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In connection with the start of major hostilities in the area Slovianskstart another online broadcast events aroundthe besieged city, which is already more than a month can not take Kiev junta!


According to information from operational duty in the area Kurakhovo are 10 large buses with people in black uniforms (apparently ” natsigvardiya ” ) . “>22-44
May 18 in Donetsk next scheduled meeting , initiated Gubarev . According to him, at this meeting will be a number of important decisions. “Our civil appeal , we refer to the Ukrainian border guards and customs checkpoints , military units on the territory of our republic. They either have to go immediately into submission authorities ” Donetsk People’s Republic “, or leave his place of work or service and relocate to other regions. “>22-34
Important! “>Tomorrow 05/16/2014 16:00 Popular Assembly near the town hall !
“>1. Prevent the holding of presidential elections in Mariupol 25.05.2014g .
“>3 . Appointment Date mayoral elections in the city of Mariupol

“>5 . Requirement to publish information on the number of dead 9.05.2014g .

“>After 21:00 on the outskirts of Slavic nothing has changed, as the battle was going so now continues.
On a section of mortars managed to push the invaders , sent there reconnaissance group, came back and said that everything is dug trenches , and that night there nobody will , only in the afternoon and only since sappers , this is the case , if the site again

“>http://vk.com/feed?w=wall-62241455_784216 – zinc

“>Live on ” The Voice of Sevastopol “
Akhmetov openly offered – either support or DNI will not be in the Donbas .

Both ways will not work. Akhmetov has to decide.

Junta forces advancing cautiously to the intersection at Red Liman.Idet concentration of infantry, armored vehiclespulled up.
Junta has confirmed that its shelling at checkpoints near the plant “Fodder” she had several wounded.


Time junta ultimatum expired.

“>”People’s Governor ” Donetsk Gubarev Paul said that if for an hour Ukraine withdraws its troops and equipment from the territory of the DNI , the militias will destroy them .
” It remains to 1 hour prior to the expiration of the ultimatum Ukrainian invaders them to remove illegal roadblocks and carried troops and equipment from the cities of Donbass. Otherwise – the total destruction of all: the equipment and manpower fascists ” – he wrote on his page on Facebook on Thursday . “>” Make every effort to help the army to destroy the Ukrainian People’s Militia invaders of our land ! ” – He wrote .
Earlier Sergey Zdrilyuk nicknamed Abwehr – the closest aide to the commander of the armed forces of Donetsk ‘s Republic Igor Strelkov – an ultimatum Ukrainian vlasti.V statement, he demanded the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Donetsk region during the day. The prescribed period expires May 15 at 21:00 Kiev.

Mayor Vyacheslav Ponomarev Sloviansk reported that forces Natsgvardii focus on turning Krasnolimansky Kharkiv -Rostov highway , and called a halt in any panic . “>21-50
UPD 23: 21:30 Drobysheva area at a checkpoint worth of column tilts Kamaz. “>It refinement – in column 5 machines , machine empty .
May 15, 2014 21 h 20 min . “>” The enemy is moving forward very slowly and carefully , carefully reinforced at each of the position. We carry a fire on mortars . It meets the same + with heavy machine guns . During the day we still have no losses. Do they – do not know yet . “
http://summer56.livejournal.com/110897.html – zinc

Slavic. Sleep was not given.

“>The losses of the junta in the Donbas .

UPD 20 : 21:00 ( GMT) In the vicinity of the stadium shootings . “>Over Mykolaivka despite the rain continues to fly the third hour of combat aviation .
“>UPD 22: 21:15 Semenovka intensive shooting .
“>Deputies of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party did not take part in the evening session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Thursday to protest against the ongoing military operation in the south- east of the country .
At the morning plenary session of the Party of Regions faction leader Oleksandr Yefremov said that ” in such a situation to work in the room – this is the height of hypocrisy and we leave the room .”
Like todayOnline video appeared weight where fighting today for trying to pass fights April 24May 2 and 5 after thecollision number.

In the city center are all relatively calm. Periodically heard gunshots on the outskirts.
Of broadcast http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/200336.html
UPD 18: 20:40 (GMT) in the Slavic wade right quadrant small quantities of firearmsopened fire on civilians with rubber bulletsdocumented cases.
Full version of the ultimatum yesterdaywhich showed Strelkova deputy junta.



Reported that Karachun are shooting towards SlovianskPerhaps is zeroing or is it just harassing fire.

Interview wounded punitive fisherman. Today the Nazis killed near Kramators’k and Slavic 3 civilians and woundingseveral moreventing anger for the loss.

“>UPD 6: 17:15 ( GMT) on four explosions thundered Krachachune , ktratkosrochno worked siren .
“>UPD 8 : 18:10 ( GMT) In the area of ​​working Karachun artillery, several explosions in the vicinity of F / D.
“>UPD 10 : 18:50 ( GMT) District from moving before turning to the East – clash , work KPVT , divisional samovars , automatic and machine-gun fire .
UPD 11: 18:55 ( GMT) Raygorod ( Rostov highway) at the turn to build large Liman checkpoint fascists put concrete blocks , a lot of equipment and manpower . “>UPD 12: 19:00 ( GMT) In the area of ​​plant Terelast explosions from artillery Karachun intensively working on Andrew’s checkpoint .
“>UPD 14: 19:10 ( GMT) has come to update the checkpoint fascists – 10 armored vehicles , a company of the Nazis and the right sector .
UPD 15 : 19:35 ( GMT) From the Nazis Dmitrovka Shavrova passed through and entered the village Ocheretino . Behave like fascist punishers – burst into the yards , searched the house , the village is completely surrounded by the shooting .“>UPD 16: 20:00 ( GMT) Village Green Valley – three BMPshki , two machine-gun nests , four trench -length, two under pulemet.fashisty Behave brazenly beating people .
<p>”>Link to another text online http://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/200336.html

“>Nazis attacked activists defense position near the settlement Semenivka 2 km from the Slavic .
“We Semyonovka is fighting . Our position is attacked Ukrainian military “- told Interfax spokesman national Sloviansk Mayor Valery benefactor.

People write about what shots are heard in different parts of the city . Eyewitnesses reported that about half heard shooting and explosions on the outskirts of Slavic – in Semenovka at the fish farm , near the railway station .Explosions and gunfire could be heard also in the city center . Earlier fighting terrorists in the busy city the press service of the Donetsk regional administration. ” In Slavic and Slavic regions, the situation is tense . At different points of the city is constantly heard firefight. Does not work public and community transport. The city and region is completely absent television broadcast . In the village. Andreevka severely damaged the building to the club. In the city are preparing for military action. About the “betrayal ” Akhmetov .


DNR militia on the outskirts Sloviansk.




Ours were forced to storm the Nazi Guard troops because if waited until 21:00 that these troops could already enter in the Slavic and Kramators’k. Currently in Semenovka is fighting between our and the Nazi guards.
http://vk.com/wall-62241455_782576 - zinc
On the day the shelling Sloviansk.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g76-FyRWPk
DNR captured militia IMR-2M Kramatorsk.

“>Shots are heard by Slavkurorta .
” Sirens no, do not hit the alarm .” <p>”>https://twitter.com/Sloviansk – zinc

Today , May 15 , in g.Slavyansk (Donetsk region) as of 18:00 local time on the outskirts of the city in fierce fighting between security forces and local Ukrainian militia . “>” Just now Slovyansk fierce fighting near the village . Semenivka and mkr.Vostochny . Underway heavy fire from automatic , large-caliber weapons and rocket-propelled grenades . Heard explosions . Sitting with his wife on the floor , afraid to go to the window ,” – said Alexey.
is the Ukrainian army . “>20-05
<p>”>Pushilin – Speaker of the Supreme Council.

“>Live Broadcast today on ” Voice of Sevastopol .”
Camera crew videoagentstva RT Ruptly was fired from two Ukrainian APCs near Kramatorsk Donetsk region , said on his twitter Katic Djurovic – journalist agency. None of the bullets hit the car. The sudden maneuver , perfect driver to escape from the fire , the car went off the road and fell into a ditch. “>19-51
Will be no mercy . Appeal to militia troops junta.

<p>”>According to several reports, militia forces launched an attack ” natsigvardii ” without waiting for the expiration of terms of the ultimatum , as the Nazis apparently prepared his attack on the evening and forestalled .

In Slovyansk kipish unhealthy . On all sides there is a fight . On Rybhoz explosions. Heard on Artem. On SlavKurorte shooting caliber . According to the CPB and mortar bmdshnaya shooting . In otvetku BTR . On Semenovka serious battle . Explosions heard at Сhemik, Cherevkovke . “>19-45
Eyewitnesses reported that about half heard shooting and explosions on the outskirts of Slavic – Semenivka , Rybhoz Amtrak . It is also reported that the shooting is taking place in the city center.

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