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Author: Viking от 22.05.2014, 15:32
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“Well … today the summary is short.
At 13 o’clock we treated with mortars the roadblock on Krasny Liman again. For 90 minutes. By some reports, the enemy had 12 men wounded, 2 APC and 2 mortars damaged.
At 21 o’clock (by local time) they began to respond. They fired howitzers at Semenovka (I know where they are, but I have nothing to get on to them with). They fired at our positions and, as usual, hit the private houses. (Yesterday they also fired at Vostochny township – three civilians were wounded). Then came another APC from Seleznevka – it added its share. Actually, are the fire is still continuing there.
But the main news are somewhat different …
80 volunteers have come this day.
More than 100 armored personnel carriers, trucks and other sorts of military vehicles have arrived. In Andreevka even the “Right Secs” came openly with their flag to – about 100 heads. Storm is apparently inevitable. Avakov himself came to see … from Izum with VIP armored column and guards exceeding my garrison in number. I also know where this bug… ( um – um , sorry, member of sexual minority) is sitting (and again, I have nothing to get on to him with) .
I do not know – to grieve or to rejoice? After the poorly armed, virtually untrained team headed by a “reenactorpraporshik” :-) there is almost half of the invincible Ukrainian army … with units of “Jaguar”, “Alfa” and some assigned cops attached. Possibly they crush us (no trick helps against a crowbar). But how they are afraid of us! To collect forces of 20 to 1 in men, 250 to 4 in armored vehicles, etc. (I don’t mention the aircraft )! Truly, “God is not in force, but in truth!”
By the way, one Ukrainian reenactor persuaded me magniloquently and glibly “to end my participation in the aggression” … It’s like! AN AGGRESSOR! That’s funny. My grandfather fought here in Krasnoarmeisk in encirclement for a week in February 1943, defending his country and people, and then I am “an aggressor”. Well, well … Well, perhaps he persuaded me sincerely – most people in Ukraine are “brainwashed” to the extent they can’t tell white from black … Let’s say I also know well how propaganda works (for example, the Russian) , but that at least mixes a lie with the truth . And in Ukrainian there is all turned inside out at all … But the more brazen and shameless lie is – the more they believe it. That turns my small group of volunteers (now comprising 90% of the locals) into the “horde of invader terrorists” … and “Putin’s”! Are there any bad things which we do not do, by their words? May be we just do not eat children raw … And all the people through are for “United Ukraine” …. And they believe it!!! Well, the Germans used to believe Goebbels’ propaganda almost until the very end. And here is the same school …”





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