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The updates on the military events in Novorossia for 07/31/2014

Author: Ayre от 1.08.2014, 09:30
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In the first half of the day, the Ukrainian military launched an offensive on the western frontiers of Donetsk. The attacks were aimed at the areas of Krasnogorovka and Marinovka.
The Ukrainian offensive began with preliminary mortar fire targeting the positions of the militias.
The objective was to bring the front line closer to the vicinity of Donetsk by capturing the key towns on the western frontiers. This manoeuver was meant to ensure more precise artillery strikes aimed at the defenders of the city.
Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military intensifies the movement of its troops along the south-eastern front line from Donetsk. Large scale offensive took place in the settlements of Shakhtersk, Torez, Severnoye, and Snezhnoye. Shakhtersk was the main target in that whole operation. Its purpose was to break through the defensive position of the Eastern Front in order to surround Donetsk and join its southern division.


The Saur-Mogila Heights, currently held by units Novorossia Army, were also subjected to regular attacks. The goal of that operation was to take hold of the height, to make possible further advance towards the east, thereby to open the "southern cauldron", freeing the surrounded Ukrainian troops.


In the vicinity of Shakhtyorsk the adversary suffered losses and was pushed back. A column of more than 30 various military equipment units was destroyed. During the fighting, three Ukrainian servicemen of the 25the airmobile brigade were taken captive. Under Thorez the enemy has been defeated. In the Marinovka area, the enemy held intense offensive.
In the same area, artillery fire destroyed the enemy’s supply convoy. The attacks of the Saur-Mogila Heights were fended off; the Army of Novorossia is holding its position on the height.


A few guerilla groups of Slavinsk have been operating in the vicinity of the town of Izyum, located 52 kilometers north-west of Slavinsk: a reconnaissance and sabotage group of Slavinsk guerillas attacked a column of U.S. military trainers. During the attack, three American officers were killed. In addition, General Key Randy Allen, who’s actually in command of the punitive operation of the Ukrainian troops, was wounded. Torez is completely cut off from the water supply, so is Shakhtyorsk, but partly.
During the day, the city of Lugansk suffered massive shelling; as the result the area of the Circus and the downtown have been hit. Due to those strikes, some areas of the city are suffering temporary communication and power failure.

Across the town of Lozovaja at about 9:00 AM, a local resident spotted the movement of a train from Lozovaja bound for Pavlograd. The train consisted of four passenger cars, along with platforms, carrying nine units of military equipment.
About 20 units of military equipment were spotted in the Severodonetsk area, namely 4-BMP, 2 Urals with ammunition (trailers), about 5 GAZ-66-c trucks with troops on board, Ural-5, ZIL-131-3 vehicles, as well as “Acacia” howitzer. From Odessa in the direction to Nikolaev, 5 units with radar antennas, 6 "Grads", and 3 tankers were spotted.
Three Su-25 jet fighters were seen headed from Lugansk and landing on the airfield of Martynovka, close to Voznessensk. Some movements of aviation were reported in the area of Kramatorsk airbase.


According to Igor Strelkov, in the territory of Kramatorsk over the past three nights military cargo planes have delivered three missiles for rocket launchers "Point U". At present the missiles are being serviced and prepared for launching. Their targets are water treatment facilities in Donetsk and Luhansk – said Strelkov. One of the missiles is loaded with 120 tons of chlorine, another one - with 160 tons.
The backup or secondary target is the "Stirol" plant with ammonia in its storage premises. Depending on the wind rose, the deadly effect of chlorine vapor can stretch in the radius of Donetsk all the way to Volnovakha; every living being may be annihilated. There may be tens of thousands victims.

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