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Continue to broadcast events of the Civil War in the South East, which today runs the historic referendum onsovereignty Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and their separation from the actual sunken fascism in Ukraine.

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Now come with a referendum on the site – a few hundred happy separatists ( dedulki , grannies , moms and dads with kids and without , youth) are in the queue for registration. Many are holding , his pen , the ink was not fake ! In the queue had to stand for 15 minutes! And all the solid only one that we all turned out to Donetsk was proclaimed the People’s Republic ! Proud of their city and Donbass ! Eternal memory to the victims , who have shed their blood, that we held a referendum ! Glory Donbass !

“>https://vk.com/nordsnews?w=wall-71268558_143 – zinc

“>In DONETSK forced to vote at gunpoint ! =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Referendum in Mariupol .

Huge turn in Mariupol.

Progress in the referendum in Lisichansk.


Of broadcast Steshina:
Queues at polling stationspeople go flow. Result yasen.Dazhe not discussed.

Yenakievo referendum.

Photo report from the referendum in Donetsk from SovInformBureau https://vk.com/sovinformburo

In Slovyansk polling stations opened on the night despite shooting. Some areas had to be combined. Mayor Slovianskalready voted.


Goodbye Ukraine.


Turn to a referendum.

One of the readers of “totalitarian propaganda mouthpiece” has already voted and shared the results.

Queues at the referendum.

“>DNR says CEC high activity in a referendum.
High voter turnout at polling stations observed the referendum on the status of the Donetsk region , told reporters on Sunday Coordinator Central Election Commission declared the People’s Republic of Donetsk Boris Litvinov . ” There are very high influx , and in some places the Commission in a timely manner is not always cope with the vote ” – Litvinov said at a press conference in Donetsk. According to him, to help members of election commissions involved volunteers who will enter the data in the voter lists , but these volunteers will not participate in the vote counting process .

In Lugansk region s.Sabovka Slavyanosebskogo district, chairman of the village Marina V. Romanovbanned openpolling station, so many people want to votebut do not know whereMost likely the same situation withyellow 

“>According to unconfirmed information from Odessa :
An unofficial source reports that close to Catacombs found three corpses activists ” right sector ” , who were directly involved in the burning of the House of Trade Unions. One body was chipped presumably entrenching shovel. The second and third are killed pitchforks. Shortly before this , all three arrived in Odessa from Dnepropetrovsk, are wanted . “>11-25
Turnout mad . Exit polls are not held. Observers there, but a huge number of journalists. Yesterday, the city actively disrupted leaflets calling to go to a referendum. But judging by the turnout , it will not help the Nazis .


Nerves are missingfascist in hysterics

Current hysterical. Now when there is a referendum on the South-East, it is funny to listen to.


For fans of Babai.

http://napoleon-6.livejournal.com/254050.html - zinc

Of broadcast Steshina:
Desantura included Bat and coughing afraidMountain Karachun justifies the nameLong stood in the place where the day before we would have carried a sniper.

The queue at Ilyichevsky executive committee.
https://vk.com/feed?z=video246884785_168599976% 2F28c8d9e0c2a42c9309

“Heavenly Heroes” Kolomoyskogo.

Two scum did not return from MariupolMilitia is necessary to strengthen the work of filling the stand.

Video about Odessa Khatyn intended for distribution in the English-speaking Internet.

Downloadperezalivat other hosting and spread.

Pulley for a referendum.


Life-News report on the referendum.

Forecast turnout over 70% is justified.

At a polling station in Donetsk.

Mariupol is a referendum.

Donetsk. Turn to say YES.

With channel Antimaydan“
Who was under Lugansk on the site, so the whole village gathered (though time is too early), from our own 12 YES,Banderlog have achieved

Video from a polling station in Mariupol.

On our side, there are no losses , on their part , can not be .

“>People go to a referendum polling stations opened.

“>Half 11 is quite obvious that the people en masse goes to referendum, and turnout will be quite comparable to the Crimea .
Mariupol, on the avenue of Metallurgists plot .

Of broadcast Steshina:
Just drove around the city perimeter. Night event looked likeDesantura the mountain Karachun acquired a bad habit of firing
evenings Andreevka blockso when they got carried away firehit them from the rear of the city. Flies” spared, yeah.

Photos from SlavicApparently filmed on May 9-10.

Family with a child in the House of Trade Unions on May 2.

http://shrek1.livejournal.com/291080.html - read the material thoroughly

Goodbye, Ukraine!

 Now there are a lot of photos will appear.


MariupolAll the referendum.


“>Comment from channel ” Antimaydan .”

“>How krymchanin and Sevastopolets perfectly understand neighbor , we have the majority of people just for these reasons and voted for the 1st option in the referendum on March 16.

“>More evidence about the details of the execution of Mariupol police.
” Firsthand my girlfriend odnoklassnitsy.Ee – husband – Mariupol policeman . Yesterday morning, they ( police ) were ordered to go to a rally to mark the Day of victory to disperse the protesters, ship them to paddy . Who will resist – shoot to kill . Ordered Ljashko ( candidate Presidents of Ukraine ) through early. UVD.Oni otkazalis.Nu , on what is written in blogs : beg. cop shot one in the leg (or somewhere else ) , the chief of the officers attacked , he called natsgvardiyu . She arrived in military vehicles torched ATC. ATC was in the meeting and there were all the police goroda.Dalshe what is not written more than an hour were not allowed firefighters and civilians remove lattice with 1 floor , police rescued . So-called soldiers fired on the people. and swift “>10-04
Answer bastard in Kherson.

“>Continues to receive information that capture mountain Karachun have junta seized almost a Mi-8 helicopter .
http://rene-spb.livejournal.com/274197.html collection target for the purchase of body armor and weapons to the militias of the Southeast .
At one time he was one of the main organizers ” Stalinobusa ” so that I can personally vouch for it . If you can still smuggle weapons , it would be fine.

“>http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1548575.html – fundraising for self Southeast through Moscow and Sevastopol.

Turn to a referendum in Mariupol .

Statement militia Donbass.

“>In sots.setyah information appears on the details of yesterday’s battle on Mount Karachun :
People mayor Slavyansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev promised that a referendum will be exempt from the TV tower Ukrainian silovikov.I he kept his promise ! Evening , May 10 , began a long boy.Zhiteli Sloviansk could only hear and watch all evening and all night in the sky appeared

“>As a result, the height was freed from Ukrainian silovikov.I as a bonus , Ukrainian law enforcers ” gave ” us military helicopter ! ! URA GUYS !

Received new lead from the front . “>Sum of losses SBU natsgvardii ( spetsbatalona “Azov ” and “Dnepr “) and mercenaries from PMC on our data is about 300 people ( constantly coming and processed ) .
” Most of the fighters lost special battalion ” Azov ” during the retreat after an unsuccessful attack , some of the bodies did not take with them . Recall that recently in blogs respected ” columnists ” appeared more information about the losses of the enemy, quote , ” The total loss in the Donbass punitive for 2-9 May 2014 : About 240 killed and wounded, among them: – about 130 extremists ” right sector ” generally included in the national Guard ; - About 20 soldiers 95 airmobile brigade Zhitomir ; - About 10 members of the MUP ; - About 60 SBU Ukraine (Sumy “Alpha” completely destroyed , Kiev , Poltava , Ternopil , Ivano- Frankivsk “Alpha” suffered heavy losses , etc.); - 20 CIA (13 killed, 7 wounded ); - 10 mercenaries : Polish PMC «ASBS Othago» lost 3 people , the American PMCs ” Greystone ” – 7 persons ; - Seven military helicopters (” Mi- 24″ and ” Mi-8 “); - 1 Hammer ; - 1 APC ; - . 1 BMP .

“>https://vk.com/feed?w=wall-68383587_36833 – zinc

“>In areas huge queues wanting to secede from the bastard Ukrainian ” state.”
“>http://www.ustream.tv/channel/newsfront1 – stream from Donetsk

“>http://www.ustream.tv/channel/newsfront2 – stream from the Slavic


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