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genocide Mariupol



over 300 people kill

Actually husks of yesterday’s mayhem in Mariupol.

Provocation on May 9 with blood and it was expected place.
That is, in factin the general strategic context is nothing surprising happened - the Germans had shed blood on May 9 and they shed itIn Mariupol.

Analysis of the known facts shows that the situation itself began to develop from the moment when the chief of the local police received orders to disperse Androschuk pro-Russian rally.” From whom exactly he received this order, is still unknown, but it is either the local Gauleiteror someone from the leadership of the juntaThe goal was simpleprovoke clashes with the local population disloyal junta militia.

Mariupol police chief Androschuk.

As it turned out, the degree of disloyalty Mariupol police junta underestimatedresulting in local police raised in open revolt, refusing to carry out criminal orders associated with the use of weapons against the local population.Obviously there is a conflict and verbal altercation, causing Androschuk quite got to be insane and shot his subordinatethen went to his office and called the National Guard.”


As is clear from the statements of the junta in Mariupol went “volunteers” , ie those who are fighting for the money. As can be seen in the analysis of the shape of these figures , there is no uniformity among them was not observed – who in black uniform internal troops , who in various camouflages , who are even in some strange outfit polugrazhdanskih .In fact, it was a motley rabble dialed from different parts or gangs , who in an amount of about 50 people armed with assault rifles , machine guns , grenade launchers and BMP 9 + 1 APC ( specify as comrades, they were not 4 , and 10 – just in the center at the police department not all lit up – this is their board numbers – 200 , 203, 204, 205 , 240, 241, 242 , 254, 372) – moved to the police by the Berdyansk , where a few days ago, observers noted BMP junta movement and unloading of death squads Since such forces seize huge city was unreal , the obvious goal is to eliminate the rebel militia Mariupol , which failed to take control . Up Androshchuk only boosted situation. BMP gang drove up to the building and Mariupol police were there for a while some negotiations , then began shooting, in which both sides suffered losses and the output sources diverge – one version was a skirmish between the fascists and police officers .on the other – between the Nazis and other fascists in black uniforms , which have already pushed police out of the building .
From photo clearly shows that the detachment was a fascist hodgepodge.Anyway, the majority of those killed, including punitive battalion commander and head of the local traffic policewas at the police department, which was conducted by accurate fire from all types of small armsrocket-propelled grenades and guns BMP.
As a result , the building is almost completely burned , and police suffered serious losses from 6 to 10 killed ( according to other information is not yet confirmed – in the building could have claimed more than 50 people ) . At least 3 of the junta killed and several injured . During the battle , Androschuk able to get out of the office and tried to escape from the building. According to information from the junta , he was allegedly caught trying to escape militia and taken to an unknown destination. His fate is not currently known, but do not be surprised if his body will find hanging on some bitch Mariupol . His death would be beneficial for the junta , as it allows to hide the ends in the water and cover those who gave him a criminal order .
The Nazis pulled his 300 th . After the shooting , the local population of up to 2,000 people , beginning to catch up with the local police department. Since both in Mariupol and Odessa showed hefty elfizm and weapons are not particularly attended to , then a few hours of shootings in the city center , in the militia in the video was seen only one bottle with Molotov cocktails . If in Mariupol had at least one platoon of machine gunners , then properly organized ambush, could lead to rapid death of the entire gang that moved pretty heap in full growth and represents an excellent target. It is clear that in Donetsk, Lugansk and Slavic , such as check- in Mariupol, would simply destroy a gang.
Just identified provocateurs http://romanikitin.livejournal.com/142372.html, shot in the back unarmed people . But overall, the crowd went Mariupol on machines and BMP . Them opened fire on , which led to the death of several civilians and many wounded . Part of victims killed or injured by ricochets and chaotic shooting. As a result , taking into account the dead at the police department , an approximate death toll could reach 25-30 people ( loss junta are not exactly known , as well as the number of policemen killed ) . Wounded dozens . As there is informationhttps://twitter.com/GrahamWP_UK/status/464829386450300928, that killed could be much higher. At the same time citizens are sincerely glad the Nazis killed and appalled by the townspeople killed quite correctly treated as the corpses of dead Nazis, and the captured prisoners .
Civil anyone naturally not killed because they did not have weapons. So stories about fights with the militia designed for gullible readers. In Mariupol just sitting and waiting for that from Donetsk podedut armed men, but instead thoseof Mariupolwent to standing near nats.gvardeytsam” and disarmed the integer parttook about 100 rifles and large quantity of ammunition.
Since the junta in the first minutes of the battle commander and dropped 2 had a few 300‘s, after shooting at policeand indiscriminate shooting in the city centerthey sank and began to move away from the city, pressed citizens living wallwhich incidentally was blocked road barricades, turning cars and trucks.
Attempts were made to capture the BMP when citizens tried rags close monitoring devices and blocking the path .However, this had slipped BMP fled from the city. 3 other BMP , 1 dead ( some problems with the engine or chassis ) , resulting in the militia got (which happily brought him in tow to City Hall and raised the flag of DNI ) – clarify how true , that which the junta tried steal from the city and one that is captured – the same number BMP 240. Reason for the loss in mat.chasti outdated and not because of the actions of militias . Leaving the city , BMP and enemy infantry retreated toward Berdyansk .
BMP junta get away from Mariupol.The city meanwhile began full anarchy - Traffic Police Chief was killedthe police chief was allegedly captured militia (several policemen were killed), the mayor fled in an unknown direction, the juntaalso drapanul from the angry townspeople. City in the evening on May 9 was in fact to himself and no one controlled.On top of the bloody daynight burned part of the city council and blowing off the water damand in the morning the militia burned defective BMP.burning City Council
Burning defective BMP.
In generalcan not help feeling that we have seen in the provocation that at some point just out of control and turned into uncontrollable bloody mess in the city centerwhen unarmed people raced around the city for people with gunsand BMP.
Direct culprit - it Androschuk police chiefthe blood of people primarily on it. But he only singer - clarifying the question of who gave him the orderor we can continue to follow the chain of performers, or to determine who orderedthe killing of Victory Day.
Any positive effect for the junta did not bring this bloodshed , for the appearance of armed men in Mariupol now only a matter of time . Loot weapons and hunting stores began that night , plus the survivors remained in police having adopted pistols and AK . As a result , instead of pacification of the city, who behaved quite passively turned quite on the contrary . Along the way, finally died tradeoffs as management on the basis of events DNR stated that the junta thugs from Kiev no cases have not. Thus, the provocation in Mariupol only inflames institutionalized civil war , when trade-offs with the ” federalization “, ” constitutional reform ” and “new general elections ,” just covered in blood and discarded in the trash . “>http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1579249.html – Battles in Mariupol number 1
http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1580138.html – How to kill in Mariupol

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