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So I went back the next launch online in connection with the assault began KramatorskEnemy applies considerable force of infantry and artillery.

Mayor of Sloviansk Ponomarev spoke about Nazguard shooting conscripts of the Ukrainian army.

Plus Vershinin gave some details.

translate picture53 Ukrainian army conscripts refused to fire at the Donetsk militia, they have been  disarmed. Some animal from Maidan ordered to shoot every tenth of them. There was a phone call to Kiev, either to Parubiy or to Avakov, don’t know exactly who gave the order “to shoot every fifth“. The order was executed by the Nazis.  3inductees and a Lt. , the rest of them were reservistsWe were notified after they had been shot already, we wereordered to process them as deserters. Koval has gone mad,  he yelled at someonenow he’s drunk “


The limitation of spring recruits from central Ukraine decided to increase the number of recruits in 11 (eleven!)times from the central regions, including Kiev.
Encourage someone from Donetsk and Lugansk regions , as well as strangled Odessa and Kharkov humiliated in punitive machine is unlikely. Population central Ukraine shudders reading daily reports about retaliatory actions , and use of conscripts as human shields for the brave from the right sector . All who are richer , have already paid for the education of their children in Polish and English universities. Typically, regular troops used Kiev strategists to identify emplacements militias. Of the sons of famous politicians only ” impassable ” Gritsenko ( under Yushchenko – defense minister , a graduate of the American Academy ) sent heir. In some zapadenskuyu HF kapterschikom . Sits every day in social networks …


Kramators’k balcony.

“>Ukrainian security forces convoy of armored vehicles of six armored vehicles moving in the center of Kramatorsk (Donetsk region) by Yasnogorki , on the outskirts of the city of fierce fighting .
According to Trend . According to him, ” each combat vehicle is about 10 men in black uniforms without insignia , as well as several security forces in camouflage .” Explosions and shooting, including large-caliber guns, and communicated to the city center. In addition, since the morning clashes are in the area between the Slavic and Kramatorsk . In particular, in the area Semyonovka representatives of the national militia and forces controlled by the Kiev authorities , fighting for a gas station . “>18-24
Next to the observed movement stakostroem brontehniki krateley and shooting them. “>18-22
“>” In the suburbs Kramators’k is fighting . Attacked part roadblocks , burning one of the plants ,” – skazalili ” Interfax” in self-defense headquarters city.
In turn, in self-defense Sloviansk agency reported that the militia managed to defend the checkpoints in the suburbs, which in the second half Saturday afternoon came a massive offensive Ukrainian law enforcers . “>18-15

Siren in Kramatorsk .

Kramators’k, district EMSS.


CMDS plant burns.

Kramators’k. SirensExplosions StankostrojOnly that they were in the shop KZTS got two shellslit a call fromwitnesses, from the city erupts Yasnogorki heavy machineryOn the part of machine tool and heard gunshotsvzryvy.valit black smoke.
http://vk.com/feed?w=wall-43806582_128735 - link to video, heard the siren of Civil Defense.

Before becoming self-proclaimed “people’s mayor ” Sloviansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev ran a small soap factory . “He was shocked and surprised us . Ponomareva transformation of soap-boiler into an influential figure , moves , accompanied by bodyguards ” most dangerous “, according to the Kiev authorities , the city in the Ukraine, is a testament to how incredibly fast and changing lives in the troubled east of the country .

Blockhouse Slovyansk.

“>Locals about the battles for Kramators’k :
Called her aunt invited her to come to our grandson . Said in extreme cases will take leave to us . Girls , hold on.“>Talking to daddy ( Kramators’k ) ” Yes everything is fine, everything is calm … well porevela siren . Yeah there somewhere close shot … well … not all neighbor seedlings planted “
<p>”>Against Ukrainian military sided with the militia of DNR in recent days by the Slavic and Donetsk , prosecuted.On fight night under the Slavonic .



On the situation in Slavyansk.

Several hours after the beginning of the assault , assault tangible success achieved Kramators’k junta has not yet been able to . “>16-27
Body of ten Ukrainian military colleagues shot for desertion to the militia , buried on the outskirts of Kramatorsk .This was reported by “Interfax” the representative of the headquarters defense . According to him , the shooting conscripts produced on the territory of the military unit. According to the source , the “boys against the wall directly at the part and opened fire on them .” “>16-18
Artillery positions junta that shells with Karachun and Slavic and Kramators’k.

“>From the beginning of the broadcast arbaletfire fighting for Kramators’k afternoon.
UPD 1: 13:20 ( GMT) Aerodrome shooting, heard explosions . “>UPD 2 : 13:25 ( GMT) on a military unit ( Kramators’k ) from the airport shooting, fired intermittently from the boulevard.
UPD 3: 13:30 ( GMT) Automatic shooting on the street. Nadi Kurchenko . “>UPD 4 : 13:35 ( GMT) By Kramatorskaya airfield continues to operate heavy artillery (mostly Nona ) connects KPVT , heard machine gun fire .
“>UPD 6: 13:50 ( GMT) Above Kramators’k GO siren sounds , on the outskirts Sloviansk began shelling .
<p>”>http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/201882.html – zinc ( see text online translation )

Photos from under Sloviansk .

Photos from under Sloviansk .

http://www.dp.ru/a/2014/05/18/Opolchenci_soobshhajut_o_vozo/gallery/20825/154008/ – цинк
Armed men kidnapped and firemen Severodonetsk Lysychansk 2 BRDM
Armed men kidnapped from fire departments and Lysychansk Severodonetsk (Lugansk region) two armoredreconnaissance and patrol vehicle radiochemical intelligence (ARV). Reported the press office of Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Luhansk region.


Prior to City Council natsi guaards never reached . “>15-29
<p>”>Local lady told me that after yesterday circulation of small , in the ” Militia of Donbass” entered for 40 women , including two teachers

“>From the comments :
Igor , you are busy at the front , so do not always aware of what’s going on in the rear. Volunteers at collection points crowd wishing to enroll , but they say that “a set is finished, now no longer needed.” Maybe it’s a leftover from the time when there were not enough weapons (you said then that can not accept volunteers because nothing to equip them ) .The inertia of the management processes , especially during the transition period . “>15-24
DNR militia under Slavonic . The classic anti-tank gun inspires .

During the fighting bullets fall in apartment dwellers Kramatorsk.


The intensive firefight on the outskirts Kramators’k and aerodrome.

Shootout in the city.

Detained at a checkpoint under Kramatorsk journalists LifeNews.

“>Natsigvardiyu militia drove out of downtown shootout near hospital number 3 has calmed down , now fighting again moved in the direction of the airport .
“>Fight presumably goes between Slavic and Kramatorsk borough treatment for shooting from south airfield near here I heard bad on the airfield several BMD driven turned to treatment even outside my house Tripod militias drove crowded ….
From the mountain Karachun conducted shelling about Gorehovatki area . “>14-58
Ukraine National Guard troops began to move from the airport to the side Kramatorsk City Council go skirmish , by telephone RIA Novosti said the coordinator Kramators’k militia .<p>”>http://ria.ru/world/20140518/1008266312.html # ixzz3240Mwvk8 – zinc

“>Care for children , the elderly, women !
“>DO NOT LOOK in optics ( binoculars , etc )
Remember, glass shards flying out the nearest window in the shelling , are one of the main reasons raneniy.Prikrytie windows with cardboard or gluing them on tape to reduce this risk. “>Sometimes it is very useful sandbags , but only if the other buildings are also lined with sandbags , otherwise you risk to attract unnecessary attention .
“>Bombings or mortar shells can harm your ears : ears , cover with both hands and mouth slightly open .
Mayor Sloviansk Ponomarev about the shooting natsigvardiey conscripts Ukrainian army.

Plus Vershinin were some details.

translate picture53 Ukrainian army conscripts refused to fire on the militia Donetskconscripts were disarmedand shot every tenthorder was obtained from Kiev or from Parubiya Avakovorder to shoot every fifth” orderwas executed by the Nazis. shot 3 inductee, Lt. rest reservistsWe have already notified after they were shot,ordered issue as deserters. Koval pissed at someone yellednow drunk “


http://vk.com/feed?w=wall153588553_9091 – обстановка в Славянске на 14-00 по МСК
По неподтвержденной информации, сегодня под Славянском и у ополченцев и у хунты были убитые.

По неподтвержденной информации В Краматорске военные без опознавательных знаков задержали съемочную группу LifeNews
Есть информация, что украинские военные увезли Олега Сидякина и Марата Сайченко на допрос

Краматорск, район Доманского.

Бой в Краматорске.

Kramators’k view from the balcony.

Shooting in the center Kramatorsk.

<p>”>Karachun now deployed on battery of howitzers fire leading to the outskirts of Kramatorsk .

“>Via Zello Kramatorsk .
<p>”>Aerodrome intense shooting ! Residents ul.b Kramatorsky o.vishni and please leave the streets ! B.kramatorsky 15 residents of the house to the windows do not fit on the line do not have the facts stand in the falling bullets accommodations ! Myself am now near the dairy

Artillery has Kramatorskaya with Karachun . It is said that some of the shells fell on a farm near CHervonnye Molochara ( near the market ) . “>14-24
Gunfight at Ostap Cherry Street , Kramators’k.

Residents living in the area Kramatorsk Airport . In Kramatorsk Buzzer ! “>14-22
Information directly from Kramatorsk , shooting is right in the center of town, near the hospital number 3 . <p>”>By City working artillery and mortars , sirens civil work working nonstop , churches alarm.

Natsgvardiya and Ukrainian military began shelling Kramatorsk . “>Militia asks residents to hide in basements and cellars .
Of mortar and artillery fire in some houses flew glass. 13:00 (Kiev ) Including civil defense siren .

"Voice of Sevastopol" asks for help in breaking the information blockade

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