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Declassified information about the casualties of the Ukrainian army (VIDEO)

Author: Ayre от 27.07.2014, 09:33
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Channel 1 Russia gave the public information based allegedly on secret reports for Poroshenko from Avakov and Nalivaychenko. Data on the real casualties of the Ukrainian army are now declassified. The number of deserters also become known.

Period from 14 to 19 July marked a catastrophic increase (by 3473 person, 47%) of the number of deserters from the Armed Forces and the National Guard of Ukraine as compared with those of last week (1847 people, 25%). In addition, in this period the number of missing persons increased (1344 person, 47%, as compared with 344 people, 10% during the last week). This phenomenon is associated with increased activity of the enemy in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and increasing loss of power structures. This fact influences on the combat capability of personnel and makes it impossible to continue ATO (anti-terrorist operation). If the negative trend will continue at this level, two thirds of the combat-ready units involved in the ATO will cease to exist in 4 – 5 days. In order to maintain the combat potential of the power structures I suggest to implement units retirement to the area of human settlements of Dobropolye and Smolyaninovo, respectively. After replenishment of ammunition, rearrangement and rotation of 60% of personnel the attack will continue.
Nalivaychenko, Head of SSU 


According to a summary signed by Interior Minister Avakov only in fights of the period from July, 9 to 15 there were killed 1600 and injured 4723 members of the military and paramilitary units of the Ukrainian army.
And according to the note of Nalivaychenko, the head of the SSU (Security Service of Ukraine), from July, 14 to 19 there were missing and deserted from the military units in Ukraine 3473 persons.In connection with that there is conclusion of necessity for urgent troops withdrawal from the combat zone for resupply.


Deserters, missing, lost


Active protest movement of soldiers’ mothers is increasing.
On VIDEO 2 woman in a leopard print dress rumbles out: (They) started – then sort out themselves! Left us alone! Only through our bodies, we will lie down on the roads! We will not give our kids anywhere! We want them to understand us and not to come here with agendas!
Voice-over: Hungry Ukrainian soldiers catch and eat vipers. On 5 minute video soldier skins freshly caught snake. Ukrainian army does not supply its soldiers with enough provisions, thus they are forced to hunt foxes, hedgehogs, frogs and even vipers. Pictures appeared on the Internet where in the south-east of Ukraine the soldiers cut up the snake and at the same time talk about heavy service conditions in the ATO area. Head of the Ministry of Health has advised the wounded soldiers in the ATO area buy their own medicines. It is interesting that tenders for the purchase of drugs from the Ministry of Defence are blocked by a certain LLC that even does not represent the pharmaceutical market. In such circumstances, the document of SSU concerning desertion scales does not look like fiction.

"Voice of Sevastopol" asks for help in breaking the information blockade

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