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Ukrainian army suffers disastrous losses (video)

Author: Ayre от 27.07.2014, 09:23
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Ukrainian army suffers disastrous losses. It is time for the Ukrainian Nazis to face the judgment for countless murders of innocent people, for every house destroyed, for every grievous loss and for unsheathing the sword of war against their own people.
Artillery of New Russia battering the invaders


Spectators report shelling and refer to a column of 7 trucks and several APCs that has passed recently, suggesting that the fire is intended to provide cover for it


Sverdlovsk, Khmelnitzkiy settlement, July 24th, 14. Fascists are being finished off in the southern entrapment


Footage taken after the shelling. The offscreen voice tells that the attempt taken 2 days ago wasn’t that successful, yet today every shell has hit its target.

The militias have destroyed two buses delivering humanitarian supplies to the Ukrainian Nazi soldiers.


A news item by a Ukrainian TV channel reporting the loss of two buses delivering uniforms, army boots, binoculars and combat rations, referred to as “humanitarian” supplies by the reporter, to the pro-Nazi forces. An interview with relatives of the personnel killed or wounded in action and the coordinator of the local branch of the Right Sector, a notorious Ukrainian ultranationalist faction, is provided after the report.

Video by PN: “A piece of metal is everything that’s left of the APC”


A clip filmed probably by a Ukrainian soldier reporting losses: an APC, a tank, several trucks, ammunition, food supplies, etc. “We have no other option but to retreat; the government has abandoned us, it promised us help, and now, see how it ends up. We’re being shelled by “Grad” MRLS and mortar fire, panic and smoke everywhere, no one can protect us”.


Ukrainians have finally realized it: turns out, a “Grad” MRLS shell does blast people’s arms, legs and heads off! Shame they didn’t come to understand these effects of the “Grad” multiple rocket launcher system back when they were shelling the civilians of Donbas with.


A Ukrainian combatant tells the story of how the punitive forces got a taste of their own medicine. His squad got under heavy shelling by “Grad” MRLS units, used by the punitive forces for bombarding cities and other settlements.
“It’s horrible; there are arms, legs, heads blown off everywhere. People were dying right in front of our eyes, on our hands. Commanders were issuing preposterous orders – they have deployed the units, men, ammunition in the middle of a clear field, even though there was a forest belt nearby”.
“There wasn’t a single officer there: just people burnt, injured, with no feet… One, for instance, had one leg torn off, and the other heel was dangling… We were taking him away, didn’t know what to do; we put him down and then he dies in a couple of minutes. Another man was severely contused, unable to say anything”.
According to Bogdan, the command was not even going to evacuate the soldiers.
“We call the commander, ask him to get us outta here, and he says – how am I supposed to? Officially, you are not there, get out on your own. Are there any vehicles left? What vehicles?! Everything’s burnt down – lorries, assault rifles, machineguns, documents”.
The survivors have been taken to the rear for rehabilitation, yet they can find no rest here as well.
“We’re being harassed by the military procurator’s office, they want to know – where is the truck? Where are the weapons, ammo, munitions? What do you mean “where”? Everything got burnt along with the people!”
The authorities try to conceal the scope of losses, claiming just 19 casualties.
“What data could a person that has never been there have? There are four truckloads of corpses, arms, legs, bodies cut in half, God have mercy”.
“We cannot fire back, we’re just getting shot like a fish in a barrel with those “Grads” there. That’s no war, just money laundering – I mean, the money from the military budget. The higher-ups are definitely mixed up in that: I don’t know what will happen to me after this interview, but at least people will know. There’s that political carve-up, no one knows who’s running the show, but us, just your ordinary guys, we’re sent there to die”.

A phone call from the area of the punitive operation. People shocked!


A captain of the Ukrainian army is on the phone: “We’re sick of these promises, appeasements; soon, I’m going to find myself assembling my troops //for service in?// Donetsk and Luhansk. Nerves are stretched thin, we’re sitting here like rabbits, it’s just like they came to a firing range and throw at us with Grads, Nonas, mortars of all calibres, you name it. Yesterday, the Deputy Minister said that something is being decided on, but what’s to decide? No grub, no nothing. The country has just abandoned us, that’s it. And everyone just sits there, afraid to tell anything to that president of Ukraine, and that minister of defence. What’s to be afraid of?”
Remark by one of the bystanders: “They have nothing to be afraid of already… They’re done for…”
“Everyone’s tired, tell’em to take that decision and get us outta here”.
Remark by one of the bystanders: “They are a human shield…”
“I’ve got WIA’s, KIA’s, they’re just lying here, no one takes them away; before, Russia used to do it, at least, and now they told us – that’s it, screw you. Thank God there aren’t so many wounded. Let them see that, that minister of defence and that president of Ukraine. I don’t see no swankies here, not a single one, just your ordinary guys. Why isn’t there a single millionaire here?”

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