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There is no longer intrigue around the flight MN-17

Author: Ayre от 27.07.2014, 10:38
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In his announcement about Ukraine on July, 18 the President of the USA Barack Obama proclaimed:


During the next days after the accident the amount of accusations was steadily increased. The measures that should be taken against Russia were considered. Any doubts and hesitations concerning the identification of the genuine people responsible for the accident before the end of the investigation were proclaimed to be “politically incorrect” (nowadays such term is used to explain the abolition of freedom of speech).

Suddenly, the situation has changed dramatically.
The USA have recognized officially that there is no information that the Russian authorities are responsible for the tragedy. Moreover, the USA could not definitely say whether the Russian specialists were at the place where the missile had been started. In addition to this, the fact that the operator of the “Buk missile system” had been trained in Russia was not confirmed.




The story about notorious “Buk” is just for the Americans. It could be used to explain the phenomena in their political and media life. Such as the disavowal of the president’s official declaration several days later and the unexplained turnabout in the state propagandistic machine.

The explanation, that the Americans have analyzed all the facts carefully and have made other conclusion than they announced initially, could be suitable just for very naïve people. Others realize that from the beginning the situation has been quite opposite. The key thing is the event that has happened and has forced the USA to make an about-turn in this question.

I had the luck to find out that had happened in reality. It turned out that, the high-ranking officer from the Intelligence Center of the Russian Federation had some private conversations with his civil colleagues from the several Western countries. He was puzzled to hear the accusations that Russia had supported its nationals, taking into consideration the fact that all these accusations had been produced by the leader of the country that had been training and arming the real terrorists in the different countries for a long time. He underlined that his country had nothing to do with all these terrorists. Then he came to the point.



There were two main ideas that concerned the intentions and possibilities the supreme command and personally of this officer. As it turned out, the supreme command got the conclusive evidence concerning of the “Boeing” wreck. If the defamation from the White House does not stop, the supreme command will make it public. In my personal opinion, there were intentionally left gaps in the press-briefing of the Lieutenant General Kartapolov which were noticed by his Western colleagues.

Personally, this high-ranking officer left a message that he had the wide powers to send a hundred of volunteers for the help to the nationals without permission of the supreme command. As a result, “all one hundred and eighty” will hardly hold out more than four weeks.

Not all interlocutors of this officer were interested in my blog (the man from DGSE, for instance, used the language of Volter). Thus, not everybody understood what the officer was talking about. But virtually all people were involved in the vivid discussion. Specifically, the tactic of Viet Cong, which had oriented snipers solely against the enemy officers, was reminded.

As a result, the opinion was formed that 180 elite instructors had secretly directed from the base Fort-Benning to Ukraine turned into the hostages. The White House is not responsible for the Americans working in the Private Military Companies. But the situation will be changed if the USA gets the coffins of the deserved servicemen. The Members of the Congress would ask the unpleasant questions, for example, about budget.

There were no doubts in the ability of the Russian interlocutor to delivery home “all one hundred and eighty” during the month. The Europeans warned the Americans, thus, the history with “Boeing” was ended as if by magic. Thereby, the results of the investigation will be ambiguous. Moreover, there won't be publications about genuine reasons of the accident.

There is nothing for it but to commiserate with the victims’ families and wait the new tragedy. It is possible that the amount of victims will be considerably more.

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