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Representatives in “Freedom” in the Verkhovna Rada propose an effective method of fighting terroristsentrenchedSlovyanskAccording to them, everyone civilians should leave this town for 48 hours, after which to begin preliminary bombardmentcaused an airstrikeand awaiting a final sweep of the city from the bandits terrorizing the Donbass

” We require the successful completion of the antiterrorist operation (ATO ) . It must be converted into a more decisive step . Namely, we have to focus on the accumulations to strike terrorists in Slavic and Kramatorsk. This must be done before the end of the week that we normally have been able to vote on election day May 25. “>The deputy noted that the focus should be on eliminating the ” core militants” primarily near Sloviansk .
“We need to redeploy forces and the military, all the necessary capabilities have the Defense Ministry. Need to apply heavy artillery and use additional air support . “>At the same time he proposed to announce the evacuation of civilians did you hide behind the bandits .
“We need to minimize the loss of our military and at times to increase their ranks in the separatists and terrorists .That there were no casualties among civilians , need 48 hours before the start of the operation to announce the evacuation of all local residents were evacuated . For this is necessary transport . After this, you should declare all who remain there , will not be considered civilians and supporters of terrorists or terrorists themselves .<p>”>http://nr2.com.ua/kiev/498042.html – zinc

PS. So, if no one from the city will not work , the population of the whole city can be considered enemies and destroy, including women and children . But there were warning more than once, but the population why it is not in a hurry to leave. Interestingly, this thought Kiev intellectuals outraged that someone out there Berkut broke . And here ‘s offer to destroy an entire city with a population , and nothing. Why then do not run maidan . Apparently do not give money , yet . Here sits this Ukrainian ” nation shit ” (c) Lenin and looks fishy eyes as burn and kill people and plan to destroy the whole city with the population. Well, about the Nazis , they though strongly demonstrate their bloodlust in theory and in practice , special intelligence , they also do not shine . The idea that you can bloody terror and intimidation to suppress completely disloyal population has repeatedly demonstrated its full inefficiency and there is no reason to believe that this time will be somehow different . Regarding Sloviansk , then it is not difficult to guess , what does yelling Mihalchishin , divorced from reality little more than full . Character is probably very little combat experience in urban development . Experience Grozny , Homs , Aleppo , excellent Sirte showed that the use of air and artillery , does not solve the task of capturing the city, storm still have enough infantry with high losses . In this regard , the systematic bombing and shelling Sloviansk , will only lead to increased casualties among civilians , but will not solve the problem of direct assault when still require the use of infantry and armored vehicles in urban environments against an armed enemy trained modern antitank and antiaircraft complexes. At the same time , if you look at the situation as a whole, even if it goes to the junta and really destroy the whole city , in a strategic sense, it will not change anything , since Slovyansk is only the vanguard of the forces that are now going in the heart of the DNI . <p>”>If even a small Slovyansk now is such a problem for the Nazis , the storming of Donetsk and now all is beyond the capabilities of the junta .

Therefore, these cries and calls for mass murder (which can not be prosecuted Ukrainian ” legislation ” ) resemble a fit person who does not see any positive scenarios for Donbass and would rather destroy it together with people , rather than part with those brown illusions that inhabit And this logic is quite usual and standard for those with a fascist ideology , how can not remember Hitler, who at the end of his bloody career in conversations with Speer was saying that the German people did not live up to his expectations and must perish . And Ukrainian epigones Hitler would rather destroy part of their own population than to recognize that the problem is primarily in their brain damage , where instead of convolutions is just one lunar landscape in which they want to transform the world around them .




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