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Ukrainian Soldiers returning home in coffins

Author: Ayre от 27.07.2014, 14:12
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More and more frequently Ukrainian soldiers are returning home in coffins, and it's becoming more and more difficult for the Kiev regime to hide the actual situation on the south eastern front. The total number of losses of the Ukrainian army is difficult to count, but it's known the numbers are already in the thousands and not hundreds as reported by the Kiev junta.


20 year old paratrooper Arthur Pushanka is buried in Zhitomir
Arthur died the 19th of July near Lisichansk while participating in shock ops as part of the "Anti Terror Operation"


5 dead soldiers on their final path. The soldiers of the Aidar battalion died while participating in shock ops near the civilian enclave of Lugansk. The number 200 marks the refrigerator truck as carrying the bodies of soldiers.


Ukrainians have finally understood that as it turns out, the Multiple Rocket Launcher System "Grad" tears off arms, legs and heads! For some reason they didn't seem to notice these particular characteristics while they were using these launchers against the innocent civilians of Donbass.


Ukrainian soldiers of the 72'nd air mobile brigade recently encircled in what became known as the southern cauldron tell of dire straights and terribles conditions that resulted in the complete destruction of their battalion.


The wives of soldiers deployed and currently encircled by freedom fighters in the southern cauldron use the speakers on their phones to allow the press to get first hand testimony. There are no press deployments among the troops and TV in Ukraine conceals the real situation.

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