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Novorossiya war chronicles 25.07.2014

Author: Ayre от 26.07.2014, 11:14
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On all fronts - continuous clashes between Novorossiya and Ukraine military. The Ukrainian army continues artillery strikes of Luhansk and Donetsk. The intensity of strikes has decreased while the number of strikes has increased. Significant movements of enemy aircraft have been observed along with transport aircraft regularly cruising from Kharkov to the south towards Mariupol and to the south west towards Dnepropetrovsk.

Enemy SU aircraft are flying over Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.




The DPR Army smashed Ukrainian positions around Debaltsevo, 60 were killed. The Debaltsevo square is an important link between Donetsk and Luhansk. The Artem Corps under Mongol command conducted the operation. The checkpoint was located between Debaltsevo and Uglegorsk thermal power station.



The enemy forces are concentrating around Donetsk, strengthening their positions around Starobeshevo to the south east from Donetsk. The artillery units are building trenches. Military equipment is arriving: armored vehicles, Grad multiple rocket launchers, ZIL vehicles with trailers and Ural vehicles.

Heavy armored vehicles continued to arrive to western Donetsk outskirts, Kurahovo square: tanks, self-propelled guns, Grad multiple rocket launchers. A fierce battle took place afterward.



Hostilities has continued throughout the night. The Ukrainian army shelled Petrovsky and Kuibyshevsky districts and Donetsk suburbs: the villages of Oktyabrsky and Peski, used multiple rocket launchers against the DPR militia. Enemy drones (UAVs) have been observed over the city. Anti-aircraft batteries fired against aerial targets, one UAV was destroyed.

Near Mandrykina railway station, in Petrovskiy district of Donetsk, the Ukrainian army used banned white phosphorous munitions.

Military equipment has been continuously transported from Krivye Luki through Krasny Liman to Kirovsk: Ural vehicles with camouflage tarpaulin and lions on doors, worn out personnel on trucks. Around the city of Metallist the junta artillery experienced a shortage of ammunition, nevertheless that did not stop them from shelling Luhansk. By the evening and towards the night, large enemy forces have been concentrating around Artyomovsk including up to three mechanized infantry battalions, continuing the transfer to the Amvrosiyivka. In the evening the Ukrainian aviation has continued airstrikes losing two SU aircraft, one in Luhansk area, the other at Torez.



After heavy fighting within the city, the remaining LPR forces including officers, “Leshii” (Sylvan) units and “sibiryaki” (siberians) left it. The enemy forces were significantly greater in numbers. Only Luhansk sabotage groups remained in the city. LPR soldiers retreated to Stakhanov where they are forming a group for a counterattack.

Heavy fighting continues around Marinovka, Dmitrovka and Kozhevnya. There are wounded and killed on both sides. In Marinovka, after a militia loss, there was a massive enemy artillery shelling against the militia. Some shells burst next to a Russian border checkpoint. Fighting is taking place around Kuibyshevo, the customs personnel is evacuated, some shells went to the Russian territory.

DPR authorities declared a curfew in Gorlovka.

Due to current hostilities, movements of car, taxi, public and other transportation are prohibited from 21:00 to 7:00, emergency service vehicles are an exception.

The enemy is moving a large amount of military equipment towards Lisichansk.

The DPR leadership announced a medal “for the Defense of Slavyansk”



The artillery shelling of Luhansk is taking place from northern outskirts of the city.

On July 25 five people were killed during bombardment, two were wounded. A strike took place around the bus station near the center of the city.



According to latest reports, the Avangard stadium, school #7 district and other parts of the city have been shelled. During last two days, enemy losses are in hundreds due to good planning of concealed positions for ambush on enemy routes, coordinated militia reconnaissance sabotage group actions at checkpoints as well as inside enemy territory and precise artillery work.

The reconnaissance sabotage groups are acting successfully in all directions at newly taken positions as well as deep inside the enemy territory (Kramatorsk).

Luhansk airport. Communication with “Engineer”

One of the known militiamen, “Engineer”, fighting in the Zarya (Sunrise) battalion of LPR, obtained an enemy Grad multiple rocket launcher. This time thermobaric weapons were used.

The LPR Army is strengthening its western frontiers. Stahanov is under LPR control, the militia is building the front line of defense.


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