1st police department for ” trial on the fact of injury c -ke V. .”
Operations duty police department refused to put a brave guards about a man in the room pre-trial detention , as this was no reason .
To justice ” triumphed ” workers “Berkut” a trick – intentionally made ​​false reports that they detained her husband by Ms. A. outdoors when checking statements by Ms. B. , while he was in a state intoxicated, his behavior an affront to human dignity and public morality, gave them disobedience , that is committed administrative offenses under Art .178 Part 1 and Art. 185 of the Code of Administrative Offences .
Based on the above reports the man was illegally detained , deprived of freedom of movement and spent about a day in the building of the 1st Department of Internal Affairs , and was illegally held administratively liable under Art. 178 Part 1 KUoAP .
Because during the inspection confirmed these circumstances , July 2, 2007 the Prosecutor’s Office of Yalta on illegal actions of police officers prosecuted under Art. 364 Part 3 of the Criminal Code – abuse of authority and official position, causing substantial harm to legally protected rights , freedoms and interests of individual citizens committed by a law enforcement officer ; Art. 366 Part 1 of the Criminal Code – forgery , that is making an official in the official documents of false information ; Art. 146 Part 2 of the Criminal Code – illegal deprivation of liberty committed by preliminary arrangement by group of persons .
Guilty of these crimes face from 5 to 12 years of imprisonment with confiscation of all personal property .
http://news.allcrimea.net/news/2007/7/20/1184883426/ – zinc

In general, if you do not consider the political role of “Berkut” , it is usually a special unit of the Interior Ministry, which is generally successfully solves their primary task of fighting crime , is not spared from certain stocks that can be found in the work of “Berkut and in the operation of conventional structures MIA, the Prosecutor General and the Security Service .

Availability oath and military character of this department , is responsible for its dependence on the holders of executive power. “Berkut” served Kravchuk , Kuchma , Yushchenko and Yanukovych is now . Accordingly, if the president will say tomorrow Tymoshenko / Yatsenuk / Klitschko , “Berkut” by its very nature will have to perform their orders , because the unit does not have the political subjectivity , and is a power tool that is helpless if his hand or guide ranges ready to get rid of a tool for short-term political goals. In this regard , members of “Berkut” , people mostly servile and choice they have is not great – either comply with an order or leave. It is not surprising that the first division is one of the winning oligarchic group and then another . Since power in Ukraine since 1991 does not belong to the people , then and power tools are not primarily people, but at the moment the dominant oligarchic group. The same applies to the Interior Ministry, the Army and the Internal Troops .

During the ” Orange Revolution ” in 2004 , “Berkut” played on Yanukovich , but actually did not use force , as there was a total drain power since Kuchma.
And regarding the chief of Kiev “Berkut” Silyakova , go here ‘s a story here .

23.10.2004 – President ” blows struck in the face” Silyakovu .
24.10.2004 – Silyakov told reporters that he beat Viktor Yushchenko .
23.01.2005 – Yushchenko was inaugurated as President of Ukraine.
11.03.2005 – Silyakov sacked as head of the Kiev “Berkut” , and then all of the rows of police.
22.07.2006 – Silyakov died . Whether as a result of failure to disclose two parachutes , whether in the course of medical attention .
Later recalled that this man worked with Kravchenko, who is known to be ” committed ” life is two shots at close range.
http://blog.i.ua/community/666/162467/ – zinc


“They beat her hands , feet, and all that came to hand . Then dragged into the elevator , which ran last Yushchenko. He shouted something , but slurred and indistinct . Bestial face . “Who are you ” – asks. ” Chocolate Bunny from Poroshenko confectionery factory ” – I replied. He kicked me in the knee , and when I bent over in pain , struck bottom in the face “

http://h.ua/story/133824/ – here you can read more detail about the commander of Kiev ” Berkut” in the events of the “Orange Revolution ” and his strange death.

But as each such power tool consists of people , then they have their moods, as related to the assessment of what is happening in the country and relatively sympathy to one or another of the oligarchic groups and their political representatives. I think it was clear even from the story of Colonel Silyakova . In the story of ” Berkut ” is indicative that in 2007, under the presidency of Yushchenko , “Berkut” participated in an attempt to capture the Interior Minister Tsushko the Prosecutor General , in order to return the retired Attorney General Piskun Yushchenko in his place.

Interior Minister Tsushko .

May 24 NSDC Secretary Ivan Ivy ASB chief Valery Geletey surrounded by unknown persons (apparently employees of HUGO ) took the room and told the Prosecutor General Svyatoslav Piskun his dismissal . Arrived at the place Vasily Tsushko was not admitted to the territory that does not comply with the norms . Tsushko ordered fighters “Berkut” open the gate. Rising to the office of Attorney General Tsushko and its accompanying ” Berkut ” saw a cordon of men in civilian clothes, among whom was Geletey . Soon arrived Piskun , who claimed he had not seen the text of the decree on his resignation . Geletey let arrived in reception , and the MP Lukyanov knocked the door to the office of the Prosecutor General. In the workplace has been newly appointed Viktor Shemchuk .

“Цушко, депутаты и бойцы “Беркута” пытаются взять Генпрокуратуру.”>Tsushko , deputies and fighters “Berkut” trying to take the Prosecutor General . 2007 .

May 24 fighters riot “Titan” took custody of the GPU , and on May 25 Viktor Shemchuk opened four criminal cases – on the facts of the capture of the GPU, abuse of authority enforcement officers , interference with law enforcement activities and actions regarding Vasyl Tsushko .

http://www.socportal.info/analiz/mvd-v-litsah-22-goda-spustya-chast-sedmaya – zinc

As a consequence , loyalty “Berkut” , ” orange power ” was then questioned as management units are not afraid to go for clearly wrongful steps in the political struggle ” regionals ” to “orange” , subject to formal orders Interior Minister , which Popper against Yushchenko , SNBU and SBU and Yushchenko is asked rhetoricallyhttp://korrespondent.net/ukraine/politics/191674?p=3&sort=ASC ” What ‘s doing Berkut” ?
This story apparently remained for “Berkut” without consequences , as did the extreme Tsushko . While outside observers have noted that Yushchenko actually can not rely on “Berkut” because of its low loyalty , so to release the Prosecutor General’s Office was involved “Titan” , which among other things has given rise to rumors of a conflict between these units . After agreement between Yushchenko and Yanukovich , from consensual were drawn as “Berkut” , and Interior Ministry troops loyal Yushchenko.

A little later“Berkut” marked an appalling story about a mass brawl and beating fans at the match Dinamo” – “Miner”, just a few days after the attempt to seize the General Prosecutor’s Office.
Actually roots dislike football ultras to Berkut” stretch more with the story, which considerably thundered in Ukraine.

And this is a fight and arrests at the match http://prosport.tsn.ua/sport/berkut-biv-fanativ-tavriyi-pislya-matchu-z-shahtarem.html “Tavria” - “Shakhtar”.

So there is nothing surprising in the fact that in the current confrontation “Berkut” and football fans (mostly right-wingare on opposite sides.

This is 2007 . All the same ” maidan ” . Fight the Communists and the Nazis. Berkut blizzard and those and others .Detained 24 people .

You can still remember the story of the Artek in 2008 , when the ” Berkut” clocked meeting of communists .

At this moment in Artek about forty armed men of Special Forces ” Berkut” masked defenders try to disperse the stele with Soviet awards , said ” New Region ” Crimean Communist leader Leonid Grach .
“We have the situation in Ukraine is not very much and it is different from the situation in South Ossetia. Now ” Berkut ” , headed , as they say , the Minister Lutsenko , began political repression by the monument of Artek , attacked civilians who have a constitutional right to protect its history , your truth , and peaceful means to express it, ” – he said.
” Moreover, even scuffle , some people mutilated . Nobody makes any decisions nor prosecutors nor the court. Commander, sadly , these special police ideological lackey and reincarnation , a former Komsomol secretary Novozhylov who clearly wants to please Katherine Chumachenko , Viktor Yushchenko – and thus unleashed carnage. including defile the official banner of the Communist party of Ukraine , “- said Rook .
As reported by “New Region” , yesterday at 6:00 am, a group of Communists and Komsomol members and veterans of “Artek ” restored stele mounted on the highway Simferopol -Sevastopol at the turn to the International Children’s Center , Images of Friendship of Peoples and orders of the Red Banner , which was awarded camp. Participants of the rally under the anthem of the Soviet Union raised the red flag on a flagpole and established a permanent station for protection orders.
In April last year, before coming to the ICC wife Ukrainian President Yushchenko Catherine orders were removed from the stele. Protests Crimean administration ” Artek ” then replied that the order was dismantled due to the reconstruction and promised to return them.
Verkhovna Rada deputy from the pro-presidential bloc ” Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense” Yuriy Karmazin called law enforcement to attract communists to account for share in “Artek ” .
” Law enforcement agencies that leave such anti-Ukrainian actions go unpunished , it is necessary to dismiss ,” – said Karmazin .

http://krymzemlya.ru/pagenews2/page2490.php – zinc

Beaten Berkut” ex-Interior Minister Lutsenko.

It is noteworthy, but a few years lateralso a unit that then subordinated Lutsenkothis most ex-minister so wellaccepted. Not to say that‘s about it, I too was very angryIt is noteworthy that in 2008 even when Lutsenko“Berkut”still beat Bandera what they remind him even now.

Here are stories from “Berkut” under Yushchenko .

As reported by ” New Region” , May 11, 2008 during the celebration of the 225th anniversary of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol scuffle between locals and Ukrainian nationalists who tried to picket near the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet . In the confrontation with the nationalists attended by representatives of ” Russian Choice” Progressive Socialist Party , ” Russian community ” and Cossack organizations . Clash stopped after the intervention of Ukrainian Special Forces ” Berkut” .
http://sevastopol.su/news.php?id=5678 – zinc

According to him, about 10 Ukrainian nationalists tried to deploy BSF headquarters about the symbolism of the UNA-UNSO and poster ” uninvited Luzhkov worse Zatulina “
“They started chanting” Glory to Ukraine ! Death to the enemies ! “” Moskal – knives , “” Sevastopol , Ukraine ! “- In turn told activist of” Russian Choice ” Alexander Danilov .
” Began crush it came to fights , people started to pull the nationalists flags flew in them eggs. Sevastopol began chanting : ” Russia ,” and ” Bandera – get out! ” – Said Basov .
The fight was stopped after the intervention of Ukrainian Special Forces ” Berkut” , whose officers detained all nationalists.
“Together with them and tried to arrest one of our guys , which was in the hands of the egg. However, people lay on the ground in front of a police bus , closing passage, and our activist released “- said Basov .
http://www.politforums.ru/foreign/1210463444.html – zinc

Well I remember that story , “Berkut” then worked well .

About 400 people participated in a protest outside the building of the Kyiv city state administration against raising fares in public transport , were dispersed by a special unit “Berkut” – conveys news.liga.net.
According to the publication , ” protesters clash with special unit ” Berkut ” occurred quite tough .” Detained protesters directed Pecherske and Shevchenkivske police department capital.
Writes in his blog, one of the protesters , Berkut acted ” willfully and unreasonably tough ” after some protesters lit tires in front of City Hall .
Also, media reported that the building of the Kiev city administration demonstrators went after trying to arrange a free entrance to the subway , 20 minutes blocking station Khreschatyk . It is reported that 30 young people holding posters ” free transportation to the end of the year ,” ” No ‘s 2 hryvnia ! ” and urged not to pay tolls at higher rates .
http://kp.ua/daily/081108/61781/ – zinc

Let me remind you that the rates in this case increased the Kiev mayor’s office which was still formally supervised deranged billionaire Chernovetsky who took office after the ” Orange Revolution ” by distributing food rations to the poor , and the protest against rising prices wore social.

This is 2009 , “Berkut ” is blocking anti-fascist rally PSPU http://www.nr2.ru/kiev/252852.html against the rehabilitation of UPA .
Actually, it was better to clear , now “Berkut ” with ” evromaydane ” ohazhivat clubbed many of those he had as if Yushchenko and Yanukovych in guarding against anti-fascists and communists , giving fascism grow stronger .“Berkut understandably just following orders , but who from now easier and easier to himself ” Berkut ” of such orders that actually condoned Ukrainian fascism.

Even then remembered http://zoidbergware.blogspot.com/2009/10/blog-post_15.html rhetorical question In Kiev held a march in support of the UPA. Their guards” Golden Eagle. “And I would like to nationalists from guarding other people” . While here in the same year“Berkut” screw them http://www.salon.donetsk.ua/rubrics/10752.php in Donetsk, but conniving Nazi abscess in Western Ukraine continued infection and gradually spreads to Kiev.

When bankruptcy Yushchenko became apparent “Berkut” became a plaything in the conflict Yanukovych and Tymoshenko . And during elections , where the second round of fighting Yanukovych and Tymoshenko , “Berkut” played for Tymoshenko.

This morning , about 6ch.38 min. , By order of Tymoshenko , the Interior Ministry Special Forces “Berkut” and some people in the civil stormed the state enterprise ” Integrated Printing Plant ” Ukraina ” printing ballots for the 2nd round of the presidential elections. As previously reported “Bagnet” decision to raid was made ​​on the eve of the 24th of January. By order of Tymoshenko and Turchynov, Cabinet officials and Chebotar Roudic trying by force to seat in the director’s chair of a plant Khomko fully supervised personally Turchinov .
Capture of the printing , the statements of a number of politicians – incumbent President Victor Yushchenko , Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn and the Party of Regions – occurs in favor of presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko, who is supposedly interested in printing the “extra” ballots in the amount of 3 million units .
Polygraph Protection responded to the situation and tried to stop the bullies. However , behind the backs of the attackers appeared fighters Special Forces ” Berkut”, which started breaking doors . When the defense came Polygraph deputies , trying to speak with the soldiers “Berkut” , the police had applied for a gaseous spetssredstvo , the course went batons . Under gas attack hit deputies from the Party .

http://www.bagnet.org/news/investigations/37027 – zinc

Then the truth Tymoshenko lost the election , Yanukovych threw her in jail , and “Berkut” mutuzyat already supporters of the ” woman with pigtail “

“Berkut” protects the Pechora area in front of the court not to give to make a “mini-maidan.”

“Berkut” protects vehicle with Tymoshenko from her fanatical followers.

Fight “Berkut” and supporters of Tymoshenko in http://ru.tsn.ua/ukrayina/berkut-napal-na-storonnikov-timoshenko-pod-lukyanovskim-sizo.html Lukyanovskogo jail.

And this is “Berkut” shall Tymoshenko supporters in the “Olympic”.

Then it is time to Yanukovych.

December 2010 , Sevastopol. Berkut attempts to separate addresses in Sevastopol Banderivtsy who wanted to march to the square of Sevastopol Nakhimov , who wanted them to “talk ” on the souls . Then there was an obvious provocation , within just begun promotion Tyagniboka ” regionals ” . I participated in the event personallyhttp://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/40720.html, and had a chance to see the blood . In this episode of “Berkut” became hostages secret games , and when their local cops actually tripped .

Already under President Yanukovych , thundered throughout the Ukraine story when you try to install worship the cross , “Berkut” cruel people marked Crimean Cossacks.


Of course, the sympathy in the Crimea to ” Berkut ” after the event has not increased , and the event itself in local forums often called ” Massacre in Feodosia .” So do not be surprised when the Crimea from the Cossack organizations are calling for http://korrespondent.eu/sobitiya/ukraina/1132825 ” Berkut ” stop supporting this power , allow the opposition to win and together with the people to fight against the new government.

With the rise of fascist threat “Berkut ” is increasingly used for the separation of the Bandera gatherings and marches and communist / anti-fascist rallies, which periodically erupts into a fight.

Here, for example fighters “Berkut” detain communists who tried on their own to deal with the Nazis in the center of Kiev .

And here’s another story from the 2010 series ” fought two of shit .”

Radical wing of the Ukrainian nationalist party “Svoboda” , headed by Cyril Babentsovym (about 10 people ) and the ripped -announced planned share of gays and lesbians , which was to be held near the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry ‘s St. Sophia Square in defense of the rights of minorities .
Nationalists physically dispersed a small group ( 10 people ) homosexuals.
Nationalists in masks approached the representatives of sexual minorities, pushed them , threatened to ” smear ” and ” tear down” , demanding to abandon the campaign. ” Svobodovtsy ” torn and trampled posters opponents.

In addition, anti-gay were bystanders who loudly outraged by the idea of same-sex love.
Police was not on the first square. Then , when the confrontation came to the place of 3 staff PPP . Soon ran here and Lt. Onishchenko , deputy chief of public security police , who took the side Babentsova and began to persuade him to abandon radical action .
A moment later, there was also a bus with 2 ” Berkut “. They approached the Promoter homosexuals and begged protection. However, soldiers stood silently in the ranks and did not meet gay until the commander said something on the radio . As a result, its share of homosexual conduct is still not decided – they limited the distribution of interviews to the media arrived .
http://www.nr2.ru/ua/12/07/06/all/ – zinc

But part of “Berkut ” in the arrest of a prominent regional leaders south-east , the leader of the party ” Rodina” odessite Markov . Just a month more than before the ” evromaydana .”<
What do you thinkwhy anti-fascist march in Odessa was not http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1400896.htmlflags Party of Regions”, which stood behind the arrest Markov?

Most recently, the burst “evromaydan” where “Berkut” is a blizzard opposition to some of the leaders of which hepreviously servedfootball fanswhich he has repeatedly apply, and the Nazis, whom he in the “cunning plans” of the authorities, guarded by communists and fascists during the Bandera marches.

Here is their former boss, who has managed to get them on the head.

That’s “hello” from Kyiv ultras.

But those whom they had guarded and with whom they had to face in open battle on the streets of Kiev.

Actually, and so on in the same spirit. History of “Berkut” shows that as he was, and remained a tool in the fight against the ruling oligarchic groups and politically had inherited when all iconic figures of Ukrainian politics. And it would seem possible to complete this

But there is one thing . In the case of ” Berkut ” is important to remember that being a plaything in the hands of oligarchic groups , he performs at the moment at least one important function of the fascist counter abscess in the center of Kiev. And even if the government would surrender all , this is not the fault of “Berkut” , as its immediate task in this respect it performs well. Especially that stupid curse tool if flinch hand that it compresses .
Here is best suited for situations similar to the Prussian police in Weimar Germany , which at the ruling Social Democrats , quite severely persecuted and the Nazis and the Communists. But when the Nazis came to power , from the depths of the Prussian police Gestapo was born , and its formation has been used to establish the Nazi dictatorship .Therefore, if the opposition wins or worse Ukrainian fascists, there is a serious risk that the “Berkut” may be at the service of the forces that can use it it in about the same styles as under Yushchenko , and for the establishment of a fascist dictatorship, when after dismissal or direct killing of disloyal officers , unit “Berkut” will be put at the service of Ukrainian fascism. And then many of those guys who now are touched , will be on the other side and their club will beat very different people. I am sure that very few people in their right mind wants it, so at this point , when there is a risk of Nazi threat , I , for all its claims do not see the point in attacking the “Berkut” , although the history of his involvement in Ukrainian politics is worth remembering not to nourish vain illusions .

What’s with the “Berkut” will continueis far from clearYanukovich’s victoryit is a guarantee of survival units, lack of layoffs and persecution. The victory of the opposition - this cleaning management, or disbanding altogetherSo ifYanukovych himself did not merge the siloviki, the “Golden Eagle” in any case will not falter - at opposition” to catchhim absolutely nothingplus since the time Yushchenko, a division of the Nazis defended only by virtue ofopportunistic course of the current government, so that on occasion to regret it they will not.

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