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WAR Live 05.14.2014

Live text broadcast all the events taking place in Slavyansk Kramatorsk and the South-East of Ukraine. In this post, allpublished materialsphotos and videosthat we receive online from the zone of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine

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18+ Nazis shoot to kill civilians wounded old man and a young man

16-15The Don Cossacks took custody Debalcevo

15-30militia Sloviansk want to switch from defense to offense
Militia Sloviansk intends to move from defensive to offensive tacticszayavilapress secretary “popular mayor” StellaKhorosheva city.

14-12, residents Makeevki Ukrainian symbols removed from the executive committee of the city without regret andwith joy.

13-35photos after a night battle about Sloviansk

Burned on the photo equipment Nazi Guard




“>Tuesday leader of Southeast Oleg Tsarev organized Congress Coordinating Council , which was attended by representatives of Kherson, Nikolayev , Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Odessa regions .

Members of the Congress announced the creation of the republic New Russia , and turned to other areas of the country for the restoration of Ukrainian statehood on the principles of democracy and federalization . Also adopted a resolution on the organization of public administration and DNR LC .



13-25Ataman of the International Union of Public Associations “Great Don Army” Anatoly Kozitsin told that theCossacks decided to form the National Guard to aid the implementation of the brotherly people living in the East of Ukraine. At this point in the Guard have already recorded 18 thousand people.
Cossack National Guard, according to Kozitsyna be created in order to destroy the living and the technical force of the enemy in the Ukraine. Join the Guard can headquarters in Novocherkassk.

13-12, Army South-East is preparing to issue new passports to residents of the Republic of Lugansk

At the headquarters of the Army of South-East is preparing to issue new passports to residents of the People’s Republic of Lugansk.

12-34, the UN keeps a check on the use of helicopters for its symbolism over Kramatorsk

Press secretary of the organization said that the use of machinery is only possible on behalf of the UN. Data on such order had been made, and it means that Ukraine had no right to such actions.


11-53 , Near Genichesk Kherson region . near the village around 11:15 Steady exploded self-propelled gun ( SPG ), a military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine , which is deployed on the territory of the village council . Valiant Ukrainian military joined negative account of their professional achievements : remember that to this day in the Ukrainian army ( known press ridiculous losses ) : Fired five tanks , military aircraft dropped exploded howitzer drowned multiple rocket launcher “Grad” . Military experts thank Providence for what is left in the Ukraine nuclear missiles. At 15:30 in Henichesk near a gas station “Shell” boarded the helicopter. To the place of landing an ambulance brought the victims. One went on board himself , the second brought on a stretcher.

 11-15Self-Defense Forces in the Slavic and Kramatorsk declare the destruction of several armored vehicles Ukrainiansecurity officials, as well as significant losses in the ranks of the enemy. The night was another clash in the area hoursenemy again tried to carry out an attack. However, we got outdestroyed several armored vehicles of the enemy. With his hand eight dead and seven wounded. We, unfortunately, are not lossless _


11-05at the entrance to Donetsk appeared roadblocks DNR

10-52adopted Natsgvardiya helicopters with symbols under UN Kramatorsk


10-00, a night under the Slavonicnear Mount Karachunclashed natsgvardiey and militia natsgvardiya receded.

9-05, Junta announced Novoselkovskoye region Donetsk region part of Dnepropetrovsk.






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