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Summary of military events in Novorossiya for 07/20/2014

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Heavy fights have also been in the area of Lysychansk and Popasnaya. Mozgovoy repels the attacks of punitives. On Seversky Donets the unit of "Lom" (subordinated to Mozgovoy, belonging to the DPR militia) wrecked with their fire 2 pontoons of Ukrainian army during their attempt to establish the river crossing.
In the afternoon of July 20, Ukrainian media reported that the punitive units entered the town of Rubezhnoye in two columns: "The first column came from the settlement Staraya Krasnyanka, and the second one - from the settlement Varvarovka. The columns went unopposed by the militia, and having bypassed Rubezhnoye they moved towards the village Voyevodovka." Later it was reported that the junta columns have been encircled near Voyevodovka and fell under the militia's fire. From the Ukrainian positions site columns of black smoke raised.
To Borovskoe a column of Ukrainian vehicles moved from Muratovo direction via ferry, later it drove through Bobrovo village. A column of tanks passed from Muratovo and later moved to Borovskoye settlement, in order to move further to Severodonetsk, or perhaps to entrench in front of Borovskoye.
Planes were flying over the Lisichansk oil refinery, those went in the directions of Rubezhnoye and Privolye.
In the area of Borovskoye a couple of loud explosions were heard. In the area of the refinery there were explosions, and over Borovskoye there was a bright glow in the night.
The junta continued to apply MLRS actively in this area (in particular, from the airfield of Kramatorsk, from Kudryashovka and Voyevodovka).
The punitive battalion "Donbass" which suffered losses in battles at Popasnaya is likely to be sent for reforming and making up the staff.


In the night from Saturday to Sunday the Ukrainian army attempted to cut Luhansk from vital communications, the electricity supply ceased, presumably, from Schastie power plant. As a result, the city was deprived not only of electricity and water, but of mobile communication, too, which they managed to recover just in the afternoon, and in some areas Ц just by the evening.
In the morning, presumably from Kamennobrodsky district, and also from their positions in the settlement of Metalist and the town of Schastie, the junta troops struck the city center with their mortars and howitzers, damaging several dozens of residential and office buildings, in particular, on Shevchenko Street, seriously affected were the buildings in the streets Artyom, Festivalnaya, Lomonosov, Prodolnaya, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Kuibyshev, in the blocks Shcherbakov and Stepnoy. The shelling went on at the Children's Hospital, at the eastern, southern and central districts of Luhansk. The shelling damaged the museum of history and culture of Luhansk at Karl Marx Street, 30 (a wall is broken).

The Luhansk People's Republic authorities declare the shutdown of entry to Luhansk by any route from July 21 to facilitate the capture of enemy sabotage groups operating in the city.
In the afternoon the Ukrainian army fired their howitzers again from the direction of Verhneye Tyoploye at the bridge over Seversky Donets and at the checkpoint located nearby.
Near Sverdlovsk in the area of Khmelnitsky and Zelenopolye movement and rearrangement of enemy forces was observed. Small clashes commenced around Chervonopartyzansk.
In the vicinity of Sukhodolsk the enemy has committed an airstrike in the countryside, hitting a combine, one person was injured.
All this day through the junta planes were flying repeatedly over Krasnodon. They have shot near Sukhodolsk. According to locals, they hit tractors, fields caught fire. One unit has shot something strange somewhere between Molodogvardeysk and Sukhodolske - slowly falling burning garlands with white smoke, and about ten minutes after this the roar of a transport plane has been heard, and in the sky between the two cities there have appeared 14 canopies. Anti-aircraft guns and small arms began to fire at those. Parachutes drifted towards Semeykino (Luhansk airport is in the same direction, but further). Most likely, it was cargo dropped for the junta soldiers blocked in the Luhansk airport, but it failed to reach the airport
The junta soldiers blocked in the Luhansk airport have their losses increasing, adding at least 4 dead, more than 15 wounded, including the seriously wounded (they tried to break out of the militia encirclement, but were ambushed). A large number of juntaТs damaged vehicles is also reported.
There were a few shots at Sverdlovka this night, they were firing at the waste heap in the settlement of Khmelnytsky (Ukrainian military forces stand, having dug their armour vehicles in caponiers). The Ukrainian army returned fire a couple of times, hit the site of 15th convoy, with no casualties. The general impression from the previous night they are exhausting themselves. Locals sleep in cellars.


In Donetsk it was restless too, gunfire and explosions were heard near the airport, an airstrike at Mineralnoye has been also committed
Fighting near Marinovka continues. A barrage of fire on enemy fortified area between the village and the border has inflicted losses on the Ukrainian army, but punishers continue to hold a site about 2 km wide. In the night the militia struck the enemy column near Grigorovka. In response the junta's troops fired at Dimitrovka and Marinovka with "Grads"
From the direction of Ostroye a volley has been fired at Krasnogorovka and Maryinka.
In the area to the north of Donetsk airport (near the settlement Orlovka) "maneuvers" of the Ukrainian armored vehicles continue (approximately 30 units), which move back and forth. Probably, in a vain attempt to "lure" the militia forces out of Avdeyevka.
The junta reported of the night shelling of their positions near settlements Shishkovo (from small arms), Aleksandrovsk (from MLRS BM-21 "Grad"), Avdeyevka (from small arms), Chervonopartyzansk (from small arms), Marinovka (from a tank). The data on their losses are being verified.
The airport remains blocked.
Junta reports of the militia firing in the morning on July 20 at their checkpoint located at the turn to Zaytsevo village (2 km from the city limits). The firing occurred around 4-30 am. The punitives of battalion "Donetsk" have at least one wounded.

In the first half of the day two columns of junta's military equipment have passed through Artyomovsk. In the morning at 9:00 am (Kiev time) 30 units of equipment - armored carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, 5 MLRS "Grad", 5 SPG "Gvozdika" and support vehicles with ammunition. At 11:30 (Kiev time) the second column has passed, which numbered about 46 pieces of military equipment. Including about 10 BMP, 5 tanks, 2 cranes, trucks with infantry and several trucks with building materials including concrete blocks for checkpoints (the figure 99 was reported to be noticed on flags).

At least one of these two columns has passed Krasnoarmeysk earlier in the morning.

Kramators'k and Slavyansk

From the airfield of Kramatorsk "Smerches" continued to strike militia positions near Lysychansk. Also the information was received that the Ukrainian militaries are housed near the airfield in the hostels of trade schools number 28, 47 and 42.


Since July 20, the militia is armed with captured air defense complexes "Strela-10M."
An information was received that during July 20 there were destroyed one "SU" (presumably fell in the area of Barakov mine near Krasnodon) and "An-26", "An-24" was hit but has left (if it reached its base, remains unknown)
Near Lvov, in the area of Gamaleyevka village, the locals, mostly, mothers of soldiers, have blocked the highway Kiev-Chop, protesting against sending their children to Donbas.
Through Glinka settlement towards Mariupol 2 trucks of the Nazguard have passed (with stripes on the hull). In one of those there were several soldiers, in the second there was something covered with a blue polyethylene.

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