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Introduction – in the morning of May 22 the enemy started moving in the direction of Lisicansk, Lugansk region. The fighting of average intensity unfolded, causing losses in both sides. The goal of the attack is obvious – to test the LPR defense and try to prepare the ground for “presidential elections” at least in some areas of the LPR to create a picture that it is Ukraine still.

The representatives of Donetsk People’s Republic established two checkpoints on the border with the Russian Federation, the press service of the Donetsk Regional State Administration informs. “In Shakhtyorsk district (village Dmitrovka ) DPR representatives established two checkpoints on the border with the Russian Federation” , – says the statement .

Between Rubezhnoye and Lisicansk towns the combat between the forces of the Junta and the Militia near the bridge lasts for 4 hours already. According to preliminary data, there are four wounded, but it is unknown how many and from which side. The reports come of one local resident killed.


Ukrainian sources inform that there are deaths in the National Guard. In particular, there have been night clashes of Ukrainian forces with Militia groups near Rubezhnoye and Volnovakha. According to them, Ukrainian forces have 8 dead, 18 injured 18.


The Lugansk People’s Republic announces martial law.

This morning, in DPR (exact location unspecified) the Militia destroyed a roadblock of detached mechanized brigade 51. The attack destroyed one BMP, killing nine soldiers and an officer. No data of the causalities of Militia.

Junta’s helicopters above Lisichansk this morning.

The location of the destroyed Tomashovky brige at the entrance to Rubezhnoye.



In Lysychansk the fighting is continuing since 4 a.m. APCs broke through roadblocks, helicopters fly low over the city. The Nazis shoot men of the civilian population. There is an urgent need in military assistance, military surgeons and psychologists. No journalists in town! The town is in the information blockade, many locals do not come in contact anymore!


I am shocked ! News sites are silent, cause it’s not about the Slavyansk and Kramatorsk . Kiev Junta launched an attack on vulnerable towns to report of any success. Today, May 22, at 4-15 a.m. fighting broke out in the towns of Rubezhnoye, Lisichansk, Privolye. Armored vehicles move to Syeverodonetsk. 4 helicopters fly over the towns. The density of towns in the area is so high that town boundaries are no more than one kilometer away from each other. The bridge is in Rubezhnoye town. In the vicinity of Severodonetsk the sounds of shootings are heard. People write about APC and tanks. There is still no information of help from Lugansk which is 100 km away. Also there is information about the battles in Volnovakha district of Donetsk region. It is near Donetsk, in Mariupol direction. I would also add that Lisicansk-Rubezhnoye-Syeverodonetsk district is a huge chemical center in Eastern Ukraine , where the petrochemical plants are concentrated.


According to unconfirmed reports near Volnovakha village the fascists of Dnepr-1 Battalion once more had shot the conscripts unwilling to participate in hostilities.

From operative on duty:
2 APC-80 and 20 men on the armor have passed through Novortroitskoe in the direction of Mariupol (presumably Nazguard or Azov battalion).

A military unit at Rubezhnoye. Military servants there wanted to swear allegiance to the people, but it turned out that there was a ‘rat’ who informed Avakov about it. After that the information came that Avakov sends a punitive expedition there toreclaim the servants. They asked the volunteers to protect them, ours arrived there, blew up the bridge in order to prevent Ukres army heavy vehicles from entering there freely. Currently there is a fight.


According to the Junta :
“Tonight at the checkpoint on the border of Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions the military men of 51th Separate Guards Mechanized Brigade from Vladimir-Volynsky were fired by the terrorists. Attack was instantaneous.
An activist from Vladimir-Volynsky dealing with material and technical support of Volyn militaries, Roman Martynyuk said that the terrorists fired RPG. According to preliminary data, its ammo hit an APC, which carried ammunition. 9 men and officers of the 3rd Battalion were killed. The number of wounded is to be confirmed. The number claimed varied from 23 to 30 men. “

The Junta sources also report numerous causalities of “Azov” Battalion near Mariupol.
As the result of the fighting between the DPR Militia and the punitive “Azov” battalion, the latter lost 19 men killed and 25 wounded. The Militia’s causalities are not reported.


Kolomoysky’s mercenaries attacked the military men for refusing to fight . 15 soldiers killed and 35 wounded in a punitive operation of militants who arrived in the Ukrainian village Blagodatnoye in “Privatebank’s”cars.

In the village of Blagodatnoye on the Russian-Ukrainian border there has been an armed clash. The Ukrainian military camp was attacked by militants from Kiev. They were supported by armored vehicles and battle helicopters. Some of them arrived at the scene on in “Privatebank’s”cars. According to local police at least 15 men killed and 25 wounded.
The clash occurred near the checkpoint between the villages Blagodatnoye and Ol’ginka . A source from the Volnovakhskiy district police department told that the Ukrainian army checkpoint undergone fire.
According to local residents, who witnessed the attack, unknown men came in “Privatebank’s” collector cars and two jeeps began fire at the Ukrainian military men, who previously refused to fire at civilians.
Residents of Blagodatnoye stood to defend their homes. Nazguards ordered soldiers to crush the resistance . They refused to shoot at people, and eventually were punished, – said a source from the Command of self-defense.
According to him, it was a punitive operation commissioned by the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, the owner of “Privatebank”, famous for the fact that he financed the Maidan protests and paid the rewards to the soldiers of “Right Sector.”
Natsguards tried to resist the attackers, but those were supported by armored vehicles and military helicopters. One of the shells from the armored vehicle hit the ammunition depot . The explosion injured at least 35 people.
Staff at the local hospital said:
- The hospital admitted 35 men with gunshot wounds. All the wounded are male. All have gunshot wounds. Personalities of the wounded are identified.

The Ukrainian media report that the attack was organized by the Militias. The headquarters of self-defense denies it .


At 12:00 we can say that today is going to be one of the bloodiest days since the beginning of the civil war in Ukraine.

From: http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/202939.html
11:00 (MSK) On Telmana: 15 Ural trucks, two of them pulled guns , 8 APCs, 10 UAZ cars (two of them with machineguns ) were seen, moving towards Donetsk.
11:05 (MSK) In Lysichansk all classes in schools are canceled, troops are approaching Lisichansk. During the fighting the hospital of Lysychansk admitted one killed and two wounded (the inhabitants of Sverdlovsk town). In Lisichansk near NPZ there is a fight. Fight in Novodyuzhevka continues. Machine guns and samovars are working. Syeverodonetsk is preparing to defence.
11:20 (MSK) In Severodonetsk on Tomashovsky bridge two APCs blocked, the police and the local deputies are there – trying to persuade them to surrender.

Zinaida Patskan, an 80-years old resident of Slaviansk, among the ruins of her house.

Of the night battles around Kramatorsk and Slavyansk.
In the night in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk there have been tight battles. The Ukrainian army began artillery shelling of residential areas of the townes. In response, defense fighters opened mortar fire. Junta militants suffered heavy losses, estimated up to 20 killed and 50 wounded, one ‘Grad’ and ‘Acacia’ destroyed. In the morning Ukres signed a memorandum with themselves.
In the morning the Nazguards demonstratively showed as if they were leaving the mountain Karachun. It involved several Kamaz trucks. According to the DPR self-defense fighters accounts, these were carrying corpses and chemical reagents for its utilization in the region Kramatorsk. In replacement there came more than 30 vehicles – tanks, armored personnel carriers, ‘Grads’, ‘Acacias’ (the remainder in the position Karachun is 1 unit) and infantry up to 1,000 men.
Semenovka finally slept for the first night after 3-days battle.


Details of the shooting conscripts in Volnovakha.
The hospital of.Volnovaha town, Donetsk region: six wounded soldiers brought, one in serious condition (shot in the head, a neurosurgeon was called from Donetsk) all the soldiers are conscripts or National Guards. And the district hospital at the same town admitted 20 soldiers with gunshot and stab wounds. The district pathologist said that 10 corpses still lie in the field, still undelivered. As soldiers said, a helicopter arrived, landed, and the armed men in black uniforms came out and opened fire at the conscripts. Now we can surely expect a missile strike at Slavyansk and Lugansk tonight. I’m more than confident that our media shall blame DPR for all.
Most of the military men in the roadblock were not going to fight anyone. They said clearly that they consider the RS and NatsGuard illegal punitive organizations. The talk about it took place yesterday at about 20.00, and until morning the unmarked militants eliminated them, supported from the air. Militia was not there! It was an operation to eliminate the rebellious military. That’s so, and this is not the first time, a Ukrainian army platoon was exterminated earlier in the same manner near Slavyansk. Junta eliminates the rebellious soldiers …


In Donetsk, the local municipal services are gathering in the polling places the citizens’ passport copies to organize the simulation of voting.

From operative on duty::
Near Ugledar the Right Secs’ roadblock was eliminated – 5 men killed.
Near Ol’ginka the enemy lost up to 30 killed and seriously injured over the night and morning.
In the forest belt near Kramatorsk 20 disguised corpses of the Right Secs were found.

The Ukrainian recruits can avoid the assignment to Donbas paying off $500 http://russian.rt.com/article/33047

The authorities of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic decided to impose martial law in the region. As RSN informs, this was claimed by the head of the LPR, the “people’s governor” Valery Bolotov.
“This is due to the outbreak of hostilities by the Kiev Junta. Our people are dying already,”- he said. As Interfax informs, the leader of the LPR announced the mobilization and called to bring peacekeeping forces in the region.

Burning Nazguard APC at Novotroitsk

The Junta’s helicopters at Lisichansk

Bolotov’s formal appeal to Putin to bring the Russian Federation troops in the LPR.
3, Velikoy Otechestvennoy Voyny sqare, Lugansk, the Lugansk People’s Republic

May 22, 2014 Lugansk

To the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin
To the Chairman of the State Duma Sergei Naryshkin
To the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko


Today, at 4:00 am , in a Fascist’s manner, alike the bloody ’41, the Ukrainian armed forces have committed an act of aggression against the civilian population of the Lugansk People’s Republic.
In response to the appeal to the Government of Ukraine demanding an immediate withdrawal of all armed groups from our territory the Ukrainian armed forces unleashed a bloodshed in civilians towns and villages of Lugansk.
The authorities of Lugansk People’s Republic appeal to you asking you to bring the peacekeeping troops to the Lugansk People’s Republic.
Russian Federation represented by its officials and people of brotherly Russia recognized and supported the holding of a on the establishment of an independent republic in the former Lugansk region, whose inhabitants have used their natural right for self-determination. The results of this referendum were so impressive and convincing, that there could be no doubt – people have made a clear choice.
But illegitimate Kiev government, unrecognized by the South-East of Ukraine, having performed a coup, is trying to impose their will on us by means of explicit violence. It spends a punitive operation against the people of the republic, supported by its Western partners. Its troops, both regular and recruited from volunteering nationalists continue to occupy a part of territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic, unleashing explicit terror against locals and threatening life of the young state . We do not have sufficient forces to expel the foreign aggressor from our land.
Russia has repeatedly demanded to put an end to punitive operation against the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic. In response the nationalist government in Kiev only broadens the scope of aggression, killing civilians and causing material damage. Every proposal for a peaceful settlement of inter-state relations acts to it like a red rag to a bull. Creating the appearance of a dialogue, the junta continues to kill in fact, deliberately planning the development of a humanitarian disaster.
Only deployment of peacekeeping forces of Russia can prevent a humanitarian disaster, planned on behalf of Ukraine by its illegitimate government.
We have no doubt that brotherly country, sooner or later, shall make this decision. And we hope that it will be made before the humanitarian disaster breaks out in the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic, created artificially by the nationalist government of a neighboring state Ukraine.
Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic V.D. Bolotov

UPD 4: 12:50 (MSK) A column is moving to Lisichansk carrying pontoons and five boats for establishing a river-crossings across Seversky Donets.

The self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) announced a general mobilization of men aged 18 to 45 years, said the head of the LPR Valery Bolotov.
He explained that all reservists men from 18 to 45 years will be mobilized, and for the civilian population there will be introduced “additional security measures”. Also, he said, special attention will be drawn to the creation of “special medical groups.”
Bolotov have not declared the number of the army force, which Lugansk People’s Republic expects to reach after mobilization


Information on Lugansk
The Militia repelled the first raid of the Nazguards coming from the frontier post, then they chased them back and stormed them already in place. I talked to Severodonetsk, there’s quietly, but noone can pass to Lisicansk (which is near).The town is surrounded. It is said that a bus with miners returning from their work has been shot. A combat near Krasnyanka lasts. Tomashovsky bridge is blown. All this by the words of those who are in Severodonetsk. No mobile phone connection with Lisichansk.

At the mines of Sukhodolsk and Molodogvardeysk the miners are being forced to the elections. It has been ordered for them to write the requests for their own dismission if they refuse to vote, and if they vote the will get premiums, just in sum unknown. The Head of the Migration Service of Luhansk region prepares the orders to reinforce the protection of order during the elections, a sort of duty for this weekend.


The fascists teach the Donetsk police to ‘love Ukraine’







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