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first part – http://truthinukraine.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/what-happened-in-mariupol/

next …A large video, taken directly from police Mariupolwhere more fully shown what was going to shoot policeMariupol building a few minutes after the arrival of fascist National Guard“ and started a firefight.

Of the other noteworthy information about Mariupol.

1. Upon walking network information that the police chief allegedly Mariupol Androshchuk found hanged near the airport.
Has no photos, so that can not be excluded and stuffing, but this form of folk lynching killer unleashed carnage in their own citywould be quite logical and justified.

2Ordinary residents Mariupol give interviews to foreign journalists.

3From various sources received information that aerodrome Mariupol concentrated militias fascist junta thatquickly reconnected with the Western Ukraine.

4In the city part of the building partially burnt ProcuracyBuilding allegedly set fire to the Nazis

Just burn the Nazis left the military unit 3057which after fleeing from the Nazismilitia seized one defective APC anda few boxes of weapons and ammunition.

Fire in the military unit.

Captured BTRwhich is twisted in the center of the city council in the area burnt.

Abandoned machinery.

Rookery on the territory of most part. Traces on the floor like blood.
5According to preliminary data from the headquarters Militia Mariupol, May 9, the Nazis killed more than 100 people.The building ATC were killed, almost all police officersCity blocked by checkpointsfrom the Zaporozhye moving heavy machineryairplanes landed at the airport with five hundred militants nats.gvardiiInformation herehttp://arbaletfire.livejournal.com/199068.html - killed 46 police officers and 143 civilians.


6. How torched BMP.

Foreign journalist takes fire BMP.
7. Oligarch Taruta Office after the attack at night from 9 to 10 May. Apparently, it is the residents of the city came tovisit impolite.
8. Glory and honor police Mariupol.
The bottom line - at the moment the city is controlled by militiaswhich is not much, but already with arms seized in a military unit and looted weapons and hunting stores. On arms have 1 APCOutside the city are concentrated troopsfascist fighters. In the coming days, perhaps the resumption of fighting in the city center.

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