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http://www.voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/voina-na-yugo-vostoke-onlain-10-05-2014-.html – Stream live on The Voice of Sevastopol.”
Fascist media confirm http://www.unian.net/politics/916634-pohischennogo-nachalnika-gorupravleniya-militsii-mariupolya-nashli-poveshennyim-smi.html Androshchuk penalty.
Fascist militants Kolomoyskogo entered the Red Army, and trying to disrupt the vote.
Ljashko kind of like really caught.
For information about the capture of a candidate for president of Ukraine has just been confirmedIn commentsinformants Oksana is a pity that you are currently located outside Ukraine told that is always in direct connection with the Mariupol and she has confirmed this information confirmed a number of people.
Did not catch areaSeems to VolnovakhaPinned to the polling station and shouted pravosek Glory to Ukraine.”
His grandparents sticks scored. Pravoseku called an ambulance.



I unfortunately or fortunately this is not the Ukraine , but my mother sends me photos and videos with the referendum. Insanely touching , says grandpa barely moves his feet and still came to vote and support their own people !

Mom ( m ) : Hello ! Let me help you !
Grandpa (d ): Thank you , my daughter ! What’s your name ?
M. Lena !
D: Thank you , darling ! Thanks to defend our land !
M. : you ! This is the little that I can do for you ! You are a hero ! Thank you for coming !
D: Such trifles and make us the people , my daughter !
To tears !

The announcement of the capture Ljashko in Mariupol .

Meanwhile, in the parallel universe brown.
About self Mariupol!
All those wishing to help the citycontact the police department Zhovtneviy StreetFountainthe duty of.
Wall sorrowin Mariupol.
Referendum referendum, and barricades in Mariupol has not been canceled.

Again junta in hysterics ! Turnout is 75 percent! ) And that’s what they write! )
Acting Chapter Luhansk region stated that the referendum did not take place in the region
Acting Head of Lugansk regional state organization Irina Verigin said that the referendum did not take place in the region . This is stated in an official statement , Acting Chapter Luhansk Regional State Administration.
” Already we can safely say that the Lugansk region said a firm” No! ” Illegal ” referendum ” so-called” People’s Republic of Luhansk . ” The will of the citizens , which is contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine , appeared not popular – at gunpoint to come to the occupied areas agreed slightly people, “- said in a statement Verigina .


A little more GRU agents.))


Flowers at the police Mariupolwhere yesterday accepted death in battle more than 50 policemen.

Sudden MariupolSupermarket “Billa”

Take it easy guys, you are ahead of the event. =)

In Ugledar Donetsk region had the highest turnout .
According to activists of People’s Republic of Donetsk on the territory of the 12.00 turnout DNI excluding Red estuary was 32.6 % , the correspondent “Gazety.Ru” .
” The highest turnout in Ugledar – 52.8%. Kostiantynivka – 44% , Torez – 48%. Lowest – Slovyansk 20%. Mariupol – 21%.The Commission can not cope with the influx of voters ” – reported in the DNI . According to activists , ” director mines forbade workers to come to a referendum. Miners opposed themselves to the employer, self-organized show host who in the Donbass . ” Regular data on turnout will be known after 16.00

Will of the people of Mariupol.

Just received anecdotal reports that in Mariupol captured Ljashko.
Receives information http://novorus.info/news/events/16075-lakey-kolomoyskogo-poveshen-v-mariupole.html thatMariupol police chief who organized the slaughter in their own cityby the verdict of International Tribunal still hung on aspen bitch as actually expected
http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1582185.html - details here15-36
Slovyansk referendum.


Referendum in Lugansk. Voice of the People.
In Kharkov meeting is being held for the referendum.
Fascist Irma Krat captured in Slavyansk exchanged for freight corridor for humanitarian aid for the city’s residents.
At 15-00 Moscow time turnout for a referendum in LUGANO PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF REACHES 75%.15-25


Today in Belitskoe referendum passesEverything goes quiet without provocationApproximately 40% votedresidents. All residents vote on their own!



Hi .. I live in the small villages in Makeevki and I can say with great certainty that voter interest and 95% will be higher.Great mood all congratulate each other on a holiday!!

OBITUARYtoday May 11, 2014 in Donbass after a serious illness passed away country Ukraine, useless stupid country.Ukraine will be buried at 22.00 local time without honorsUkraine died. Long live the DNR!





In Lugansk region in the referendum voted for two thirds of the voters
As of 12:00 local time on Sunday turnout for the referendum in the Luhansk region was 65%CEC chairman AlexanderMalihin region.
At a briefing in Lugansk, he said that in general unable to access 80% of polling stations, but can not open sites in thenorthern areas - SvatovoMelovskomBelokurakinskij and Trinity.
Meanwhile, in the parallel universe brown.


Голосование в Артемовске!Фото сделаны около 10.00 часов утра!.на фото вся очередь не вместилась.через пол часа очередь удвоилась!люди поздравляют друг друга с праздником!!!

В Луганске вчера поймали фашиста, который бегал по городу и срывал объявления о референдуме.

APPEARANCE IN THE FORMER LUGANO area at the time exceeded 65%.
With channel ” Antimaydan “
Letters from Kiev :
Morons , you do not understand that without the Donbass Ukraine is waiting for default and full * opa ? ? ? Have a conscience without ruining the Ukraine !
After all, in your mills and factories kept Ukraine !
We reply :
On Independence than you thought ? Dawning ?


On the day of the referendum in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine Christopher Wanner works at a polling station in Donetsk. The channel N24 he openly admitted that he was impressed with how organized the vote passes . ” The flow of people is huge. We are amazed at this , because they thought that many simply do not find the polls because of the chaos in the organization. But now you can see what here in Donetsk, a strong influx of people . We also heard that in other precincts everything looks like manner ” – quoted by journalist
http://russian.rt.com/article/31442 # ixzz31P0wEDRb – zinc

With channel ” Antimaydan ” :
I do not recall such a stir in the history of Ukraine! I do hope you can safely start learning the Russian national anthem , Ukrainian , I never learned )

Foreign journalist interested residents DNR against what and what they are voting .

On my small village in the Kiev area, no long queues of coursebut people are quietly fit, vote, all smiles, a positive attitude and believe into the future …. People DNR order is following very welcomingcongratulating 


Dill MILITARY obstruction portions and do not give residents to voteClimb newsletter. VOTED 60%. PEOPLE WANT TO VOTE!

The highest turnout in the referendum in Ugledar 13.00 – 52 %
The smallest turnout in the cities where there are active hostilities.
In Slovyansk already voted about 20 % of the population in Mariupol 21% – said the head of the CEC Donetsk ‘s Republic Roman Lyagin . - First of all , it is certainly due to the active fighting in these cities. According Lyagina his startled situation in the mining town Ugledar where employers banned miners vote , but despite this there already received more than half of the total population . - In order to count the ballots at sites will need about three hours. Think about in the morning I ‘ll know the preliminary results , – said the head of the CEC.
Makeevka .



MariupolLeft CoastLand can not copethere are people who are already 3:00The streets empty, but nowhere near thedistrict administration to pass.
People Kharkov governor calls for a referendum , “not to be as Conchita .”
People governor of the Kharkiv region Vladimir Warsaw urged activists Kharkiv militia also hold a referendum , reports “Gazety.Ru” .
According to him, ” or will the Donbas , or with such as Conchita ( Eurovision winner ) .”
Kharkiv militia activists say they do not agree with the position of the leader of the public association ” South- East” Yuri Apukhtina , who said the unwillingness of Kharkiv to hold a referendum and inconsistency issues.
They stress that they intend to raise at the next meeting the question of the immediate commencement of preparations for the referendum and in Kharkov.
Selidovo Donetsk region.
Such unity of the people I have not seen for some elections !
People are going to vote their families , everything goes quiet, peaceful , and most importantly, ease!
People vote for truth , for peace, for peace and a happy life!
Next , Donbass ! Strength in Unity !
Show with whom contact was not worth !


Voting in Moscow.


Makeyevka . pos. Sverdlov.
Not previously observed such activity on our polling station. All customized patriotic and we have only one purpose , vote for the DNR !
As of 13:00 becomes only more people , there is no opportunity to let everyone inside.
Referendum on self-determination in the Donetsk region of Ukraine held with otherworldly appearance , says the head of the CEC self-proclaimed ” People’s Republic of Donetsk ” Roman Lyagin . “Turnout is not just big, it prohibitive .Queue at the polling stations , electoral commissions operate in a high load ” – was quoted as ” Interfax “.


Paul Gubarev about the referendum.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe brown.
Antiterrorist operation is in the final stage SlovyanskKramatorsk Red estuary. Our military perform all tasks” – said the acting head of the Presidential Administration Sergei PashinskyPashinsky informed that terroristsdestroyed the base, roadblocks.
http://napoleon-6.livejournal.com/254287.html - zinc
Voting in Moscow.
At polling stations in Mariupol employs over 1,000 volunteers.


A man opened fire at a polling station in Donetsk region

In Donetsk, the Proletarian district of traumatic weapons man fired several shots into the ceiling. Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the People’s Republic of Donetsk breakaway Roman Lyagin said that at the moment of serious provocation in areas not fixed.
Man perpetrate shooting at a polling station on the referendum on the status of the Donetsk region in the Proletarian district of Donetsk region , the chairman of the Central Election Commission of the People’s Republic of Donetsk breakaway Roman Lyagin .
” In the Donetsk region of Proletarian traumatic weapons man fired several shots into the ceiling, but its activity did not last long , it was neutralized ,” – said Lyagin at a press conference on Sunday . He added that at the moment of serious provocation in areas not fixed. Besides this case , there were also attempts to unsettle persons intoxicated .
On Sunday, in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in eastern Ukraine is holding a referendum on the status of regions , organized by supporters of federalization . The ballot question : Do you support the act of state autonomy , respectively , Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics . Voting takes place on the background of the Kiev authorities carried out a large-scale military operation against the activists , during which used armored vehicles and aircraft , killed civilians.

Turnout for the referendum on the status of the Donetsk region , as of 11.20 ( 12.20 MSK ) exceeded 30 %. Turnout in the Luhansk region was , as of 12.00 (13.00 MSK ) is 65%.

A little more truthful news.”


Fascist propaganda Goebbels tantrums now resembles 1945.

Queue to vote in Moscow.

Turnout in the referendum in the Donetsk region of 13:00 (12:00 on Kiev) was 32.7%.
Turn in the Kalinin district



Stream Broadcast http://goodgame.ru/player3?6147
Asked for more information in Lugansk.
Lugansk CEC Natsgvardiya prevents course referendum in Luhansk region
Ukrainian military personnel of the National Guard , which established checkpoints in northern Luhansk region , prevent the referendum on the status of the region, RIA Novosti reported member of the Central Election Commission declared the People’s Republic of Lugansk ( LC ) Elena Hryapina .
” In the northern region of Luhansk region – Cretaceous , Belokurakino , Trinity and Novojdar and Svatovo Friday mounted roadblocks . Representatives Natsgvardii discourages people from coming to the polls and vote ,” – said Hryapina .
She stressed that , despite the troubled situation in these areas , the referendum still passes . In particular, it is actually ” a partisan mode ” passed a vote in the Cretaceous , where at 11.30 ( 12.30 MSK ) voted 100 % of voters.Ukrainian Natsgvardiya Luhansk region in the north has 14 armored personnel carriers, several tanks and helicopters , as well as personnel of more than 100 people , said the representative of the CEC. According Hryapinoy from Lugansk CEC in these areas aimed militia army of the Southeast for protection during the voting in the referendum .
About Ljashko role in the massacres in Mariupol http://mikle1.livejournal.com/4139044.html


In Novojdar Luhansk region evacuated polling station
In Lugansk region in Novojdar goes evacuation territorial election commission, which had a defeat fighters of the National Guard .
Soldiers Natsgvardii first APCs blocked the entrances to the polls , and then defeated the territorial election commission Novojdar , Interfax reported , citing a source in the Coordinating Council Election Committee referendum on the choice of the status of Luhansk region . In addition, in 14 districts of the Lugansk region documented serious problems with telephone and internet . Earlier defense forces Luhansk region reported attack Ukrainian armored vehicles. According to these data , about 15 armored personnel carriers were brought to the village Novojdar , where militias have taken the fight , try to contain and prevent further advance of troops to Lugansk .

For those interested - “Nona” is the instrument or on a wheeled or tracked chassis onThere is an option based on the BTR, there based on BMD.
In Slovyansk she has since seizing equipment from the paratroopers.
Luhansk region in the north of the junta is trying to concentrate troops to try to disrupt the referendum.


As you have seen , these separatists in the empty streets do not know where to vote . The referendum and they did not plan to go.

And here lies the expected from the junta . It is generally very predictable in its tupizne .

Empty streets and ignorant vote where supporters of the separatists.
How is ” psevdoreferendum ” in Donetsk. Most plans do not Shakhtar go into so- called “referendum”
http://www.segodnya.ua/regions/donetsk/pustye-ulicy-i-neznayushchie-gde-golosovat-storonniki-separatistov-psevdoreferendum-v-donecke-519405.html - Further link
Such materials are well indicate for whom it holds the inhabitants of the occupied territories by the Nazis .

Steshin Slavic :
Just talked with Paul Gubarev , told how he was tortured in Kiev prison SBU.

How to kill the House of Unions .
Went 4 and 5 of the documentary investigation .
http://alexa11111.livejournal.com/399015.html – Part number 4
http://alexa11111.livejournal.com/399167.html – Part number 5

look at this fucking referendum have to move out of the window at this point (((

Yes , Anton. Have . And more than you think .

Steshin Slavic reports:
Details of the battle of the shooting . On our side, among other things worked ” Nona” . Released 12 shells. Was hit in the ammunition supply warehouse .
It is from this explosion rattled windows and around the city. Militia hit about an hour before the attack, thwarted all plans .
Of the 10 respondents and voting residents Sloviansk , all in the militia relatives , friends and acquaintances .

According to the correspondent of LifeNews, at 11:00 Moscow time, the turnout in the Luhansk region was 22% .
According to the head of the press service of the CEC Vasily Nikitin , from rural areas to them receiving data turnout of 90 % for the first three hours of voting.

According to him, a particularly strong provocations exposed northern regions of Lugansk. Ukrainian military intimidate the population and tear people newsletters . School authorities received threats . Provocateurs intimidated by the fact that people will take away in Kiev , if someone provide school premises for voting.
In the Donetsk region voter turnout , according to the press service of the Donetsk City Council was slightly above 30 %.
In Mariupol voting takes place in conditions of shortage of polling stations.
- There are people who in the 1980s did not vote, – said chairman of the territorial election commission in Mariupol Elena Lokhvitskaya . - The plots should have been 14 , but opened only four. We do not have time to maintain such a large number of people willing to vote. People stand in line on the street, since the size of the room does not allow all the place . Protection of people forced to skip parts to avoid the crush . Some elderly people even felt sick in the crowd and had to take Corvalolum .
Elena Lokhvitskaya also voiced data on turnout in Mariupol . According to her, it was 25% .
https://vk.com/feed?w=wall-68391767_8453 – zinc

At the entrance to the building to shoot police Mariupol.

Shooters on fight night on the mountain Karachun :
” At about half past seven pm some pedestrian crap (whether nazi , whether ” free banderlog” ) attacked a checkpoint in Andreevka . When our shoot began , with direct fire Karachun hit tanks and armored vehicles , mortars joined . Ours, according to the order retreated deeper into the residential sector. we had four wounded (fortunately, as it turned out , it’s not hard ) , burned car , there are some losses in weapons.
In 00 hours the entire garrison valiant ukrsky Karachun mountains , are poised to attack Slovyansk woke up from a totally unexpected and impossible things – it fired artillery (or rather – mortar ) fire. Almost point-blank , with 600 yards on it fulfilled our BMD ( “penny ” and ” deuce “) and ” Nona” . Last shot 12 shells and returned safely to base.After one of the shots on Karachun something seriously detonated one direct hit was in the TV tower , another – in the building telecentre . At 4 am, flew in a helicopter (probably – the wounded ) . Data on enemy losses forward . They should be – there were several batteries butt (including ” hail” ) and more infantry battalion with a tank company .Judging by radio interception , were hurt by harboring , amazed and offended to hiccups – like in the famous joke ” And THAT WE FOR What ! ? ? ” They sat there quietly himself , shot himself at a checkpoint in Andreevka , planned to storm Slovyansk soon , but here … ON THEM ALSO start shooting ! Well in any gate not climbing !
After such resentment still approximately 2:00 harboring unknown fought with anyone , using mortars and heavy machine guns . Broken garage on the outskirts of town and spoiled asphalt area w / station.
For that morning … silence -ah -ah …
I hope to have my subtle hint reached . Shells we have more than enough. “Direct delivery ” with the Ukrainian military warehouses … “
http://summer56.livejournal.com/103518.html – zinc

With channel ” Antimaydana ” :
Hooray ! VOTE ! Turn HUGE ! But moves very quickly . Commission work efficiently. Music sounds . Land protection is provided . All is well . Transparent urns , everywhere you can see on the ballot , ” YES !” Happy Donbass ! Hooray !Donbass People’s Republic !

http://www.voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/yugo-vostok-11-05-2014-referendum-onlain-656.html - updatedbroadcast Referendum on Voice of Sevastopol”
http://www.voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/referendum-v-luganske-onlain.html - Referendum in Lugansk Online
http://www.voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/referendum-mariupol-onlain.html - Referendum in Mariupol Live





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