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Donetsk. Chronicle of defense, 27-th - 28-th of July, 2014

Author: Ayre от 29.07.2014, 07:10
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 Alexander Barkov. Donetsk defense chronicle on 27-th – 28-th of July, 2014.


A tank breakthrough from the area of Yasinovataya township has been repelled.


On 28-th of July, 2014 at 6 p.m a battle took place in the northeastern suburbs of Donetsk. More than 18 Junta's T-64 tanks followed by nazi infantry had advanced to a front sector of Donetsk from the area of Yasinovataya. In the center of Donetsk sounds of tanks' shots were clearly heard. Militants received the attack and brought off a battle. At 9 p.m the battle was finished. Enemy's tanks moved away from the city. The militia hit two Ukrainian T-64 tanks, 3 APC, an SP artillery weapon and killed or wounded more than 20 nazi militaries.
The defense of Donetsk on 27 – 28-th. of July. The city is under fire. Heavy battles for Donetsk are still continued. Junta's national guard with the support of large number of armored vehicles attacks the suburbs of the city from the northeastern side near Peski.
On 27-th of July at 5 p.m Junta's multiple rocket launchers “Uragan” hit the city from Elenovka. Battles took place near the airport, a plume of smoke was over the airport in the evening. 
In the night from July 27-th to 28-th the Ukrainians' “Grads” fired on the district of Polygraphicheskaya street. The crash sound kept inhabitants awake. This district is at a distance of 3 kilometers from the airport. 
In the night from July 27-th to 28-th Junta's heavy weapons also fired on the district of Tekstilschik. 

Battles for Gorlovka, Shahtersk, Debaltsevo, Stakhanov.
Combats in Debaltsevo are carried on. The town is strategically significant as it has a railway junction. The town holds it's positions so far.  
On July 28-th the militia managed to hold their positions in Shahtersk. The militants were reinforced with several tanks and cannons, which had arrived from the side of
Lugansk. One detachment had come from the area of Donetsk. More than 250 units of Junta's armored vehicles were involved in battles on July 27-th and on July 28-th.
As a result mortar and rocket fire, up to 20 civilians were killed and more than 30 were injured in Gorlovka. Many of the injured are staying at hospitals. The suburbs of Gorlovka suffered intensive attacks of Ukrainians armors. 
“The town is safe”, a militant from a local militia group briefly reported by the phone at 7 o'clock on July 28-th.
Stakhanov. At 6 o'clock in the morning a call from Skakhanov's militia press-center was received. They reported that Pavel Dremov's garrison repelled a tank attack at night. Fighting was in Pervomaysky township near the Army Recruiting Bureau, 17 kilometers from Stakhanov. The militants hit a T-64 tank and a military track. A mortar detachment and several militaries were killed. Militia suffered no casualties. 
Restful life in Donetsk suburbs.
Makeevka is a satellite town of Donetsk. It is situated east of the city. The population of the town is about 200 000 people. This is the most safe place with regard to Junta's fire. The local militia command have actively persecuted drug dealers. Drug dealers are being revealed and punished. As a result of methodical work the town is free from drug addicts now. Active drug fighting is one of the victories of People's Authorities we should be proud of.
Roman, a militant from Lisichansk, told me about this victory. “What have Ukranian authorities been doing for 20 years? How did they fight drugs? We have resolved this problem within a month!”  
Meanwhile, a contest for the national hymn of DPR is over in two days. Most of banks in Donetsk don't work, but offices of Sberbank of Russia work as usual. 

A press conference of Strelkov I.I and Antufeev V.U.
On July 28-th at 2 p.m., a deputy prime-minister of DPR Antufeev V. U. ran his press-conference. He asked journalists to address to international community in order to appeal for ceasefire in the area of Boing 777 crash. Yesterday and today an OSCE experts group with their supervisor Alexander Huk failed to approach to the liner's crash area due to air strikes of the Ukrainian army. 
V. U. Antufeev is an acting Chief of Defense Force of Donetsk People's Republic at the moment. The minister of Defense Strelkov I.I ran his press-conference at 5 p.m in the evening in the center of Donetsk. Strelkov I.I has underlined that Donetsk is besieged. Heavy battles go on in Shakhtersk, Gorlovka, Snezhnoe and other places. Militants have achieved victory on Saur-Mogila. Strelkov reported that a Ukrainian APC with Afro-American contractors dressed in Nazi Guard uniform was shot near Kuybyshevsky checkpoint. 


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