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Boris Rozhin tries to summarize the information available on the yesterday fight at the Junta’s checkpoint at Blagodatnoye village in Volnovacha district of Donetsk region, where according to preliminary data at least 15 soldiers of 51th Mechanized Brigade were killed.


Here is a brief chronology.

On the road there was a roadblock. There were 40 or 50 men with APCs, several vehicles and an anti-aircraft gun.
Here it is the day before the attack.


Most of the people on this footage were killed the next day.

1. In the morning there was a report of shooting that began at 4:30 near the checkpoint between Ol’ginka and Blagodatnoye. Who was involved, where there any causalities, what it all ended with – all this remained unclear.
2. In the morning the checkpoint was attacked and as the result it was actually destroyed. The attackers drove up in “Privatebank’s” cars and opened heavy fire from automatic rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers. The Junta has claimed that the checkpoint was attacked by the militants, while the DPR has stated they carried out no operation in the area.
3. During the day, the news agency gave variable information indicating that the checkpoint was shot by Kolomoyskiy’s militants (“Privatebank’s” cars, registration plates of Kranoarmeysk district on cars, the evidences of people in black uniform without any identification signs, while the Militia usually wears camouflage with St. George ribbons, etc.)
4. In the evening Strelkov came out on the Internet http://summer56.livejournal.com/119139.html The message from him said that though there were not his men, the attack was performed by DPR and he knows about it. It also said that Strelkov have disarmed the guards of Slavyansk “people’s mayor” Ponomaryov “to prevent their outraging”.
5. Later Yevgeny Poddubnyi from DNR appeared on Russia24 channel and claimed that the DPR is irrelevant to this. The public watching ran the risk of progressing cognitive dissonance because of growing number of versions.
6. Even later came out a video of Ukrainian helicopters firing at the soldiers at the checkpoint (after it had been attacked already) and the commander complaining on the phone why the friendly helicopters are firing at them, so that his soldiers picked it for Russians.


Actually, if we consider the facts available, we do know that:

1. The had been a surprise attack at the checkpoint, which led to serious losses in Junta’s troops. It is not difficult to notice in the video, that the soldiers hiding behind a truck (potential corpses if someone guessed to launch a rocket at the truck) have in their sight the corpses already scattered on the field, that is, they ran away from the road and hid behind the truck, still undamaged for some reason although it was obviously an easy target. According to the words of brigade commander, the attackers were armed with foreign rifles, which were never seen in the Militia’s hands. The words of mercenaries paid forward are indicative too.
“The unknown men came in two or three cars and started to tear down the roadblock without warning. They shot grenade launchers ‘Muha’, machine guns, generally speaking, the men were some kind of mercenaries, well trained, they hit quite professionally. Our men managed to open fire in return, hence we have burnt one car. In the outcome, they hit 3 IFVs and 2 medical cars. According to the words of the wounded witness, after having broken any resistance, they have gathered all the wounded, ordered to put the hands on the back of their heads, to those who could rise up his hands yet, and one man asked his commander what to do with them. He answered, leave them. They tried to start an IFV and ride away on it, but they could not, then they threw a grenade at it, picked up the weapons, sat in the car and left. They were mercenaries paid forward for this, but who paid them, nobody knows. We have 10 deaths confirmed, and when I was leaving, they were picking up the wounded, 29 wounded, 4 of them very seriously.”

2. The Ukrainian helicopters really fired at their friendly forces, and there is video evidence for that. They fired = at the checkpoint provisionally, while the army reinforcement was already there. Why did they do so, is not clear from the video.

3. Shots and explosions heard for several miles around were the explosions of the ammunition of IFVs already destroyed and the arrived reinforcement APCs shot from helicopters.
4 . In the outcome, all the structures of the DPR, except Strelkov, declared their irrelevance (although they usually brag every little success in the fight against the Junta), and Strelkov, on the contrary, said it was DPR.

From the perspective of the available photo and video evidence, it seems to me that the version of the shooting by Kolomoyskiy’s militants is more reasoned than Strelkov’s version, at least on the basis of the fact of helicopters firing and the evidence of wounded Ukrainian military men bringing to local hospitals, which the local militia clearly would do, if it they really had crumbled this roadblock (previously having an arrangement with it). Certainly the version is worth considering, that there came another, not local group to destroy this roadblock, but why this particular roadblock had been destroyed is impossible to understand from Strelkov’s message, while in Kolomoiskiy-related version, the arguments are composed better, given that the brigade had an agreement with the locals, and the facts of friendly fire targeted at disobeying units were registered previously.

In general, nothing is in favor of Strelkov’s version except Strelkov’s own words. In favor of the version with Kolomoyskiy’s militants, there are evidences, videos of helicopters, and a recorded conversation of 51st Brigade commander, where he talks about paid mercenaries. The version that soldiers were first shot by disguised militiamen, and then finished off with the Junta’s helicopters looks too brutal.

Overall, personally I think that Strelkov distorts the reality and it’s part of the strange information war between the DPR authorities and Strelkov-Gubarev group that unfolded in recent days.
I think in the next 1or 2 days there will come more actual information – evidence of the soldiers, locals, photos and video from the scene, and the situation becomes clearer .

UPD: In addition to the above.
http://vk.com/feed?z=video244301190_168584380% 2F603f77ae6705ff9eba – DPR militia claims that the roadblock was destroyed by Kolomoyskiy’s militants.
http://summer56.livejournal.com/119754.html – one more comment from Strelkov.

Another description of the combat.
As for the situation that took place in Volnovakha today . Not exactly in Volnovakha, but 4 km away from the village Ol’ginka. Too many rumors, disinformation and speculations. And many personal opinions that are issued for the ultimate truth. Even the supposedly Strelkov’s comment posted . That’s how it was:
Early in the morning , the Ukrainian military outpost was attacked by the Right Sector militants (presumably ‘Azov’ battalion), which is under the command of the oligarch Kolomoyskiy. They fired grenade launchers, machine guns and automatic rifles. They came in 2 jeeps and 2 collector car of Privatebank.
35 military men were seriously injured, about 15 died.
Soldiers returned fire and forced the militants to flee. One of the Privatebank’s cars was seriously damaged and would not start. 3 cars had left. They left the bodies of their fighters on site.
After 3 hours, while the soldiers were waiting for the military prosecutor and guarding the damaged car and corpses, 3 helicopters (2 MI24 and one MI8) came from Dnepropetrovsk direction. The helicopters fired at the car of the cannon and machine guns, and burned it. Thus they swept their races t and eliminated the evidence. But what to do with the bodies? Nothing. After another half-hour came a group who introduced themselves in a fashionable way as some special group, and took the corpses of militants.
When the commander of the military departments mentioned that helicopters came from Dnepropetrovsk direction, he was threatened with a gun and recommend not mention this city ever.
As a result, we have a picture: Kolomoyskiy arranged a provocation, he thought to shoot soldiers and to blame it on the militia. But he, tried to remove his traces and screwed up again.
Attacking helicopters were shot on video.
The exclusive was distributed to leading Russian channels.
I hope that not only Russians will see the video, but also those who supports the Junta’s side, not knowing its true face.
There is even a video of the corpses of soldiers and military men shouting that they are under friendly fire.
All this I know from the first hand from a man who was present there at the moment.
Draw your own conclusions, my friends!
Draw your own conclusions, the military men sent to us. For the junta you are no more than an instrument and change coins!


And the video footage from the destroyed roadblock. Beware, there are corpses.

UPD3: About the presumably stolen “PrivateBank’s”cars.

Alexander Rogers indicates that two eyewitnesses confirmed the fact of Kolomoyskiy’s militants shooting.

The Russian First Channel report including the evidence of a direct participant of the combat from the junta’s side, which just indicates that there was a provocation. http://www.1tv.ru/news/world/259430
UPD6: Parubiy commented the attack of helicopters – it was an attack against the terrorists.
Plus video on BBC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvX3Dayqje0

TheVoice of Donetsk
yesterday at 20:53
Strelkov’s network accounts were hacked, including his email address, so it is not him writing under his nickname now, an IP address of the other mobile operator was registered there.
Ponomaryov and his guards were not disarmed by anyone.
Ivan Demidov
“People’s Mayor ” of Slavyansk Vyacheslav Ponomaryov denied rumors about his arrest by Igor Strelkov . This was reported on May 22 by “Rain” with reference to the mayor himself.
“We are two old friends, good comrades. How can my good old friend arrest me, if we make common cause with him? I have no conflicts with comrade Strelkov , and never will have,”
 – said Ponomarev .
Source : https://vk.com/slavyansk_rus


Thus, Ponomaryov contradicts the part of the same presumable Strelkov’s message, which he attributes the shooting at the checkpoint to the DPR militia



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