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Regarding the burning question, does the Russian military means to what is happening in the South-East

It is obvious that in the Ukraine are active , some Russian special services . First and foremost is the Foreign Intelligence Service and the Federal Security Service , who before the war had apparently own agent and intelligence network . It would be strange if such networks were not there. We must understand that is completely analogous to come and opponents of the Russian Federation in the Ukrainian conflict , as well as using RF own agent and intelligence capabilities to support one side of the conflict . Actually, the special effects of external opposition militias DNR grab-bag of troops junta happens backstage fight imperialist powers for control of Ukraine or its individual parts , where each other are fighting intelligence and security services of the parties. Of course , both sides in response to the statement “We found your mercenary Slavic ” or ” stuck in Slavyansk group GRU ” , pointedly deny everything , since those are the rules of the game , as we have already seen an example of the Crimea when entering Russian

“>That this is not always visible and very cynical struggle RF with the U.S. and the EU, identifies one of the main nerves of the war in Ukraine.

So as to direct the invasion has not yet reached , both parties are using alternative methods of power assistance , such as sending volunteers or private military companies through which to provide operational and tactical impact on the situation . Since the hot war with each other or the Russian Federation, neither the United States with the EU are not interested , then the actions of the parties in Ukraine, if you clear them from the propaganda, preparing the ground for its section , where the backroom struggle intelligence and security services , will ultimately determine the final borders fault. This happens because neither Kiev junta nor the DNI , do not have full political subjectivity and judgment rather heavily dependent on foreign countries . This struggle is both territory and population , and so for economic benefits and resource Gesheft that can still be learned from the Ukraine. Same story with the notorious deposits of shale gas in the Donbass , is another example of how in the fire of Growing civil war , external beneficiaries do not forget about their own economic interest. Some in Ukraine tend to blame external forces , which are now in the business section are Ukraine and its assets. But this possibility is largely created the ones who threw the 1000 let poor , miserable , cowardly and criminal messing Yanukovych , but he did not provide at least some sane replacement. It is clear that it was not necessary for the Americans , whose current puppet government and are quite satisfied with one hand brilliantly cranked operation to seize power and dealt a serious blow to Russia’s plans for Ukraine. But those who wanted some change for the better , yielding no improvement, and the war on its own territory and the disintegration of the state , where the future of Ukraine depends decaying in many respects from the one like ” secret war ” waged by the major imperialist powers Those who rode on Independence forgotten that since the late 90 ‘s, international law and in fact there is no paper contracts are not expensive . Ball ruled naked force – military, economic , political . And the weak will tear apart , despite all the screams, cries and lamentations . So do not be surprised that in the major cities of Central Ukraine launched a full-fledged U.S. intelligence infrastructure, and in the Donbass die foreign mercenaries and CIA agents . Ukraine for both parties , golf games and their own interests . Just before this happened so to speak in a more civilized and now matter is decided on the open fronts of the information war , and by the physical destruction of opponents. Moreover, all parties will deny everything until the end , because these are the rules of the modern world .

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