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The summary about military developments in Novorossia 21,July, 2014

Author: Ayre от 22.07.2014, 04:37
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Large-scale offensive of the junta

After night shelling of the localities which are situated toward the northwest of Donetsk the punitive troops of the junta started the large-scale offensive on all fronts.

The Ukrainian tank units marched into the settlement Peski. There was a fierce fighting. The tank attack was supported by the artillery. Blocks of houses were destroyed. The mine Oktyabrskaya was shelled.

The enemy stormed into the settlement Avdeevka, then went to the railway station. Simultaneously the positions of militia near Karlovka and Netaylovo were attacked.

At the northern borders of Donetsk the Ukrainian Army mounted an attack near Dzerzhinsk. The outskirts were shelled by the artillery and “Grad” (brief single fires), then the tank offensive started.

After long-lasting fight the militia got the reinforcement from Gorlovka. Thus the punitive troops were temporarily stopped.

According to the operations report:
The regularly running aviation was discovered over Lozovaya (it directed from Mirgorod to Donetsk and Lugansk).

Later the aviation of the junta struck the air blows by using the unguided missiles in Donetsk and Lugansk. There were the victims among the civilians.

The railway station of Donetsk was stricken the air blow by using the unguided rocket missile. There were approximately 6 shots. The railway track and locomotive were damaged.

The battle continued in Dzerzhinsk. The volleys of the “Grad” and the “Uragan” destroyed the center of the town. The building of the city council was captured by the Ukrainian Army. The new units of the tanks and armoured vehicles regularly came to Dzerzhinsk. Due to the unequal forces the militia retreated to Gorlovka. Later the town fell. The defensive line of the militia retreated to Gorlovka.


The situation in Donetsk was extremely strained. The center of the hostilities was in the north-western part of the city in the districts Kievskiy and Kuybyshevskiy. According to the words of the eyewitnesses, the dwellers of these districts that had not left their flats hid out in the bomb shelters.

According to the report from the front line:

“Railway station and bus station were destroyed. There was a tank attack from the airport. The roadblocks were beaten at the north. The junta troops tried to surround us. This moment the battles are being fought at the railway station, bus station Putilovskiy, at the north of the district Oktyabrsky. The junta has temporary retreated. The regrouping of forces is being made this moment. Thanks to the militia forces that come to the aid with the “Grad”, “Nona” and tank T-64 we have managed to keep our positions.”

After long-lasting fights the representatives of the armed forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic declared about successful counterattack in the suburb of Donetsk. According to the militia statement, the Ukrainian forces retreated in confusion from the city, approximately one hundred soldiers of the National Guard that had lost all their tanks stayed in the airport. During the battle the militia losses were about 15 people.


The destroyed junta vehicles


Lugansk, Kamenniy Brod and Krasniy Luch were bombed by the Ukrainian Army the previous night. Mineralnoye was stricken an air blow. Miusinsk and Snezhnoe were shelled also. There were the fights near Rovenki and Avdeevka. The tank column that had been going to Severodonetsk was repelled. The enemy was shelled by the “Grad” near Verhnekamenka, between Seversk and Lisichansk. There were the air blows in the outskirts of Suhodolsk. One person is injured. The militia shelled 14 parachutes, which were carried away to Semeykino then. They were supposed to be paratroopers or cargos.


The outskirts of Severodonetsk and Sirotino were shelled by the multiple rocket launcher (it was supposed to be the “Uragan”). The National Guard of Ukraine shelled the districts of Lisichansk.

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